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Scholarships & Awards

SJI offers a number of scholarships and awards to new students as well as to current students in recognition of their achievements at SJI.

MOE Scholarships & Awards

These MOE scholarships or awards are open to eligible students in SJI.

1 Ministry of Education (MOE) Edusave Entrance Scholarship for Independent Schools (EESIS)
The top one-third of Secondary One Singaporean students enrolled in the independent schools is eligible for the EESIS. Selection is based on the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results. The award is tenable for 4 years in SJI, subject to good progress made each year, and qualifying students will be invited by the MOE to apply. The annual quantum of the scholarship is the school fees charged by the independent school less the amount of school and standard miscellaneous fees chargeable in a Government and Government-aided secondary school.
2 Ministry of Education (MOE) Edusave (Independent Schools) Yearly Award (E(IS)YA)
Singaporean students in the top 5% per level in each stream (Special / Express) in SJI who are not EESIS scholars will be eligible for the Edusave (Independent Schools) Yearly Award based on his overall performance in school examinations and assessments for that year. The award is yearly and will be paid retrospectively. The value of the yearly award is equivalent to the annual value of the EESIS.
3 Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership & Service (EAGLES)
The EAGLES Award is given in recognition of a student’s leadership qualities, service to the community and school, and excellence in non-academic activities. It is only awarded to Singapore citizens. SJI is a government-aided independent school. Whilst we receive considerable financial assistance from the government, school fees are essential to enable the school to operate effectively and to continue to provide first class facilities, smaller classes, and wide-ranging extra-curricular programmes that try to address the needs of each and every student, and a highly qualified, enthusiastic, and competent staff.