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My SJI Story

#mySJIstory is a series of stories on our current and former students and staff, where they share about their lives and loves about SJI, and what it means to be a Josephian. Find out what some of our current students, alumni and staff share about their Josephian lives and loves about SJI:

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• Elliot Ng Shao Han


Ng Shao Han Elliot joined SJI from Holy Innocents Primary School in 2012. He distinguished himself in his primary school as captain of the football team. With stellar PSLE results, he successfully qualified for a place in SJI (Integrated Programme track) and more so, a place in the coveted football team which was formed in 2012 after a long hiatus of 37 years.

Elliot has been a member of the National Football Academy (NFA) age group team and been training with them in addition to our own school training since Secondary 1. In spite of his very busy schedule, he has been able to balance his academic and Co-Curricular Activities commitments. Elliot is now in his 5th year of the Integrated Programme, where he undertakes his first year (JC1) of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at SJI (Senior section).

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. I came into SJI through DSA and really did not know what to expect from this new foreign environment. But after experiencing Orientation Camp and meeting my seniors, I could tell that there was something special about the Josephian community.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. To me, SJI is a family, a community filled with people I have shared what will be some of the best days of my life with. The bonds between not just the students but staff as well, are truly special and the nature of this community is such that everyone is accepted for who they are and everyone feels a sense of belonging.

    What I treasure most in my days in SJI are the unforgettable and legendary experiences and memories I have had with my friends in SJI. These experiences range from something as simple as singing St Joseph’s Call or saluting our Alma Mater together as a school. These amazing, fun and crazy moments are memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. SJI is a community, a family where everyone is accepted for who they are and feel a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves. The bonds formed in this family are genuine and truly special, which in turn leads to unforgettable experiences and memories. These are some of the best days of my life.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Family, Banter, Epic!

• Noah Joel Lopez


Noah Joel Lopez joined SJI in 2013 when he was in Secondary 2, after having completed his education at St. Gabriel’s Primary School and one year at Maris Stella High School. He adapted very quickly and committed himself to his Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), NCC (Land). As a Prayer Leader, he took his role seriously and would pray for his class, teachers and school frequently. His sense of duty led him to seek office in the Student Council where he went on to be the Vice-President of the Student Council and Deputy Head Prefect. With his new-found roles, he had to lead a large community of student leaders and plan school-wide events. He was involved in organising and executing various school-based projects such as Hair for Hope, SJI Carnival and Orientation Camp.

Noah, who is outstanding in both character and studies, selfless, active, helpful and a good role model to his peers, was conferred the Senior Josephian of the Year Award in 2015. The Senior Josephian of the Year is the highest award given by the school together with the Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam trophy, to a graduating Secondary 4 boy who has displayed all round ability, outstanding leadership and best exemplifies our core Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community.

With his excellent GCE 'O' Level results in 2015, Noah is now in his first year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at SJI (Senior section).

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. My first encounter with SJI was at Primary 5, when I visited during an Open House. The eloquent and well-polished gentlemen who took my parents and I on a tour of the campus did not fail to impress me. I also observed that SJI was a school that had a very strong community. Regardless if you were Secondary 1 or Secondary 4, everyone was a brother to each other. As such, I imagined SJI to be a place of holistic excellence and as a welcoming community of brothers.

    After joining SJI, I would say that SJI is the glimpse of humanity that many other schools cannot offer. My eyes were continually opened to the many unconventional practices of SJI. Every lesson began with a prayer and our teachers were fatherly and motherly figures, constantly checking up on us not just academically but also in terms of our social and emotional well-being. Most importantly, everyone constantly cared and looked out for each other. Such are the distinguishing qualities that make SJI so special.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. I really enjoyed the free periods in between lessons. These short 20 minute breaks were a much needed respite from the rigour of lessons.

    Another highlight of my stay in SJI would be the time spent preparing for the carnival. It was heartwarming to see so many SJI boys would readily give up precious time to join the Student Council in planning for this amazing activity. I fondly remember how the night before the carnival, the entire planning committee gathered in the auditorium for the final briefing, which lasted from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. These were 50 to 60 enthusiastic Josephians who had given up their entire evening to SJI. It was definitely a blessing to be in the company of such committed individuals.

    Perhaps the greatest reason why I love SJI would be the community that I was blessed with. I came from the batch that spent two years in the Malcolm Road Campus before moving to the Bishan Campus. Despite the change in surroundings, I can confidently say that the move only made the SJI Spirit even stronger. The passion and love for the entire community could be felt as we sang the School Rally for the first time in the Bishan Campus on that early January morning in 2014. This enduring love for the school never emigrated. When my cohort exited the corridors of SJI for one last time during the Farewell Assembly, we were not so much filled with sadness as we were with gratitude. Why were we grateful? Simply because the promise we were given at Secondary 1, that our 4 years in SJI would be the best years of our lives, was not only fulfilled but also surpassed.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. The hallmark of a Josephian is that he uses his education for other people, where he shares unconditionally and without hesitation. Everything received in SJI is a gift that is meant to be shared in the world, for we are entrusted with a mission to bring mercy, joy and hope to humanity.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Community, acceptance, humility

• Seraphine Lee Suyi

Seraphine Lee Suyi graduated from SJI in 2015. Coming from an all-girls’ school Singapore Chinese Girls' School after her GCE ‘O’ levels, she was one of the 80 students who undertook the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at SJI (Senior section).

Seraphine was our first female President of the SJI Student Council (Senior section), and was one of our top four IB scorers with 44 points in the 2015 IB examinations.

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Previously, I had the impression that SJI was a very traditional Catholic school. While I was right, in the way of morning masses and academic projects infused with prayer and reflections, I didn't expect, however, that these well-aged customs would become a comforting way of life for me just within two years. The tradition of songs and cheers too, that I got to be a part of, represented a community that instinctively knew when and how to rally together, to celebrate together.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. I loved the carefree culture of sports and games in SJI. Even outside of inter house games and PE classes, it was the spontaneous games of frisbee or American football on the field after school, or shooting hoops with a friend during break to destress, that formed the basis of many of my friendships. I got to know many of my seniors and juniors (from the secondary school too!) on the field, and this spirit of camaraderie from playing on a team together translated to friendly smiles and hellos along the corridors.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. Coming to SJI was a choice outside of convention for me, and truly, the encouragement and inspiration I received here has been unprecedented. It's shown me, through others and myself, how to enquire after, and the value of conviction.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Cherished, direction, unabashed!

• Yash Manoj Bhojwani

mysjistory-Yash Bhojwani.jpg

Yash Manoj Bhojwani is from Secondary 3 (Marcian 301). He joined SJI after completing his PSLE at Henry Park Primary School in 2014. He was enthusiastic as the Media Head of his class and was efficient while serving his class as a leader. He joined the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) and served as the In-Charge of his squad for more than a year. As part of the Prefectorial Board, he has also organised multiple activities for SJI, including the Anti-Bullying Campaign and SJI Carnival. His service to the school while showing care and respect to other Josephians led him to receiving the Edusave Character Award. Yash’s outstanding character and academic results while being a role model earned him the Lasallian Student Award, presented to a student who shows all-round ability and outstanding leadership. After spending two years in SJI, he tells us what he loves about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. While shortlisting secondary schools in Primary 6, I attended the Open House at SJI. I was impressed by the confidence and humility of the Josephians who brought us around the school campus. Their sense of pride in SJI made it my dream school. I have now realized that being a Josephian is a way of life! SJI believes in nurturing holistic excellence. It motivates us to excel in academics while emphasizing the development of character, leadership skills, sports talent and the spirit of service. Being part of the SJI family has brought new meaning to my life.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. One of the most important aspects of SJI is the strong spirit of community and fraternity. We laugh, cry and smile together. Being a Josephian means you are part of a closely bonded family where everyone cares for one another.

    Also, the opportunity to serve as a Prefect has created many fond memories. It motivated me to strive towards becoming a role model for others while serving and guiding them as a student leader. It has also enabled me to understand the significance of SJI values such as integrity and responsibility.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. SJI motivates and empowers us to maximize our potential. The Josephian values lay a strong foundation for success while imbibing in us the spirit of giving, caring and sharing. The Josephian family has given me memories and friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Enriching, Motivating & Community.

• Neil Bhargava

Neil Bhargava joined SJI’s Integrated Programme at Secondary 1 in 2013, after completing his PSLE at SJI Junior, one of the four Lasallian primary schools. Neil is currently the captain of the school’s canoeing team, where he led the team to win the National B-Division title this year. As the Head Prefect and a member of the Student Council, Neil is deeply involved in leading and organising several school-wide activities, such as SJI Carnival 2016.

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. I never had a very strong impression of SJI before entering the school, but coming from a feeder primary school, I felt it would be a good fit for me.

    After joining the school, I realised that SJI gives a unique sense of community, and this is an environment where students can count on others for help. I am grateful for the opportunities that SJI has given to me to serve and the chances to try something different. SJI aims to teach students the value of faith, and this is one of the strongest impressions I have of the school. Besides faith in God, we are also reminded about the need to have faith in ourselves and others.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. I enjoyed my time in the Canoeing team during my four years at SJI. It was a huge time commitment for me and the rest of the team, but it has taught me the importance of managing my time well. It has also reminded me about the value of hard work in achieving my goals.

    My time as a student leader has also been memorable. Through my experiences as Head Prefect and a Councillor, I have been challenged to push myself further as a leader and as a person.

    Finally, I have made many good friends at SJI, even outside of my class and CCA. In their own way, they have all made my time here more enjoyable.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. SJI is a learning environment that encourages each Josephian to serve, with support from those around him.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Enriching, challenging, unique!

• Lim Yu Zhuang Germaine

mysjistory-Germaine Lim Yu Zhuang.jpg
Lim Yu Zhuang Germaine joined SJI's International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in 2014, after graduating from the O-Level programme at Cedar Girls' Secondary School. A recipient of the JC IBDP Merit Scholarship, Germaine actively participated in a wide array of co-curricular activities and service learning projects. These include being part of the Mt. Rinjani expedition and Lombok service learning team in the 2014 International Project Week trip to Indonesia, representing SJI at the 2014 Pre-University Seminar, facilitating the KidsREAD programme at a Family Service Centre, helping out with the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Home Tutoring Programme, and befriending youth at the Institute of Mental Health Children’s Ward.

With her outstanding IB results, Germaine has been awarded the Healthcare Merit Scholarship by MOH Holdings, and will be pursuing her Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney next year. She shares with us what she loves about her two years spent in SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Prior to becoming a Josephian, my impression of SJI was that it is a school very rich in heritage, with core values and a Catholic ethos that resonate with me. From the Open House hosted by the pioneer batch, I was also greatly impressed by many students here: the genuine enthusiasm they have for their many pursuits – academic, co-curricular, recreational and for their future – along with the freedom to be themselves, their diverse thoughts and personalities welcomed by a supportive community of peers and teachers.

    After joining SJI, these initial impressions proved to be true, and I have come to realise that our school culture and the learning and social environment we have is unlike any other.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. The interesting people and sense of belonging in the community we have here! Being small in numbers, the Senior section at SJI is a gem in that most of us know everyone in our cohort, not only by name and face, but also their personalities. The cohesion formed as a result of this allows for open communication and the sharing of resources among peers, especially in times of difficulty when we need each other’s support the most, and also in more light-hearted moments when we are having fun. As I have heard from many of my peers, we have the privilege of being treated as individuals, not just students. I also enjoyed the teacher-student rapport that facilitates learning and the exchange of feedback, which on the whole makes the school experience a much more pleasant one.

    I also love the opportunities that SJI’s IBDP provides to personalise learning and express individuality. We can freely choose subjects according to our interests and future plans – so as long it can fit into the timetabling – and I know for sure there are others like myself who have one-of-a-kind subject combinations! The need to have a personal interest, voice and understanding when undertaking any endeavour was pushed for very strongly by our teachers, and was also inculcated through the inquiry-based pedagogy and the many extended written assignments, characteristic of the IBDP.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. SJI has balance between contrasting yet complementary elements, pushing you to explore beyond your comfort zone while still being your home and family, and emphasising on the need to be self-directed, unique individuals as much as being active members of a community.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Refreshingly enriching challenge!

• Nathaniel Wong Kin Yew

Nathaniel Wong Kin Yew was one of our pioneer batch of graduates who undertook the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) that started in 2013. He joined SJI at Secondary One from Holy Innocents' Primary School, and was soon elected as a prefect, and a Peer Support Leader and Facilitator when he was in upper secondary. Nathaniel was also the President of St Vincent De Paul Society (SVDP), and the Assistant Company Sergeant Major in SJI NCC (Air). In recognition for his leadership skills, he was given the Lasallian Distinguished Service Award at Secondary Four. He continued his pre-university studies at SJI, to pursue the IBDP after his O-levels, and initiated the first Camp INSPIRE for the IB students in 2013.

With his outstanding IB results in 2014, Nathaniel was awarded the prestigious PSC SAF Scholarship in 2015, and he is currently studying electrical engineering in Northwestern University in US. He shares with us what he loves about his six years in SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Before and after joining SJI, I saw the school as a God-centered environment in which I could safely grow and explore my identity as a young person. I knew that SJI was going to be a special place that I would cherish - the boys that I met at the open house were warm and sincere and that gave me the confidence to join the school that would mould my character and instil the values of service and integrity in my life.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. SJI taught me to to put others before myself in all that I do. Even after graduation, I find myself going out of my way to help a friend in need, to reach out to the wider community in service, and giving my time and energy to those who are in need. As a student in Northwestern University, I am currently involved in a service organisation and am leading a student volunteer effort in aid of the homeless in the area.

    SJI also taught me to hold on to my faith and to maintain high standards of integrity, staying true to my principles and holding firm to my values when I have to make decisions. I learnt to be grateful for what God has given to me and to be a good steward of my gifts and talents.

    The teachers in SJI taught me to serve others with humility and never forget the commitment I made to service. I remember fondly the guidance of Mr Lim Meng Chye, my form tutor of 435 (2012); Mdm Lee Pick Siew from SVDP, and Ms P Mara from SVDP who also taught me history; as well as Mr Lim Eng Kong, my Head of Level in Senior School. My seniors and the many old boys who came back to serve in NCC and the Catholic Societies are a continual inspiration - some of whom I still keep in contact with today.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. My 6 years as a student in SJI leave little for regret. The teachers, staff and fellow students alike taught me the essentials and so much more - how to be a principled person who shows compassion, how to serve from the heart and what humility meant. My years in the school allowed me to deepen my faith and grow into a mature young adult, ready to face the world with the confidence that I will not let my alma mater down.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Inspiring, joyful and life-changing!

• Lim Bo Zhi

Lim Bo Zhi came from St Michael's School (now known as SJI Junior) and graduated from SJI in 2012. He overcame the death of his parents during his teenage years, in the midst of his secondary studies. Despite being orphaned at 18, Bo Zhi graduated with 13 points for his GCE O-levels examinations. He then continued to pursue his diploma in computer engineering at Singapore Polytechnic (SP), where he topped his 2016 cohort to graduate with a near-perfect grade point average (GPA) of 3.968 out of 4.0.

During his time in SP, Bo Zhi was part of the poly's peer-tutoring programme, where he coached weaker students taking the same course. He also organised an overseas community trip with schoolmates, where they built toilets and taught English to village children. He also volunteered for 10 months at a family care centre, giving tuition to primary school pupils once a week. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Bo Zhi received the SP Model Student Award in 2016. Bo Zhi credits his achievements today to Mrs Christina Tang-Lien, SJI's senior counsellor, whom he regards as family. He tells us what he loves most about SJI.

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. I thought SJI was a school that emphasizes on community because of the school's values. After joining the school, I was proven correct as I could sense the never dying Lasallian spirit. I could feel the warmth from students and teachers alike.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. I love the SJI teachers and staff because they were all very supportive and never gave up on me throughout my SJI life.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. SJI is like a family to me. SJI has helped me more than words can ever describe and I am deeply moved and grateful that I was a part of the SJI community.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Family, Motivating, Awesome!!!

• Wee Rui-An Fabien

mysjistory-Wee Rui-An Fabien.jpg
Joining SJI from De La Salle School in 2012, Wee Rui-An Fabien has created a positive impact in the four years he was with SJI. He was a member of the Student Council, a prefect, captain of the SJI rugby team, vice-president of Catholic group – Legion of Mary, a Peer Support Leader and Facilitator. Fabien exemplifies what a true Josephian should be: one who works hard, studies hard, plays hard, and is ever willing to give of himself to others and the school.

During his time in SJI, Fabien built up an impressive record of Co-Curricular Activities. For his excellent performance in Rugby at the National Schools’ Championships, Fabien was awarded the Sports Meritorious Award in 2015 and Colours Award in both 2014 and 2015. He also received the Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) in 2013 and 2014.

Fabien’s tenacity and perseverance is evident from his role in Rugby as the Captain of the ‘C’ Division and Vice-Captain of the ‘B’ Division of the school team. Although he was new to the sport in Secondary 1, Fabien quickly became one of the key players in SJI’s Rugby team, winning the ‘B’ Division Police Cup (2nd runner-up in 2015 and 3rd runner-up in 2014), Standard Chartered U17 Sevens (3rd position in 2014) and ‘C’ Division Dr Goh Keng Swee Cup 3rd runner up in 2013 and Plate Champion in 2012). Recognised for his talent in Rugby, Fabien joined the U15 National Team and represented Singapore in the Johor Bahru Rugby 10’s in 2014. He was a key member of the U16 Combined Schools Team, which also won the runner-up trophy at the Inter-Combined Schools Tournament in 2014. He tells us what he loves most about his time in SJI.

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. I had a really good impression of SJI before I joined; SJI was recommended to me by many teachers, friends and priest. I thought of it as a typical catholic school with a lot of prayer involved.

    Now that I have left SJI, I see SJI as more than a school that just prays a lot. It is a school that helps to build character, a school where the teacher is not just concerned about your results, but your well-being. A school where many would choose to help others over themselves. To me, SJI is the home I proudly embrace and the school that has allowed me to become the person I am today.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. The preparation for carnival was one of my most memorable time in SJI, especially the preparation for the flashmob. During this period of time, every Josephian was working together putting together the puzzle pieces to form an amazing carnival. During the preparation for the flashmob, it was nice seeing everyone from both the senior school and and secondary school come together to form a community, one SJI.

    Another memory was during the 3rd/4th placing game against ACS(B). The cheering and the support the school gave during the match was simply inspirational and motivational as it helped me play my best during the match, knowing that my brothers on the sidelines have confidence in me that we'll be able to win the match. It showed the intense community in SJI how we are all as one, supporting each other, backing each other and the amount of faith the Josephians, teachers and students alike, had in us to win.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. The essential foundation to build a great tower!

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Immaculate, Enriching, Engaging!

• Chew Kai Ming

Kai Ming joined SJI from Bukit Timah Primary School in 2012. Although he was apprehensive about coming to SJI initially, his impression of SJI changed after attending the Secondary One orientation camp. The next four years saw Kai Ming rose through the ranks in his CCA, to become the Troop Leader of the SJI Pelandok Scout Group from 2014 – 2015. He also achieved the Chief Commissioner’s Award (Scouts) in 2015, and was a member of the 4th SJI Student Council from 2014 – 2015.

Kai Ming is now in his 5th year of the Integrated Programme in SJI, where he is in his first year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at the Senior section. He shares with us his SJI journey so far:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. When I was first received my PSLE score, I was disappointed. With a PSLE score of 242, I was unable to enter to the school that I dreamt of going to. Therefore, on the very first day I reported to school, I entered into the school with a closed heart, telling myself to never open my heart to the school. I felt that SJI was not the right school I should be in and hence had a very negative impression towards the school. It was through the orientation programme, where the spirit of SJI touched my heart and thawed the coldness of my heart. It was this spirit, which set me on the 4 year journey in SJI to learn what truly defines the Josephian Spirit. The Josephian Spirit - an unbreakable bond present between every single student in the school. It is undeniable that it was this moving force that changed my perception of SJI altogether. From a school which I did not initially want to be in, it became my home, a community which I feel I belonged to.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. Being in SJI for the past 4 years is an amazing experience for me. I will never forget the fellowship spent with the students and staff in school. The spirit of SJI every so present in the school never fails to add a wow factor to the school for me. Furthermore, I really enjoy SJI because of its values and moral centered education which has taught us to be people who can make a difference in society.

    One of the most memorable experiences for me was going down together as a level to support the SJI B Division Soccer Team in their finals against the powerhouse Hong Kah Secondary School. Even though we lost the match, the Josephian spirit did not wither with the loss. Instead, we continued to sing cheers like "Hail, Hail Alma Mater" as a way to show our support for the soccer team. This was one of my deepest encounter with the Josephian spirit as well as one of the most memorable moments in my 4 years in SJI.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. The Josephian Spirit is very much alive in SJI - it is a combination of each and every of our own unique experiences and the combination of each and every individual's unique strengths to cover each other's weaknesses to progress forward together as a community.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. As simple as ABC - Amazing, Brotherhood, Centered!

• Oh Wei Jin

mysjistory-Oh Wei Jin.jpg
Wei Jin joined SJI from SJI Junior in 2010. He has won numerous awards for representing SJI at various competitions for Fencing, Robotics and Chinese Percussions from 2010-2015. Wei Jin was the Chairman for Chinese Cultural Society, the Head of Welfare in the Student Council (2012-2013) and a Peer Support Facilitator who was the Camp Commandant for the 2013 Secondary 1 Orientation Camp. In recognition of his leadership skills, he achieved the Lasallian Distinguished Service Award in 2013.

With his outstanding GCE ‘O’-level results, Wei Jin continued his post-secondary studies – the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in SJI, and graduated with 42 points in 2015. He was actively involved in school activities during his JC years, being the Vice-President of the SJI Student Council (Senior section), and as an Orientation Group Leader for the JC1 Orientation Camp in 2015. Always with a heart to help the lost, the last and the least, Wei Jin volunteered at academic mentoring programme for primary and secondary school students from low-income backgrounds, and at Jalan Kukoh Seniors Activity Centre to help elderly residents fumigate bedbugs-infested houses.

In 2016, Wei Jin was awarded the Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship (Teaching), where he will continue his undergraduate studies in Physics at Carnegie Mellon University in the US. He shares with us what he loves about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Before I joined the school, I did not know what I was in for. All I heard was that SJI had a very familial and brotherly culture, but I still had no idea what was in store for me. Coming from SJI Junior, I had expected to undergo a similar experience with similar culture and traditions.

    After I joined the school, I found that SJI was way more than what I had expected. The people I met made a big impact on how I perceived myself and helped me to mould my own values. In SJI, I was made to question exactly who I am and how I want to live my life, and this was deeply rooted in me to become a person who would be happy at the end of the day. This is where I not only learned how to learn, but also learned how to live.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. Even though it may be out of the ordinary, one of the most memorable parts of studying in SJI would be the kind of culture and environment we had in interacting with one another and being free to forge friendships with our schoolmates. I still remember vividly the tables my friends and I used to "chope" to study in the Senior School Block, where we would talk, study, share funny videos, read interesting articles, solve math problems, brainstorm for our English Language and Literature essays, and discuss historiography together (most times with the help of a whiteboard). However, it was not all work and no play. I remembered how many of us in the school - batchmates, juniors, seniors and teachers - first got to know one another through playing games in the school field. The culture of inclusivity where one can join a game of frisbee, even if the other players are all strangers, made it so much easier to find friends and people who would impact the lives of others. These are the places where the friendships that matter to me were forged and where I bonded most with teachers and friends alike.

    Another thing that I really appreciated was the number of opportunities that I had to lead different events and committees, and in the process, work with many amazing people – both students and teachers – whom I had so much to learn from. The experiences I had were so varied and almost endless: leading a team to break the Singapore record for the largest human formation of the word "HOME" in 2013, working with external organisations to acquire discounts for students at various F&B and shopping outlets around the country, introducing and trying out different platforms to open channels for student feedback, organising administrative procedures, writing SOPs, learning the soft skills involved in leadership, organising Orientation Camps and Open Houses, developing my skills in managing crises, working with a Seniors Activity Centre to organise volunteer work opportunities for fellow Lasallians, and many others. I do not believe for a second that any other school or institution would empower their students to do so many things for the school under its name. The unparalleled quantity of experiences that SJI gave me and quality of advice and guidance that my teachers provided me with makes me believe SJI is a very different school than those that simply focus on the academics.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. As a school, SJI did not just teach me content knowledge. More importantly, it really taught me how to think, and how to live my life to the fullest, all while being grounded in my values and my perception of right and wrong.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Values-centric, Bond-forging, Leadership!

• Ernest Ang Boon Khiong

mysjistory-Ernest Ang Boon Khiong.jpg

Ernest Ang Boon Khiong is currently in Secondary Two (Lawrence 203). He joined SJI after completing his PSLE at SJI Junior, where he was also the Head Prefect. Besides training as a judoka (his CCA) when he is not studying, he volunteers at soup kitchen with the judo team. He shares with us his SJI journey so far:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. When I first joined SJI, I thought "wow, this is a really cool school". I remembered this impression came after my DSA interview with Father Danker and Dr Koh, the current and former principals of SJI. It wasn't so much of an interview but rather a friendly conversation. We talked to find out more about each other and the school, and what striked me was they didn't treat me like a candidate or student but more of a friend. And how many school principals actually bother to make time to interview P6 students!

    After joining SJI, my impression is still the same. Cool people maintaining a cool curriculum which manages to combine academic excellence with CCA achievements; this is what makes SJI outstanding.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. It has and always been the SJI community that I love. Here in SJI, it is effortless to find friends and form social circles with the people around you. We work together, play together, talk about issues together, quarrel together. But what is important is that we are always together in what we do, act or say.

    Teachers, or rather caretakers – It isn't easy to find people who genuinely care for you and guides you in your life. Here at SJI, it isn't what the teachers has done to help us academically but it's what they've done to help us become a better person. Academics comes after.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. I would say SJI is a place to experience. To experience whatever life has to offer and be enriched by these experiences and the people who are alongside with you. To experience the bonds forged by faith, service and community. To experience the hardship and pain as you break through your physical and mental limits and then feel the satisfaction and glory when you accomplish great things. SJI is a journey, come and experience it.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Fulfilling, Thrilling, Blessed!

• Oh Kai En Rachel

Oh Kai En Rachel was one of the 80 students from the pioneer batch who opted to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at SJI (Senior section) in 2013. Coming from an all girls’ environment at Crescent Girls' School, Rachel quickly adapted to the Josephian and Lasallian culture in SJI.

She was a member of the Student Council from 2013 to 2014 and was also part of the team who emerged as national champions for the Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) Competition in 2013. The team continued to represent Singapore in the Global SAGE Competition in Abuja, Nigeria. She also attended the National Lasallian Leaders’ Convention (NLLC) 2013 in Ipoh, Malaysia and was involved in planning the SJI Concert at the Singapore Botanic Gardens 2013, SJI’s farewell concert - EXODUS 2013 and SJI Senior School’s first Model United Nations Conference. In 2013 and 2014, she was awarded the MOE Edusave Character Award (ECHA). Rachel also topped her cohort for Biology (Higher Level) in the 2014 IB examinations.

She is currently pursuing her undergraduate studies in Life Sciences (specialisation in Environmental Biology) and is part of the University Scholars Program (USP) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Here, she shares with us more about what she loves about her two years spent in SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Although I am not able to remember much of my first impression of SJI, I was definitely excited to join the school and learn as much as I can from the IB Programme. Since joining the school and graduating from it, SJI is remembered as a place of personal growth for me. I have also learnt that the SJI culture can only be truly described by the word ‘family’. The relationships formed here are precious and certainly do not end with time – just like those in a family. ☺

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. As cliché as it may sound, what I loved most during my time in SJI has got to be being part of the community. I was always surrounded by people who were inspiring, supportive and loving. Be it the teachers, school staff, seniors, juniors or peers, everyone was more than happy to offer some form of helping hand or pieces of advice whenever possible.

    Furthermore, the SJI community has taught me to pursue my passions seriously and to take my (unnecessary) fears less seriously. I have learnt to dream bigger and find ways to realise my goals. This has helped me to be more of a risk taker and at the same time, an opportunity seeker.

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. Though my time in SJI was only a mere 2 years and though my batch was only a small group of 80 students, what I gained from the school and the student body was undeniably more than what these numbers can ever represent. That’s why coming back to SJI is always a pleasant and rejuvenating experience.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Truly, a home.

• Mr Lee Han Seng

Mr Lee Han Seng joined SJI in 2012 and he teaches Additional Mathematics and Mathematics in the Upper Secondary. An ardent fan of Liverpool Football Club, Mr Lee is also one of the teachers in charge of the SJI Football team that was started in 2012. Also known as the "timetable man" amongst his colleagues, Mr Lee heads the Information Management and Examination team that plans the school's schedules for classes and examinations. Prior to joining SJI, he was heading a department in a government school and was seconded to the Ministry of Education for four years.

Mr Lee is also known for his unique laughter and sense of humour. He tells us what he has come to love about the SJI community in the last four years:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. My first encounter with SJI was at the NCC Camp Pinnacle. I met a group of SJI NCC cadets. They were confident of themselves and always in the forefront leading in songs. Behind the air of confidence exudes the manly and brotherly care they have for one another. It's an unbelievable combination.

    After I joined SJI, I understood a little more about this unbelievable combination. The alumni, who are teaching in the school, live the same way. The senior Josephians in the school model after their teachers. The junior Josephians follow in these footsteps, learning the Lasallian way, an older brother to one another.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. I really enjoyed the one-minute silence or the prayer time moments before the lesson. I love to hear how the students pray and connect themselves with God. So my prayer leaders have to pray and occasionally are allowed to use the one minute silence.

    I always remember this student who was a free-thinker yet was made a prayer leader. I kept wondering why he did not pray. Eventually the secret was out and I had a good laugh.

    One of the best moment was during the Football B Division Final 2015. The school came together and gave their support to the boys in the field.

    It was a "goose bumps" day.

    For two hours the supporters gave their best. They cheered relentlessly. Despite losing, they stood by the brothers in the field. They stood tall and proud because their brothers in the field gave their best to one another and to the school. The boys were unashamed of their brothers.

    "Hearts of steel and heads unbowing
    Vowing never to be broken
    We will fight, until we can fight no more”.

    Indeed the words of St. Joseph’s Call rang thunderously that day. I felt that we had come to answer the Mater’s call and stood united.

    Hail the Spirit of Josephian!

  5. What would you say about SJI?

  6. SJI is the place to experience the simplicity of a boy and the charm of a man, the unique trademarks of a Josephian. The willingness to give with a purity of heart and stand up for a good cause is a daily encounter. The experience of this brotherhood does not end here. It goes beyond the green and the white because they wear them in their hearts.

  7. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  8. Pray. Worthy. Gracious.

• Haris Bin Dzulkifli

mysjistory-Haris Bin Dzulkifli.jpg
Haris Bin Dzulkifli joined SJI from a Lasallian primary school – St Stephen's School in 2013. He is a valued member of the SJI rugby team. Haris also serves as the president of Malay Cultural Society (MCS) and is a member of the Executive Committee for the Fintan fraternity. As the President of the Malay Cultural Society, he has led his juniors in the organization of the Secondary 1 orientation, the St. Theresa's Home concert performance and the weekly activities for MCS. He shares with us his SJI journey so far, and what it means for him as a Muslim student studying in a mission school:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. To be honest, most of us came to SJI as shy and small boys. The first impression must have been at our secondary 1 orientation, where our seniors passed on the SJI passion to us. They showed us the meaning of the SJI spirit, where we are always united together. They taught us to be confident, to be proud of who we are as Josephians. After the camp, I felt more confident and really started to enjoy spending time with my friends in school. I feel I have started to grow to become a person who is more confident in making friends with others in this SJI community and also became a lot more passionate as a Josephian.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. I love the culture in SJI and the strong bond in the SJI community. Joining hands together while singing the songs of SJI proudly is something I love about SJI. The passion that we witness is just amazing.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practicing of your faith?

  6. As a Muslim, I think SJI has done what they can for us to practice our faith. We are allowed to leave classes earlier for our Friday Prayers, and during our fasting month for Ramadan, we would be excused from vigorous activities such as PE. Furthermore, during classes like Religious Moral Education, SJI still provide classes for the non-catholic students like me and we are able to learn about moral values. This has really benefitted me as I had the chance to learn more about the right moral values. SJI has helped me as a Muslim to continue practicing my faith and at the same time, learn more about moral values.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. SJI is a school that provides overall development for a Josephian. Not only about academics, SJI teaches us to have the right moral values and most importantly, to be men for others. SJI is my family, a family of Josephians, a family that is always united together.

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Family, Home, Fun!

• Koh Boon Kiat

mysjistory-KohBoonKiat (905x1280).jpg
Koh Boon Kiat is from Lawrence 201. He joined SJI in 2014, from Saint Andrews Junior School. Even as a young Josephian, Boon Kiat has donned several hats in less than two years – he was the Class Chairperson in Secondary One; serves as a Prefect; and has helped out the SJI ABC Campaign, raising awareness of the anti-bullying programmes in SJI. He was also recognised in his CCA the Pelandok Scouts – for Best Skill Achievement (Secondary 1) at the SJI Uniform Group Awards 2015, and Outstanding Scout (Secondary 2) at the 164th Anniversary Parade this year. He tells us what he loves about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. On the day I received my PSLE results, I was deeply disappointed with myself. In my hand, I clutched the piece of paper with the score, resigning to the fact that I might not attend the school of my dreams…

    Undoubtedly, when I received the notification that SJI has accepted my admission, I could not resist but jump for joy. Initially, SJI struck me as a place that emphasized more on character building and servant leadership. Through the orientation camp, the spirit of SJI touched my heart and inspired me to learn how to learn and learn how to live.

    After joining SJI, I must say that SJI is a school like no other. The minute I stepped into the school, everyone was ready to embrace me into the SJI family. Everyone was there to share, to guide, to be a brother. It almost felt like home-coming.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. The past two years has been a wonderful experience for me. The spirit of SJI touched my heart and has helped me become who I am. The times I spent with my friends and the school staff is something that can never be replaced. The strong sense of brotherhood and care is just so evident in students and teachers alike. The community spirit in SJI has made it a second home for me.

    One of the most memorable experiences for me was participating in the 164th Anniversary Parade. A lot of effort went into making this event possible.

    The exhilaration of standing in front of hundreds of eyes and representing my uniform group is such a humbling experience. It was never easy standing out there in the sweltering heat, but standing abreast to my fellow scout mates made the event fun and enjoyable. “Once a Scout, always a Scout” - No matter the age or level, the Pelandok spirit always flow throughout all the levels, invoking a strong sense of brotherhood and friendship.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. Initially, I was never really a very faith-centred person. I was not really engaged much in church and did not really have a strong connection with God. However, upon entering SJI, I felt that it had really helped me deepen my faith in God and given me many opportunities to learn more about my faith. With Catholic CCAs, pilgrimages and overnight camps, I was provided with many chances to bond with my friends and spend time with God. SJI has inspired me to do many things. It has motivated me to become closer to God, understand his works, and live Jesus in our hearts forever.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. We study and play in the true spirit of a Josephian. The camaraderie is priceless and will last a lifetime.

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Special, Remarkable, Inspirational!

• Vedant Chauhan

mysjistory-Vedant Chauhan2 (724x1024).jpg
Vedant Chauhan from Michael 402 is our Deputy Head Prefect and Vice President of SJI Student Council. He joined SJI at Secondary 1 in 2013, from SJI Junior, one of the four Lasallian primary schools. Vedant is actively involved in his CCA – NPCC, as a Staff Sergeant holding the post of Head Of Training. As a Peer Support Facilitator, he also led the Secondary One Campfire this year and supports many other school events, such as being part of the oversight team for The SJI Carnival. After 4 years in SJI, he tells us what he loves most about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Before? A school that was not known for having great academic results as compared to other "elite" schools.

    After? Truth be told, SJI isn’t an "elite" school. We may not be the best in producing stellar results. But we sure are a school which produces individual, individuals who are ever ready to make a difference. A school which transforms a boy into a gentlemen, ready to serve.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. The Community.

    From the first day I walked into SJI, at Orientation camp where we were mere strangers to one another but still placed our arms around each other to sing St. Joseph's Call as one Josephian family with a common vision.

    Something so simple such as someone's birthday, everyone in the canteen stops and joins in the singing of the birthday song just to make that Josephian feel special, just to re-emphasize the fact that we are a community and we always rejoice together.

    When we get hit badly in a football game. What is written on the scoreboard does not matter to us. What matters to us is that the Josephian standing next to you is standing tall and proud singing "Hail, Hail, Alma Mater". A family is present to remind each other to keep our heads up and believe in ourselves, continuously reminding one another that we never fight against anyone but always for SJI.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. Although SJI has a strong catholic foundation, I have never been made to feel the need to sacrifice my beliefs as a Hindu. In fact, the daily prayers during assembly, allow me to reconnect with my inner-self on a regular basis. On many occasions I have been given the privilege of attending our Hindu ceremonies by leaving school early. The religious symbols that I occasionally wear have never been questioned but rather respected. This has made me more confident in displaying our ritualistic culture. During Religious and Moral Education (RME) class, I was asked to share a sacred chant with the entire class. The values my faith preaches of love, peace, non-violence, truth and right conduct are not any different from any other religion. SJI has never failed in providing me a supportive platform to practice my faith and I am very grateful for this.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. SJI to me is a school which does not aim to send 600 students out of SJI with 6 A1s or 45 points for IB Diploma. SJI instead, is a school that aims to send 600 brothers and sisters, Josephians, out into the world ready to go MAD, ready to go ‘Make A Difference’, to serve the last, the lost and the least.

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Enriching, eventful, efficacious!

• Nigel Sim Jun Yi

Nigel Sim Jun Yi joined SJI from De La Salle School in 2015. At Secondary 2, he is a Prefect and Captain of the school’s Canoeing Team (C Division). Balanced in both academics and his CCA, Nigel topped his cohort in Geography when he was in Secondary One. Having experienced two different Lasallian schools, he tells us what he loves about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Prior to joining SJI, I have heard many good comments from my friends who studied there and I thought that it would be a good school of choice.

    In SJI, I feel that there is a sense of belonging in the community, where everyone supports each other as if they are family. The teachers in the school are very caring and often go the extra mile to facilitate students’ learning. Furthermore, the school has provided me with many experiences for growth and personal development, moulding me into the person I am today.

    Lastly, the bond my peers and I share makes each day much better and I am glad I chose to become a Josephian.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. SJI has inculcated in me the spirit of determination, which stretches me to my maximum potential. This motivates me to do my best in my CCA. Despite canoeing being a sport that is physically demanding, I feel encouraged by the people around me. Through my trainings, I have forged a special bond amongst my teammates- overcoming the challenges we encounter as one and striving towards achieving a common goal. There is also a strong sense of brotherhood throughout all levels in the team, with everyone playing an important role regardless of their seniority.

    Also, the community spirit in SJI has helped me made good friends that I can always rely on and they never fail to make each of my school day more fun and enjoyable. With everyone supporting each other, it gives me a sense of belonging to this big family where I feel at home.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. Despite SJI being a Catholic school, the school is welcoming towards students of all religions and teaches us to better understand our individual faiths through our Religious and Moral Education (RME) lessons. Being a free thinker, I have learnt more about other religions and it has helped me to gain insight on other faiths that are practised.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. SJI emphasises on character building over academics – nurturing each and every Josephian to be the best he can be; putting others before themselves and serving the greater good with zeal and passion.

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Extraordinary, Priceless, Supportive!

• Dai Chong Rui

mysjistory-Dai Chongrui.jpg
Dai Chongrui joined SJI in Secondary 3 in 2015. He headed the SJI Design Club as its President, and won the Brother McNally Art Prize for the project 'A Difference through Art' with his fellow Design Club members. In 2015, he topped his cohort for the Biology subject. He also won a Silver medal at the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad in 2016. He shares with us what he loves about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Before joining the school, I believed that SJI students would be very diligent and excel in their academic work. After I immersed myself in the school community, I found out that more importantly that Josephians take care of each other and embrace the diversities in us.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. The strong sense of belonging. As we sing the school rally every Monday and other Lasallian songs shoulder to shoulder during school events, I feel the unity with the rest of the Josephians and the warmth in my heart.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. In terms of belief, SJI teachers always encourage us with their patience and dedication. They teach us to believe in ourselves, friends and people around us.

    I am always inspired by Father Danker's speech every time. In terms of religion, the morning prayers and masses teach us the values of Catholicism – forgiveness and service.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. The two-year journey in SJI just seems too short for me. It gave me the opportunity to foster cohesive friendship with my fellow Josephians and I always feel a strong sense of belonging to the school.

    What SJI has taught me was not only academic knowledge, but the crucial values that I have to follow in daily life.

    Lastly, I truly appreciate the time and energy our dear teachers have devoted to all the Josephians!

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Exploration. Challenge. Camaraderie!

• Tristan Maximilian Smith

Tristan Maximilian Smith joined SJI from St Stephen's School in 2013. Besides being a Student Councillor, Tristan was also the captain for Fintan Fraternity when he was in Secondary 4, and President of Legion of Mary (Seat of Wisdom) in 2016. He has served as an EXCO member for his co-curricular activity – Athletics. His contributions as a Peer Support Facilitator and Leader was instrumental to the smooth running of the school camps. Tristan achieved the Lasallian Distinguished Service Award in 2016. Tristan is embarking on his 5th year of the Integrated Programme at SJI, where he will start his first year (JC1) of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at SJI (Senior section). Having been to two different Lasallian schools, he tells us what he loves about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Ever since I joined St Stephen's School, many of my peers were talking about SJI; about the brotherly culture and inseparable friendships. During SJI's Open House, it left me with a strong impression towards the school. A burning desire was ignited within me and drove me to work extremely hard towards my dream of entering SJI.

    Having been journeying with SJI for 4 years, I am immensely grateful to have joined this exceptional school and this band of brothers. This community is unique because even though we might not know each other, there is this invisible bond that ties us together. That is the Josephian Spirit, which is ever present in each and every one of us. This Spirit has grown in me and shaped me into the person I am today. It has called me to serve the school and give back to this community of mine that I hold closely to my heart.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. One thing that I cherish the most will be the times where every Josephian comes together and sing their hearts out during our school songs and cheers. The atmosphere during these songs is just so special and it honestly cannot be expressed in words. Stepping into SJI as a new Secondary 1 student then, I still remembered fumbling with the sheet of paper given to us for the lyrics of the school songs and we were also mesmerized as we saw all our seniors joining arms and singing with joy and passion. When I was a Secondary 4 student, I must say that nothing much has changed, with the passion and spirit still ever strong, other than the fact that the lyrics of these songs are now deeply embedded in our heads.

    A highlight of my time in SJI will also be the first time I had my fraternity assembly. The back of the canteen in the Malcolm Road Campus was really cramped with one-quarters of the school but as curious Secondary 1s, all of us paid our full attention to the leaders of Michael Fraternity as we awaited what was in store for us. What made an impact on me was one leader who was filled with enthusiasm and zeal. When I was tired after rehearsing cheer after cheer, he gave me a pat on my back and told me that I could continue cheering and not to give up. Even though it may seem to be a simple gesture of encouragement, it was a very impactful experience for me and this experience actually gave me the goal on becoming a fraternity leader.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. SJI gave me a chance to renew my faith when I first joined the Legion of Mary in Secondary 1. It was a community that I grew really close to, a place where you are able to share freely and pray together to Mother Mary. After 4 years, instead of finding it a hassle to go for Legion, I really look forward to going every Tuesday. I feel that in this sense, it really shows how much I have grew as a person, especially in my faith.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. Stepping into SJI was bliss, but the thought of leaving SJI will render me with a sense of melancholy. I won't be in complete despair though, knowing that SJI will always be a home that I can return to.

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Unforgettable, Brotherhood, Enriching!

• Blake John Carlyle

mysjistory-BLAKE JOHN CARLYLE.jpg
Blake John Carlyle joined SJI from Greendale Primary School in 2015. A natural talent in sailing, Blake has represented the SAF Yacht Club (SAFYC) to Busan, Korea for the Busan-Fukuoka-Singapore friendly regatta in 2015. His sailing achievements have won him the top ranking boy award for DSP in Silver Fleet for SAFYC. At SJI, he has also achieved the Colors Award in 2015 and 2016. In Secondary 2, Blake graduated as ACE leader and was the Vice-Chairman for his class ML202. After spending two years in SJI, he shares with us what he loves about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. When I first stepped into SJI at Malcolm Road for my DSA interview, I told my mum, that’s the school I wanted to go to.

    Now that I am in SJI, I must say that I am happy that the school does not only focus on academics, but also helps me to get ready for my next stage in life.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. In SJI, I was given the opportunity to focus on my strengths such as leadership. Besides my academic teachers are very motivated to help me find my identity and help me improve in my weaker areas. Sailing is my CCA. I love spending time training and bonding with my peers.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. Even though I do not practice any religion, SJI has helped me understand more about faith through our RME lessons and has given me some insight into the many different religions that my peers may practice.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. SJI gave me the chance to excel in other aspects of my life. It helps me build up my confidence and try new things.

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Exciting, Challenging and Community!

•Adam & Ethan Lee

Twin brothers Adam and Ethan Lee hailed from Henry Park Primary School, and joined SJI on the Integrated Programme track at Secondary 1 in 2015. Older brother Adam is athletic, and represents SJI in Track & Field, whereas younger brother Ethan has a flair for the arts – representing SJI in Guitar Ensemble and Debate team. The brothers share with us what they have come to love about SJI in the last two years:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Adam: Before joining SJI, I knew little about the school, but thought that SJI was not my first choice. In fact, I did not even attend the SJI Open House as I was ill that day. My parents, however, strongly encouraged me to choose SJI after I was accepted by the school via DSA. I was reluctant at first, but after joining SJI, my opinion changed, especially after going through the Orientation Camp. Everyone made me feel at home. The songs, the activities and the way the SJI students treated one another all impressed and amazed me. Now, I do not regret my decision to join SJI at all, and I am glad that my parents convinced me to choose SJI as my secondary school. Because of this decision, I am who I am today, a better person.

    Ethan: When I entered SJI, I thought it was just another secondary school. But as I grew more familiar with the environment, I realised that SJI offers a whole range of new and exciting experiences that you would be sure to treasure and remember when leaving the school.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. Adam: It is the friends that I have made and continue to make during my time in SJI. SJI is fun too as there are events which I am able to participate in, such as inter-class badminton competitions, representing SJI in track and field competitions and the SJI carnival. The variety of modules offered such as Model United Nation is another attraction. I enjoyed the camps such as TABA and the Orientation Camp, both as a secondary 1 student and a Peer Support Leader. Friends here in SJI are also different as they are caring for one another. Last but not least, I treasure the camaraderie in SJI, the unity and the bond I feel whenever the school comes together as one.

    Ethan: I love the exposure to new activities inside and outside of school as well as events that I have not experienced before I joined SJI. I really enjoyed the 2 years of the fund-raising carnival as well as the school`s Sports day. The strong sense of brotherhood and camaraderie really taught me the importance of such values. One of the most memorable events was the opportunity to be part of the schools debating team in a tournament at NUS. The guitar ensemble had organized several events that allowed me to perform on stage – the Marina Bay Regatta was a truly memorable one!

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. Adam: SJI has opened my eyes to practices of different faiths, while instilling in me the values of my religion, including humility and filial piety. The practice of faith and prayers in SJI has taught me that there is something greater than myself and humanity, and that is God.

    Ethan: SJI taught me about loyalty and to develop trust in my peers by forming a sense of brotherhood. This value has also been reiterated by the school through real-life examples like the De La Salle brothers. It has taught me the true definitions of loyalty, humility and filial piety.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. Adam: SJI is a very unique school, the bond between everyone in the school is very strong, between both the students and the teachers. The school is very united. I would recommend SJI to the P6s this year who are deciding the secondary school of their choice. If I were asked to pick a secondary school again, I would choose SJI, in a heartbeat.

    Ethan: SJI teaches values in a way that focuses on all aspects of character building and the path to success. In SJI, what one learns throughout their journey takes priority over how successful they are. It is a journey for me in this school and I am still learning. I hope that when I graduate, I will be a better person than when I first joined the school.

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Adam: Tiring but fun!

    Ethan: Ups and Downs!

• Rachel Ng & Marian Tan

Good friends – Rachel Ng Jie Min and Marian Tan Shiyun joined SJI’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in 2016, after graduating from CHIJ Toa Payoh. Besides holding the fort as House Captain for Lawrence, Rachel has actively participated in her CAS at Soup Kitchen, Bone Marrow Donor Programme and MINDs. Marian has participated in Dragon-boating competitions with the school, and is vice president for her CAS – BEACON and the Legion of Mary (Refuge of Sinners), and volunteers at the Catholic Welfare Services (CWS). Currently in their 2nd year of IBDP, they share with us what they have come to love about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Rachel: Before: SJI community spirit is very strong.
    After: Coming to SJI solidified the idea is a school with value-oriented and emphasises the importance of SJI community. This leads to a feeling of family everywhere you go.

    Marian: Being in CHIJ, the sister school of SJI, I had the impression that SJI would similar to CHIJ, in terms of faith formation and school spirit. When I entered SJI, I realized that I was correct when I saw how everyone screams school cheers and sings their school rally with pride. It was very endearing to witness as it reminded me of the strong school spirit in CHIJ.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. Rachel: The environment is one that is accepting. It becomes extremely easy to find joy in the people around me in SJI whenever I am down. Everyone understands when you are feeling down and try their best to make you feel better.

    Marian: The community in SJI is very supportive and they are family. I love how everyone in SJI is so welcoming and understanding. Being a Josephian means you have a family who always got your back and who supports you. Aside from that, I also love how strong the Catholic faith is in SJI. As I have been in Catholic schools for all my life, this aspect of SJI is very important. I love how we start the day with a prayer and how there is a chapel for me to go to when I need to pray.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. Rachel: In SJI I've learnt to be more open and accepting on my faith. Not only spiritually but also in terms of putting my faith in the people around me. At the end of the day I cannot stand alone.

    Marian: As a Catholic, SJI plays an important role in my faith journey and gives me an opportunity to grow in faith each day with the daily morning prayers and masses. Moreover, Legion plays a big part in my faith journey. As a member of the Legion of Mary in CHIJ, I am grateful that SJI has this CCA that serves as a good break from studies. It reminds me of my purpose in life and that everything is in the hands of God.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. Rachel: I am thankful for everything SJI had given to me and hopeful that she can continue doing the same for everyone who comes. SJI is truly like a mother which opens her arms to care for everyone.

    Marian: Being part of the Josephian family is one of the best experiences one can have. It is a family filled with supportive people who brighten up your day and encourage you to become a better person. I am blessed to be in SJI! :-)

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Rachel: Accepting, comfortable but challenging at the same time.

    Marian: Community, home, enriching

• Joshua James Chong

Joshua James Chong is a National sportsman who has represented Singapore in diving. He is an excellent example of a Josephian who balances his academic work and sports with quiet determination. Joshua has been instrumental in leading SJI into third place for the team event in the National ‘B’ Division Inter-School Gymnastic championship. As Vice-Captain of the ‘B’ Division, Joshua was pivotal in fostering team spirit amongst members and displayed great enthusiasm and love for the sport.

An equally talented diver, he emerged first in the 3-metre Springboard event in the Inter-school Diving competition in 2016. He showed his tenacity as he competed over three events at the 8th Singapore National Diving Championships in June 2017, winning two golds in the 3-metre Springboard and Synchronised 10-metre Platform, and another silver in the Men’s Open 10-metre Platform. More recently, in August 2017, Joshua represented Singapore in the South-East Asian (SEA) Games. He won a place in the finals of the Mixed Synchronised 3-metre Springboard event and Men’s Synchronised 10-metre Platform Diving event and clinched a silver and bronze medal respectively - a momentous win for a young athlete.

Having come from another Lasallian school – St Stephens School, Joshua shares with us what he has come to love about SJI:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Before joining SJI, I did not really feel anything special about SJI.

    However, after being in SJI for four years now, it is a home to its students.

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. The people around you, be it friends or teachers, and the opportunities to grow into a young adult.

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. Being a Catholic myself, SJI has strengthened my faith as we partake in prayers very often, such as during assembly and before each class.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. SJI has allowed me to balance and excel in both my studies and sport through the constant support and encouragement provided by the people around me, both friends and teachers. It is a unique and welcoming home to all and is a place like no other.

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Enjoyable, company, fun-filled.

• Zac and Zon Liew

Twin brothers Zac and Zon Liew came to SJI from Nanyang Primary School through DSA Sports (Gymnastics). Both brothers are national gymnasts from Team Singapore and have represented Singapore and SJI in National Championships and National School Games. Older brother Zac was part of the team that won a gold medal and an Individual All-Around silver medal in the ASEAN School Games (2017). He was also SJI Team Captain for Gymnastics (2016-2017) and was one of the two Sportsmen of the Year 2017. Younger brother Zon was Vice-Captain of Gymnastics and was one of the Executive Committee (EXCO) for Michael Fraternity. The brothers share with us what they have come to love about SJI in the last four years:

  1. What was your impression of SJI before and after joining the school?

  2. Zac: Before joining SJI, I was impressed with the long and magnificent history behind it. I would not forget the positive vibes I felt while attending the open house 4 years ago, which drew me to want to enter this school instead of the other choices I had at that time. It was the spirit of the students and the pride each Josephian displayed during the course of their individual roles that really influenced me that day and made me want to be a part of this community.

    After entering SJI, my beliefs about the school were confirmed and I have learned a lot more in terms of social, cultural and moral values, as well as character and leadership development. I feel that I am more grown up towards the path of manhood as the school had provided me with such learning opportunities through extra curriculum activities and school camps experiences.

    Zon: Before I joined the school, I knew so little about SJI, not knowing what SJI really stands for, its beliefs and its motto.

    After experiencing some truly enjoyable activities in SJI, such as the Sec 1 Orientation camp and ACE Camp, I felt a very special bond between my classmates and I instantly knew then that I wanted to spend my life here in SJI and made the right choice to join a community full of wonderful Josephians!

  3. What do you love or find most memorable about your time in SJI?

  4. Zac: I love the community in SJI as it is a very conducive learning and growing environment that strongly encourages study-life balance, where it believes in "all work and no play makes Joe a dull boy".

    Throughout my 4 years in SJI, the teachers are very supportive and try their best to help us reach our individual potentials. They are willing to go the extra mile to help us prepare for our exams. Even my classmates are very helpful in extending aid to assist me to catch up with my schoolwork whenever I miss school due to my overseas competitions.

    My most memorable scene in SJI was watching the 2015 Football match for the 'B' Division Finals where the whole school went to support our school team. There was so much brotherhood we displayed while watching the match as all Josephians cheered with one voice, exhibiting the fighting spirit in us and the massive support we showed to our football team.

    I am really thankful and have no regrets choosing SJI as it is not only a good school by academic results but more importantly, the school also teaches us other social and ethical values. This is a very holistic environment, which is paramount for growing teenagers.

    Zon: The countless opportunities SJI has given me to serve, lead and excel in my sports while helping me cope with my academics. For example, the support system that SJI offers is truly incredible. There were the numerous focus revisions to help me catch up with schoolwork or the night study to have a conducive studying environment with my friends, and the teachers are always ready to answer all my doubts. Lastly, the ever-willing teachers who stayed back for me, especially Mrs Wang, so that I am able to bother them with countless questions, never complaining.

    The encouragement SJI has given me in my sporting aspirations is tremendous. The teachers who constantly encourage me to do my very best in my competitions, telling me to not worry too much about my school work and just concentrate on what is upcoming and catch up later has really allowed me to strike a balance between my academics and sports. Also those lovely words of encouragement from our principal Father Danker whenever I leave for my competitions, being it for SJI or for Singapore.

    Last but not least, the bond I share amongst Josephians, especially with the class of 2017 as we all went through the last 4 years together, going through good and bad times, surviving together during camps like ACE camp and camp TABA where we all took a step forward to being closer to each other through those activities and team building challenges, creating that special bond between us, the spirit of a true Josephian where everyone ignites the same spark of fire inside which will never be broken.

    Also, the environment SJI has given me to learn, lead, serve and pray in is as though it's my second home where I do not ever feel like parting ways with this year. Therefore, I will always be grateful!

  5. How do you think SJI has helped you in the practising of your faith?

  6. Zac: As a free-thinker, there was little connection I have with faith prior to joining SJI. However, the weekly RME lessons really open my eyes to faith and helped me practice and follow my faith tradition. Even though SJI teaches us that strong faith is a constant and long involvement, I would imagine this exposure to faith is the first step that may lead me further in time to come.

    Zon: SJI has helped in greatly in the believing of faith due to the environment and the people in the school. For example, the staff and teachers have led me to believe in them that they are always there to help me whenever I am in need or they can always lend me a listening ear for me to consult them on my problems and how to tackle them. For that, my faith in the teachers have increased and in turn, I have more faith in myself to do things to the best of my abilities. Not only that but the students in SJI too. They have the characteristics of what a friend should be and are always with you through thick and thin, to share my problems and lend me a shoulder to lean on. "Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them." - Anna Taylor.

  7. What would you say about SJI?

  8. Zac: SJI accepts you for who you are. The school provides the fitting environment for your potential, be it in academics, sports, music or others. The best 4 years of my schooling life was spent in SJI. The values I learned here will stay with me and the memories with schoolmates and teachers here will form an integral part of my life. Ora et Labora!

    Zon: SJI has truly allowed me to seek a balance between my studies and sports, supporting me in throughout these incredible four years!

  9. Give us 3 words that best describes your SJI journey:

  10. Zac: Fulfilling. Enriching. Enjoyable.

    Zon: Enriching, Memorable, Brotherhood!

•Alvin Mark Yapp (Class of 1986)

For Others (Alvin).png
An alumnus from the Class of 1986, Alvin is the founder of BusAds and The Intan, an award-winning Peranakan private home museum. He is one of our many artistic alumni who has found success in the creative field. Read more about Alvin and our other alumni in our new book - For Others.

• Ben Cheong (Class of 1975)

For Others (2.Ben).png
Ben is the founder and director of Magical Light Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to develop long-term educational programmes and sustainable social development projects for disadvantaged communities in Asia. Read more about Ben and our other alumni, and how they reach out to help others, in our new book - For Others.

• Paul Chew (Class of 1988)

For Others (3.Paul).png
Brigadier General Paul Chew formally began his career with SAF in 1996, upon graduating with a Master's in Aeronautical Engineering. Since then, he has been serving the country, holding a diverse range of senior command and staff appointments in the SAF. Read more about Paul and our other alumni, and how they serve the nation in different ways, in our new book - For Others.

• Yap Boon Chien (Class of 1989)

For Others (4.YBC).png
Yap Boon Chien is a Physics Master Teacher at the Academy of Singapore Teachers, a pedagogical leader and a mentor in the wider education community. Read more about Boon Chien and our alumni who are passionate about educating our future generations in our new book - For Others.

• Brother Michael Broughton, FSC (Class of 1971/1973)

For Others (5.Mike).png
Bro. Mike as he is affectionately known, is a familiar figure to the SJI family and community. He studied in the former St. Michael's School (now SJI Junior) and De La Salle School, before moving on to SJI to complete his 'O' and 'A' Levels. His zeal for education eventually led to his appointment as Deputy Principal for Student Development in SJI in 1990. Read more about Bro Mike and his path to the religious life as a De La Salle Brother, and our alumni who have devoted their lives to the priestly and religious vocations in our new book - For Others.

• Justice Chan Seng Onn (Class of 1972)

For Others (6.SengOnn).png
Justice Chan is the recipient of the 1973 President's Scholarship and Colombo Plan Scholarship. In 1976, he graduated with First Class Honours from University College London in Engineering and received the A.P. Head Medal, the highest engineering award for being the top student in the Faculty of Engineering. Read about his unusual career change to the legal field in our new book - For Others.