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Student Leadership

Student leadership in SJI is based on the school's Lasallian foundations. We embrace the six principles of Lasallian Leadership:

  • To lead by example of service (Servant-leadership)
  • To lead with a preferential option for the poor
  • To lead through a cycle of observation, reflection and action
  • To lead through being inclusive rather than exclusive
  • To lead through dialogue rather confrontation
  • To lead through proposing rather than imposing

The concept of servant-leadership encourages all of us to serve as we lead.

Our student leadership positions include:

SJI Student Leadership Framework

The focus of the leadership development at SJI is centered upon the Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community.

Students attend leadership camps where they come face to face with applying concepts learnt on how to be a good leader. During these camps, they have the benefit of mixing with other student leaders who are role models for them. In daily life in school, there are many opportunities for students to acquire and develop leadership skills. Leadership training is infused into the CCAs as well. This creates yet another avenue for hidden potential to surface and shine.

In the classroom, students may be nominated as Prefects (Probationary, Junior, or Senior), class committee members and/or subject representatives. At Fraternity level, Fraternity Captains may be nominated. Student Leadership roles include the following: Prefect EXCO, Fraternity Captain, CCA Leader, Peer Support Facilitator, Ace Leader, Peer Support Leader, Class Committee, Prefects, Subject Rep, Project Group Leader, etc.


SJI places strong emphasis on character development, leadership and communication. The SJI leadership talent selection aims to be inclusive so that every Josephian is given the opportunity to develop his leadership skills. By the end of his four years in SJI, every Josephian learns to serve and work with others in the community.

Selection of leadership talent is reviewed on an annual basis.

Training Programmes

Categories of Leaders Specialised training Provided
General Student Body Specialised PSE Sessions
Subject Representatives (Rep) Sessions by Subject Tutors
Class Committee Sessions by Respective HoL
Prefects Prefect camp
Peer Support Leaders (PSL) PSL Training Camp (PSLTC)
Peer Support Facilitator (PSF) PSF Training Camp (PSFTC)
CCA Leaders Respective CCA / HQ
ACE Leaders ACE Leaders Camp
Sports Leaders Sports Leaders Camp
Top student posts @ SJI Lasallian Leadership Training Camp (LLTC)

Being a Josephian means being part of a community where everyone is a brother to each other and where everyone can grow to become a compassionate and competent leader.

Exemplary Josephians

SJI recognises Josephians who have contributed significantly through their service to the community during their years with the school. View our list of exemplary Josephians.