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Student Development Programmes

We believe that it is very important for our boys to learn how to live. We want them to be effective in leading meaningful, productive and balanced lives in their vocation and in their various roles in life. Success in school, and certainly success in life, means more than just good examination results. Thus, we help our boys understand the importance of finding meaning in their work and life, and to work towards greater, more satisfying and wholesome definition of success. Student development is, therefore, an integral aspect of a holistic SJI education.

We adopt the STAR approach for student development.

STAR Approach to Student Development

The following are components of our Student Development Programme:

Our teachers and student leaders make use of teachable moments, whenever they present themselves, to communicate the school values and the importance of life skills. Whenever appropriate, we also infuse values and reinforce the importance of these life skills in our academic programmes. Both our teachers and student leaders are expected to role-model values and "live" out the life skills in their day-to-day interactions.