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Singapore ArtScience

ArtScience is based on the idea that integrative learning and thinking can create a conducive environment for the growth and development of innovative ideas. Conceived within the Idea Translation Lab (ITL) at Harvard University, ArtScience melds the thinking and dispositions of the arts and the sciences to facilitate breakthroughs in a multitude of disciplines for the benefit of humanity. A number of non-profit companies and organisations, products, and cultural programmes have been successfully developed since the inception of this programme.


The course at SJI is a unique collaboration with Professor David Edwards of Harvard University and his Idea Translation Lab to infuse the nurturing of ArtScience into the school curriculum. In the course at SJI, students participate in a variety of interesting modules in the arts and the Sciences to understand the fundamental processes within these two disciplines, which leads to a final project that addresses a theme for the year. The themes include:

For further development, students will have opportunities to attend ArtScience workshops at Harvard University in Boston, USA. Top students in the course will be sent to Paris to attend workshops and vie for the prestigious ArtScience Prize Lab in Paris.

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In 2012, SJI launched the Singapore ArtScience Prize, which featured a series of forums and workshops featuring ArtScience founder Professor David Edwards, and other artists and scientists, and a competition for Singapore students.

IDEA 2012 featuring the Singapore ArtScience Prize Competition


SJI launches inaugural Singapore ArtScience Prize in collaboration with ArtScience Lab

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On the 2 June 2012, SJI hosted IDEA 2012 which featured IDEA Talks and the inaugural Singapore ArtScience Prize.

IDEA Talks featured ArtScience Lab founder Prof David Edwards of Harvard University and 3 other experts who shared their ideas on the innovations at the intersection of the arts and sciences, including Prof Steve Dixon, President of Lasalle College of the Arts; Prof Wolfgang of Fraunhofer IDM @ NTU; and Dr Shawn Hoon of A*STAR's Molecular Engineering Lab.

At the finals of the inaugural Singapore ArtScience Prize that followed, student teams from all various schools, who have been on the ArtScience Programme at SJI for the past five months, presented their ideas on the theme “Virtual Worlds”. A pair of headphones that can help cure addictions helped a team from SJI clinched the top prize. Comprising Christopher Low, Jeremy Luke Soh, Jonah Tan, Hubert Yeo and Edwin Lim.

artsci2.jpg The ArtScience Programme in Singapore is a unique collaboration between SJI and the ArtScience Labs founded by Harvard University’s Prof David Edwards. It is a core part of the SJI Integrated Programme curriculum , and part of an expanding ArtScience Lab network of high school students, undergraduates, designers, researchers and entrepreneurs in the US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, to learn and to use the integration of Art and Science to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

The winning team of the Singapore ArtScience Prize will join winners from other ArtScience centers in Paris in end June to refine and present their idea.

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IDEA 2013 featuring the Singapore ArtScience Prize Competition

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Synthetic Biology: Bio Fuel Cells and Allergen Detection Ideas Win 2013 Singapore ArtScience Prize


Two student groups from Unity Secondary School and SJI have emerged from 17 teams to win the 2013 Singapore ArtScience Prize competition on 31 May with their synthetic biology ideas of producing energy and allergen detection. The students had participated in the six-month ArtScience programme leading up to the competition that was held in conjunction with IDEA 2013, a design and innovation festival organized by SJI.

The two-day festival which drew more than a hundred students, parents and educators featured a keynote address on Design Thinking by Design Council Singapore Executive Director Mr Jeffrey Ho, and an ArtScience workshop for educators by facilitators of the ArtScience programme from the United States.

Synopses of the Ideas of the two winning teams:

The SAPP team from Unity Secondary worked on detecting allergens in food: Genetically modified micro algae are used to detect the allergens in the food that users may be allergic to. The micro algae are modified in a way that has Green Fluorescent Protein in it which glow under the presence of Ultraviolet Light. They help users to detect the presence of milk in food product and the target users are toddlers.

The Pair of Kings team from SJI worked on cell energy from a lightweight generator worn as a wristband by using Adenosine Triphosphate, the energy carrier for cells throughout the body. The energy produced will be adequate to charge basic mobile appliances like handphones or cameras.

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IDEA 2014 featuring the Singapore ArtScience Prize Competition

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IDEA 2015 featuring the Singapore ArtScience Prize Competition

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