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1. Will the school be giving my son a computing device?


No. You will be required to purchase a computing device for your child.

2. What computing device should we purchase?


You can purchase any computing device that meets the following minimum specification:

PC / Laptop / Tablet

Screen Size
  • 9 inch or above
Operating System
  • Android, IOS, Windows
On Board Storage
  • 16 GB or Above
 Network Communication
  • WIFI enabled (no cellular required); Must have wireless network connectivity

For the purpose of learning, an entry level computing device which is light would suffice. There is no need to purchase a high end computing device.

3. My current notebook meets the minimum specifications; can my son use it for his lessons?


Yes. If you have a current notebook that your son can use for his lessons, there is no need to purchase a new computing device.

4. Can we purchase the computing device through the school?


No, the school doesn't endorsed any computing device brands or external vendor. You may purchase your computing device from your preferred vendor.

5. My child/ward is not familiar with the use of a computing device, will there be training provided for them?


Students will be guided on the appropriate use of their computing devices during their Computer Studies lessons. In addition, the school arranged for Cyber Wellness sessions for the boys (conducted early April).

6. My son is getting financial assistance from the school/MOE, how can the school help with computer ownership?


If your family is on financial assistance, please approach Student Services via isb-fas@sji.edu.sg for assistance

7. Will you be teaching the students how to be web savvy?


We see the use of a computing device in classroom lessons as a good opportunity to teach the students how to use the Internet in a safe and productive manner. Teachers from all subjects will build such learning into their lessons.

8. Will my son spend the whole day looking at the screen?


No. Not all lessons will require the use of a computing device. The computing device will be used whenever learning could be enhanced. For example, the use of simulation or visualization in the learning of science or the use of reliable authentic sources in the learning of history.

At home, parents should help to monitor the use of the computing device by setting up the home PC in a common part of the house and designating common surfing areas rather than in a bedroom.

Please note that computing devices should be charged at home as there are limited charging facilities in school in the current campus.

9. What about the issues related to pervasive access to Internet and a computing device such as pornography on the web, spending too much time on the use of social media and computer game addiction?


The use of a computing device and social media are now part and parcel of corporate life. The use of an Internet-accessible computing device has become standard requirement at post-secondary education. So, SJI needs to prepare students on the use of a computing device for communication, connection and learning.

SJI will minimize the potential negative issues relating to the pervasive use of Internet and a computing device by implementing the best practices such as the use of filtering software to limit access to undesirable websites. However, the best long term protection from the negative effects is still education.

At SJI, we provide an environment where we emphasize the development of character. We expect our students to learn how to self-regulate themselves in all that they do and to be responsible, respectful of others and to care for others. We encourage and expect our students to do the right thing all the time.