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World & Me


The World & Me (WAM) Module aims to develop Josephians with an awareness and understanding of the complex and diverse world that they live in. It emphasizes the discovery of self in relation to society, appreciation for cultural diversity and the affirmation of social justice. It seeks to give Josephians, a sense of open-mindedness, challenging students to reflect and shape their thinking and act with empathy and sensitivity to the needs of society.


The framework for World & Me is underpinned by the various skills, knowledge and attitudes within 5 interconnected stages of learning that spans across temporal and spatial dimensions.

This framework enables students to develop Awareness in issues relating to human society, culture and environment in shaping their knowledge. They will be led to Understand the bigger picture through themes such as change, interdependence, identity and diversity, rights and responsibilities, poverty and wealth, sustainability and social justice. It serves to motivate Josephians to become Advocates for a social cause and orientates them towards active participation in the world.


The World & Me curriculum features three core competencies: Learn-Think-Act (Oxfam, 2006) for the promotion of active global citizenship. It navigates through the WAM stages with an explicit goal for students to learn and develop critical inquiry across disciplines, before taking informed and responsible actions for the community. It is also designed to provide unity to the student’s learning in both classroom and out-of-school experiences. Together with the students’ personal knowledge and value system, WAM creates in students, a greater understanding of the complexities of the world. In return, students will be capable to act out their individual and collective roles as members of the local community.