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FIDEI.png All Catholic students who join the school will participate in FIDEI, a Catholic programme that comprises:
  • F – (being in a) Fellowship community (weekly 1.5 hour sessions);
  • I – (gaining) Insights into the Faith (through the weekly sessions);
  • D – (having) Devotion to prayer (every morning 20 min before school begins);
  • EEvangelisation through service (outreach service projects);
  • IIntimacy with the Lord (annual Retreats)
Year 1 Catholic students who join the school from 2022 onward will participate in FIDEI for 4 years.

Through FIDEI, the school provides its Catholic students with an experience of Church in a more personal level through small fellowship communities; it does not however replace the parish catechism classes, which Catholic students must still attend at their parish church.

Through fellowship in the context of a faith community during the 4 formative years of his adolescent life, the Catholic student through FIDEI learns the importance of prayer, discovers insights into the Catholic Faith through mini input sessions and will have the opportunity to be the face of Christ to another person through direct acts of service.

FIDEI takes place every Tuesday afternoon for 1.5 hours, and it is timetabled as part of an afternoon curriculum for all Catholic students.

Catholic students who are part of a core CCA that functions on a Tuesday afternoon will take part in FIDEI on a Wednesday afternoon.