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Integrated Programme

The SJI Integrated Programme (IP) leading to the IB Diploma aims to empower young people to deal with the complexity, diversity and rapid changes living in today’s globalized world.

This is achieved through an inter-disciplinary approach that centres on 3 processes, Core, Apply and Integrate.

IPIB T&L Framework.png
Figure 1: IB/IP T&L Framework

It describes a student as moving from core content, skills and disposition aligned to IBDP knowledge, to application in the real world, and eventually integrating their knowledge to create purposeful connections between learning and doing for effective leading and service. It also provides opportunities for in-depth study in an area of talent and discovery of new areas of interest.

SJI IP also emphasize developments in the cognitive and affective domains, focusing particularly on thinking and communication, as well as character and leadership development.

Desired Student Outcomes

SJI IP aims to nurture students to become persons who lead holistic, principled and meaningful lives that make a positive difference to the lives of others, through helping each student to discover and develop their unique vocation and talents. More specifically, SJI IP will nurture future leaders for Singapore who will be ‘Persons of Integrity’ and ‘Persons for Others’, with a global outlook but strongly rooted in the Singapore culture and community.

IP Learner Profile:

  • Explorer: Always curious and show sustained interest in their learning
  • Reflective: Ability to give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and those around him
  • Independent: Independence in learning and not afraid to explore new areas of knowledge
  • Multi–tasker: Ability to handle multiple deadlines and projects
  • Principled: Takes responsibilities and act with integrity

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