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In SJI, ‘LEAD’ is spelt ‘SERVE’. Students leaders are developed to know how to share their vision, enable their team members, be responsive to changes, be values-centred and always be encouraging to those who they lead and work with.
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At SJI, we recognize that every student has the potential to lead. The school provides a wide range of opportunities and levels for our students to exercise leadership.

Our students are provided with training at different levels to enable them to be effective in their leadership roles. Every boy who aspires to hold the top school or co-curricular activities leadership position is required to attend the Lasallian Leadership Training Camp.

Every student is expected to be an agent for the transmission of the Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community to his fellow Josephians. SJI sees each student has the potential to be a Servant Leader. He is encouraged to serve and lead others to produce value for our school, community, society, our friends and families and ourselves. He takes a holistic approach to work, promotes a sense of community and shares power in decision-making.

DSA-Leadership Programme

St John Baptist de La Salle, the founder of the Lasallian schools, renounced his wealth and status to devote himself to setting up schools that provide the poor with access to education. He believed that with education, the poor might have lives of dignity and freedom; it gave hope and opportunity for the common good.

It is from this tradition that SJI has borne leaders who contribute to the common good. Our alumni serve in fields ranging from academia to business and the cultural arts; in social, religious and political domains.

In the same spirit, the DSA leadership programme aims to raise national (civil and political) and community (civic) leaders who serve for the common good.

Through the DSA-Leadership programme, the boy develops an awareness of self, maturing through reflection, and consequently being able to lead himself and others. A Josephian leader is a community builder who is people-centred. An effective leader is one who has to learn how to motivate and work with a team to serve the community.

Ultimately, the Josephian grows to become a servant leader for the common good. Students in this programme are expected to serve above and beyond others. This requires one to balance academic and CCA demands as well. At upper secondary, these boys will have opportunities to go out and gain leadership exposure through various community platforms. Time will be a precious resource that they need to manage well. The boys will be equipped with skills and knowledge pertaining to reflection and facilitation. He will learn a variety of tools and strategies as well as participate in various platforms such as seminars and conferences hosted by schools and NGOs. The opportunities are both exciting and demanding. Interested students should consider their motivations carefully.