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Staff Profiles

Left - Right: Mr Raymond Wong, Mdm Muthiah Kumudavalli, Mrs Sandra Lee, Mr Jude Tan

Mr Raymond Wong

Raymond joined SJI in 1998 as a Public Service Commission Local Merit Teaching Scholar and is an old boy from the class of 1988. He has taught English at lower secondary and Chemistry at lower and upper secondary, and is now currently teaching IB Chemistry in the Senior section. He has held various appointments including Curriculum Specialist (Science) and is now currently serving the school as Head, IB Science. His passion in education includes curriculum design and conceptual learning in chemistry.

"Teaching to me is more than a job. It is a vocation to touch the hearts of the young entrusted to my care. When I was still a young trainee teacher, the answer to the question of what will keep me in teaching many years down the road struck me deeply. The simple answer then was “my students”, and even till today it is still the same answer that keeps me going. At the heart of my vocation as a teacher is to support and inspire my students in their growth not just academically, but also as a values-centred person who will make a difference in the lives of others.”

Mdm Muthiah Kumudavalli

With over three decades of experience in teaching, Kumuda leads the Tamil Department at SJI. She teaches the Secondary level students and the JC students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at SJI. She is involved in Tamil Language curriculum planning, examination committee, nurturing talents in arts through the Indian Cultural Society, and is also a member of the Aesthetic Society.

"Teaching has been my way of life and therefore, is not confined to the walls of my classrooms. I believe in well-rounded education. Tamil language is my medium of nurturing students' talents beyond academics and instilling values for life.”

Mrs Sandra Lee

An English Language teacher, Sandra has been in the education service for 29 years. Before serving SJI as Head of the English Department, she taught in an all-girl school, specialising in English Language and History.

"As a school girl, I always wondered what went on behind the hallowed gates of the old SJI at Bras Basah Road. Half way through my teaching career, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to be part of this special fraternity in SJI. The value-centric education emphasised in SJI resonates with me, as it is ultimately not the subjects you teach but the values you espouse and impart through your words and deeds that make that difference. There is much to be learnt from students and colleagues and it is this sharing of knowledge and experiences that gives me impetus to move forward and appreciate each day I have in the school."

Mr Jude Tan

Jude has been with SJI since 1999. He completed his primary education in St Anthony's Boys' School and graduated from SJI in 1990. He teaches lower secondary Science and is involved in NCC (Air). He has held various appointments including Subject Head (CCA) and is currently the Head of Level for Secondary 2.

“Teaching for me is a vocation – my calling. To nurture the young people that have been entrusted to my care is something that I truly enjoy. It has been a blessing for me to have worked with many wonderful young hearts the past 17 years, to bring out the best in each of them.”

Staff Profile2015.jpg Left - Right: Mr Joseph Edison Junior, Ms Teresa Lim, Ms Fauziah Abdullah, Mr Tang Woh Un

Mr Joseph Edison Junior

An old boy from Class of 1988, Joe teaches Physical Education and is the Head of Level for Secondary Two and Advisor for Badminton (CCA). He started out as a teacher for Accounts and English in 1997, at several other schools before joining SJI in 2009.

"Coming to back to SJI feels like how life should be, almost a full circle and giving back to those who gave you before. Every time, I am inspired by the boys and they always surprise me each day with their wit, intelligence and initiative. They push me to keep pushing them and challenging them. The best gift from students to me is knowing that they have done well in life and acknowledge you in the streets no matter where you are. You know you had left an impact on them like they did on you.”

Ms Teresa Lim

A class tutor of ML 101, Teresa teaches English as well as Religious and Moral Education. She received the Sword of Honour in her teachers' intake for the National Cadet Corps. She had taught PE, Geography, Art and English before joining SJI in 1991.

"The very first year I joined our school I realised that the SJI teacher-student relationship is something special when I overheard a conversation between an SJI teacher and her student - Ms Lee Siew Lian offered to lend some money to her student who had lost his wallet. She is one of the many Josephians who inspire me to go the extra mile for others, especially the students under my care.”

Ms Fauziah Abdullah

Fauziah teaches Malay in SJI. As a seasoned Mother Tongue teacher who has taught for 21 years, she is the Secondary 4 Level Coordinator, and is also involved in Exchange & Immersion Programmes and school visits. She is also the ICT and Dept IT Database representative for the Malay Language Dept.

"Teaching has shaped a lot of who I am. More often than not, it has made me see the world through my students’ eyes. I really enjoy providing them with opportunities to discover. As such, I truly appreciate the work that I do because it has allowed me to discover my students’ strengths, their hidden talents, passion and drive."

Mr Tang Woh Un

Woh Un teaches Chemistry to JC students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at SJI. As the Director of IB, he is also in charge of all curriculum matters relating to the International Baccalaureate and liaises with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) to plan and implement the IBDP at SJI.

“Teaching to me is more than just a job; it is a vocation which, in its small ways, makes a difference in the lives of those entrusted in my care. I feel very honoured to be part of the team who started SJI Senior School from ground zero. It was a challenging journey and witnessing the pioneer batch of students graduating successfully was extremely satisfying for me.”

Staff Profile 2014.jpgLeft - Right: Mr Patrick Sagaram, Ms Lynette Lin, Ms Karen Teo Chwee Peng, Mr Raymond Karam

Mr Patrick Sagaram

An alumnus of SJI, Patrick teaches English to the Secondary Four students, and Religious, Moral and Social Education (RMSE) and World & Me to the Secondary Three students. He also coordinates the Character And Faith Formation and Exploration (CAFFE) programme for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at SJI. A passionate runner, he coaches the athletes from the School’s track & field team.

"I always reinforce the message to my students that both teaching and learning is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

Ms Lynette Lin

Lynette teaches Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Business Design Thinking. She is also the Commanding Officer (Designate) of the School's National Police Cadet Corps and Deputy Head for Fintan Fraternity. Lynette is also part of the School's Info Management and Examinations Team, and is an active member of the Josephian International Experience Committee.

"For me, a critical aspect of teaching is about building relationships with my students, attempting to establish connections with them, understand them and even learn from them. It requires me to find the good and the worth in all my students. All students possess positive characteristics and attributes that are sometimes overlooked. However, it is through the building of relationships that we can harness what our students are truly capable of.”

Ms Karen Teo Chwee Peng

Karen teaches Geography, Religious, Moral and Social Education, and Personal and Social Education. As the Secondary 2 Geography Coordinator, she also heads the IDEAS Committee, is a member of the Staff Welfare Committee and an Assistant Teacher for Canoeing. She started her career as a teacher and left the profession after six years to pursue her interest in nature conservation. After being in the nature conservation field for almost a decade, Karen returns to teaching at SJI.

"Geography is like teaching. It helps us understand the environment we live in and how people interact with it. Similarly, teaching gives us opportunities to interact with the younger generations, empower and enthral them in their understanding of the world we live in."

Mr Raymond Karam

A Lasallian boy who attended ‘Collège des Frères’ in Jerusalem, Raymond started his professional career as a research neurobiology scientist at the Medical Research Council in London, before making a switch to enter the publishing world to write for an English daily newspaper in Beirut, Lebanon. The collapse of the newspaper nudged him into the teaching profession. He attended three universities – Birzeit University in Palestine, University of Sussex in England and King’s College in London and taught for 10 years in Oxfordshire, England before moving to Singapore in 2013 to take up the position of teacher, Physics for the IBDP programme at SJI.

“From the moment I made the transition into teaching, I realized how rewarding teaching was for me as I love knowledge and the best means to understanding a topic is by teaching it. Loving Physics meant that I enjoyed teaching it and this showed in the response and performance of my students. Although my teaching life in Oxfordshire, England was very successful, I felt I needed a new experience after spending more than 10 years in the same school. SJI keeps reminding me on a daily basis that the risks of leaving my family and moving to Singapore were worth taking: The students and colleagues at SJI have presented me with an experience I would cherish forever.”