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Josephian Formation Journey

The Josephian Formation Journey is the means through which our teachers accompany our students in their growth as a Josephian. The framework of the Josephian Formation Journey takes reference from that of the MOE Character and Citizenship Education curriculum. Lessons in the Josephian Formation Journey curriculum falls into three themes – Identity, Choices and Relationship.

The Identity lessons assist our students to develop their personhood – self-awareness, self-management, discovering aspirations.

The Choices lessons develop the personhood of our students to be one of responsibility and good moral standing. Through the Choices lessons, our students learn skills of reflectiveness so as to be able to exercise responsible and moral choices and thereby grow to become principled people. Through these lessons, they also learn goal-setting skills to support them to direct their growth and educational aspirations and thus be driven by faith and driven by passion.

As our students do not live in a vacuum but in community with others, the Relationship lessons develop them to become persons for others. They develop social awareness, civic-consciousness and relationship management. Thus, they become people-centred individuals who are also community-builders.