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Without compromising academic rigour, the SJI IP encourages the love of learning in students by adopting a differentiated approach to assessment for Level 1 - 3 learning. It focuses on the acquisition of content, concepts, skills and principles across the 6 subject groups and it comprises a variety of formative and summative assessments throughout each academic year, culminating in a summative examination at the end of the year.

Assessment in the SJI IP utilizes assessment extensively to scaffold learning, to provide detailed feedback to teachers and their students on the nature of students’ strengths and weaknesses, and to help develop students’ capabilities. Formative assessment provides students with information for self-assessment and peer-assessment, thus giving students ownership of their own learning and help to create lifelong learners who can respond positively to future challenges.

Assessment Components

Each subject has a variety of assessment components. Each component is marked using a rubric or mark scheme and assigned a numerical grade. Grade boundaries are then applied to arrive at an overall grade on 7 to 1 point scale for that component.

Total Aggregate Points

The overall Total Aggregate Point (TAP) stands at 45 points. Students receive grades ranging from 7 to 1 points, with 7 being highest. A student’s final result score is made up of the combined score for each subject i.e. 42 points across 6 subject groups from Level 1 and 2 Learning and 3 bonus points awarded from Level 3 Learning.

To arrive at an achievement grade for a subject, the numerical marks for each component such as class tests, graded assignments and coursework that have been assessed are combined together using appropriate weightings to give a total value. Grade boundaries are applied to give an overall achievement grade on the 1-7 scale (A-E Assessment Matrix for Level 3 Learning). Not all components are assessed in all subjects in all semesters of the course.

Grade Boundaries

Grade boundaries for all subjects are communicated to students at the beginning of each academic year. In some subjects, the grade boundaries remain consistent over time and across the different components, while in other subjects the grade boundaries change year on year.