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Singapore Student Learning Space


The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) is one of MOE’s key initiatives to transform the learning experiences of Singaporean students through the purposeful use of technology. All school leaders, teachers and students in the national school system have access to the SLS.

Transforming Teaching and Learning

SLS is an online learning portal that allows all students to have equal access to quality curriculum-aligned resources1. These resources are available to all students for major subjects from primary to pre-university level. In line with the development of 21st Century Competencies (21CC), the SLS encourages learners to be self-directed, and allows them to personalise their learning according to their needs and interests.

The SLS also provides teachers with a range of tools to customise and create meaningful learning experiences with technology. For example, teachers have access to tools that help to make students’ thinking processes visible, enabling teachers to make informed decisions and provide targeted intervention to address any gaps in understanding.

The SLS also serves as a common online platform for teachers to apply, adapt and share new pedagogies by facilitating collaborations among teachers across classrooms and schools.

The SLS is continually being developed in response to needs of students and teachers. Curriculum-aligned resources and system tools are continually being improved and developed in line with suggestions and feedback from teachers and students to cater to students’ diverse and evolving learning needs.

What is Student Learning Space?

For more information about SLS, please visit MOE Website