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Outdoor Experience

SJI places holistic development at the heart of its approach to learning. Learning beyond the classroom through camps, outdoor expeditions and overseas trips complements and extends learning in the classroom and provides students with the opportunities to develop essential lifeskills that promote teamwork, resilience and sense of service.

  • Year 1 Canoeing Contact Time
All Year 1 students participate in a half-day canoeing course. Students learn basic kayaking skills through working in pairs. As part of developing basic survival skills, the boys also learn the basic principles of field cooking. Through this experience, students enhance self-directedness and learn community-building by being open to others with different talents and working together.

  • Year 2 Adventure Camp
At Year 2, the boys are exposed to the great outdoors as they learn to work with one another as a team and also develop personal resilience and be driven by faith. During the 4-day-3-night camp, the boys learn skills for orienteering, mountain-biking and go on a kayaking expedition. The boys gain experience to work as a team as they learn to share resources.

  • Year 3 OBS Challenge Camp
All Year 3 students are required to attend a 5-day Camp to help them orientate to their new class - getting to know their new classmates and class tutors more.

  • Year 4 Outdoor Camp
Year 4 Integrated Programme students take part in an outdoors camp that develops their leadership skills and promote teamwork and resilience.