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The SJI IP adopts a process-oriented pedagogical approach so that students will ‘Learn How to Learn’, to become autonomous life-long learners. The pedagogical focus will be on the development of students’ ability to acquire the necessary learning skills and dispositions which would enable them to create new knowledge, rather than just to acquire knowledge and skills for the mere purpose of doing well in examinations.

In helping students learn how to become effective learners, the pedagogy will help students to realistically evaluate and regulate their own learning and performance. It will also nurture their affective and cognitive competencies such as to reflect, be self-confident, be self-aware, to be willing to communicate ideas without fear or losing face, to be willing to take risks and be open-minded.

Learning in the SJI IP will focus on meaningful questions and authentic contexts, which will engage and challenge the learner’s existing mental models in order to develop deep understanding. The learning will be enhanced through the use of technology. Students will be expected to learn using their own personal computing device in class and in school*.

The SJI IP utilizes the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework to drive this. In addition to lessons driven by inquiry centered on essential questions and enduring understandings, learning will also make extensive use of authentic materials and involve external experts and partners, to enable students to achieve applied learning, making stronger the connections between their learning and the real world.

* Students on the IP will be expected to purchase a low cost personal computing device. Students on financial assistance will be helped in the purchase of the low cost personal computing device.