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'O' Level Programme

The academic curriculum is comprehensive and demanding, and designed to prepare express-stream students for the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations and, more importantly, for post-secondary education and beyond. Hence, our goal is for every Josephian to offer a combination of 'O' Level subjects that will give him as much choice as possible for his post-secondary education and to face future challenges.

At lower secondary level, all boys do the following examinable subjects: English Language, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. Higher Mother Tongue Languages are offered to Josephians who are in the top 10% of the PSLE cohort or top 30% with an A* in MTL at PSLE or at least a merit in HTML.

At upper secondary level, boys in the ‘O’ Level Programme can choose from a variety of subject combinations:

- 8 Subject Combination: 2 Languages | 1-2 Humanities | 2 Mathematics | 2-3 Sciences
- 7 Subject Combination: 2 Languages | 1 Humanities | 2 Mathematics | 2 Sciences

The specific GEC ‘O’ Level subjects offered include:

Languages: English Language, Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language or Higher Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language

Mathematics: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics

Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Humanities: Humanities (Social Studies + Geography Elective or Social Studies + History Elective), English Literature, Geography, History

Others: Art, Higher Art, Music

All Upper Secondary Boys are required to offer Combined Humanities as one of their Humanities subject. Combined Humanities consists of Social Studies and one elective Humanities subject which includes English Literature, Geography or History. For Combined Humanities, SJI only offers Social Studies with either elective History or elective Geography. Boys who intend to offer English Literature as an 'O' Level subject will have to offer the subject as a full Humanities subject at 'O' Level.