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September: Tribute to Mr Francis Loh, Former SJI Teacher & Josephian

JA2003-FrancisLoh 2.jpg
Mr Loh Siew Khan Francis passed away peacefully yesterday. He retired from SJI as Vice-principal (Administration) in 2003, after close to 5 decades of dedicated service. He joined the school on 10 Jan 1955, serving SJI and 3 other Lasallian schools in various appointments as a teacher, senior assistant, vice-principal and assistant principal. He will always be remembered as a firm but fair man. Beneath his serious disposition is a caring and warm heart. He always encouraged and inspired his students to achieve their best both in and out of the classroom. He has developed many student leaders in the 1970s - 1980s when he was the prefect master. In recognition of his commitment and service, he was awarded the Loyal Lasallian Service award in 1999 and the Lasallian Distinguished Service Award in 2002. He was given the title Benefactor of the Institute by the Brothers in Nov 2003.
Eternal rest grant unto Francis, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
(Source: Josephian Annual 2003)

August: Alumni Receive SAF Scholarships

SJI congratulates our alumni who have received the prestigious MINDEF/SAF scholarships on 28 August from the Minister of Defence. Ng Kang Jie graduated from our Integrated Programme in 2019 and was awarded the Defence Merit Scholarship. Kumaresh Natarajan S/O Venkatesh (Class of 2014) completed his O-Level and IB studies in SJI and is awarded the SAF Medicine Scholarship (Mid-Term). His story is of a Josephian who dared to dream and make it come true!

August: Josephian Amongst the Best in MOE Budding Poets Programme

Sanfo Bimal Thomas (FN605) took part in MOE’s Budding Poets Programme, an annual event for junior college students that is organised by the Ministry of Education’s Tamil Language Unit of the Mother Tongue Languages Branch, Curriculum Planning and Development Division. This year, the programme was held over 5 months, beginning with 2 workshops by Tamil Poets in March that led to the final presentation in July. Over 100 students from Singapore’s junior colleges participated in this year’s Budding Poets Programme. Amongst all the poem entries, Sanfo’s poem was selected as one of the best to be featured for the grand event that was held on 17 July. SJI is proud of his literary achievements!
Sanfo Bimal Thomas2 2.jpg

August: Josephians Receive Special Awards for their Diverse Achievements and Contributions to Community

Congratulations to our Josephians who have received the following Special Awards for their diverse achievements in both academic and non-academic spheres, including their contributions to the community!
  1. Ariel Aiman Bin Noorisman (MN102) – The Prime Minister’s Book Prize (Pri)
  2. Luke Xavier Chew Wen Xiong (MN517) – The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (Sec)
  3. Natasja Raine Silva (MN518) – The Lee Kuan Yew Award for Outstanding Normal Course Students (NA)

(L-R: Natasja, Ariel and Luke)

August: Keeping the Faith Alive Through Online Video Streaming

Did you know that SJI has an online prayer channel on YouTube where Josephians can come together to pray every morning? Thanks to a tech-savvy Year 4 Josephian - Xavier Pan, who initiated this idea of conducting online morning prayers for the SJI Catholic community during the pandemic. This idea was conceived at a time when Home-Based Learning began last year. He rallied his friends to chip in and soon they began preparing and recording their daily prayer videos for streaming.

Join us in our online prayers at https://www.youtube.com/c/StJosephsInstitution/playlists

#sji #oraetlabora #menforothers

August: SJI's Team WishyWashy Clinches Merit Award at NXplorers 2021

Driven by their passion for science, Team WishyWashy from SJI – Kieran Tan, Horatius Koh, Matthew Oon, Tay Kia Yong and Sim Weilun (all from FN302) – participated in the NXplorers 2021 competition organised by the Science Centre and Shell Singapore. It is a science-based competition with the objective of developing sustainable solutions to food, water and energy challenges.

The team decided to tackle an issue every Singaporean would be familiar with – the high amount of domestic water usage. They conceptualised a prototype that allows the recycling of laundry water. With the help of their mentor from Shell and teacher-in-charge Ms Gina Tan, the team designed a product that could purify laundry water at a low cost, through processes such as coagulation, flocculation, adsorption and filtration. Their creative prototype clinched the merit award (top 4) against 127 teams from 52 schools!

Through this fulfilling journey, the team learnt more about a sustainable future and the need to combat the issues at hand. The NXtools learnt have equipped them with the necessary skills to be positive agents of change and make an impact on the environment.

August: Josephians Shine at Business Plan Competition

The SUSS SBIZ Business Plan Competition 2021 is an entrepreneurial competition that challenged student participants to come up with their own creative and innovative solutions to socio-economic issues that are arising in an increasingly digitalised Singapore during this pandemic.

SJI’s Team Sapientiae established their business plan offering smart glasses that are powered by Artificial Intelligence and innovative features such as facial recognition, augmented reality navigation and cognitive stimulating games. This solution is to improve the independence and mobility of the elderly, especially those with early stage dementia, in response to the rapidly growing elderly population in Singapore. Team Sapientiae emerged as the Champion in this competition against 43 other teams from major educational institutions in Singapore.

SJI's 2nd team - Team Espoir came in 4th place with their environmental proposal that focused on solving the problem of surges in disposable mask wastage due to COVID-19 and its negative impact on the environment. The solution involves the collection of used masks from the public and centralised procedures that eventually turn them into a substitute for asphalt, which can be used in road construction. Digitalisation is incorporated into Team Espor's business idea via the use of a location tracking mobile app to help donors find the closest mask collection bins. Their core value emphasizes slow-but-steady business expansion that eventually positions Singapore as the mask recycling hub of the world, coupled with awareness campaigns to educate the public about PPE plastic recycling.

Team Sapientiae (L-R) - Tristan Tay Yu Hng, Ng Kee Chew, Teo Li Yang Terence
(Absent: Dinh Khoat Hoang Long)
SUSS-Team Sapientiae.jpg
Team Espoir (L-R) - Benjamin Wong, Hoang Viet Giang Huong, Zou Lubing, Maverick Mikhail Remiel

SUSS-Team Espoir.jpg

August: SJI Alumni Are Recipients of Healthcare Merit Award

Congratulations to our alumni from IB Class of 2020 - Hannah Khoo and Charlene Woon - they are recipients of the Healthcare Merit Award! This is awarded to promising students with strong academic track records and a passion to pursue careers in public healthcare.

We wish them all the best as they embark on their journey as healthcare scholars where they will shape the future of Singapore’s public healthcare, and be women of integrity and women for others.
📸 Photo credit: Healthcare Scholarships
Hannah Khoo Zhi-En.png
Woon Wen Jing Charlene.png

August: Josephians Are Recipients of 2021 National Day Award

Congratulations to our SJI staff and alumni who have been awarded National Day Awards 2021!


Commendation Medal

  1. Mr Eric Lam

Long Service Award

  1. Mr Azahar Bin Ahmad
  2. Mr David Kwang
  3. Mrs Josephine Lee
  4. Mr Lee Han Seng
  5. Mr Raymond Wong
  6. Ms Wai Pei Pin

August: Commemorating National Day 2021

(photos: ‘together’ by Fr Adrian Danker, SJ)

This National Day will be muted and sober again as we stay safer in this pandemic. This has been a long, exhausting, painful, even heartbreaking time. Is there cause to celebrate?

In SJI, we reflected on two reasons to celebrate.

First, "Together, Still." In spite of the pandemic, we are still alive and well, safe and healthy. And we still have family, friends, and the SJI community who care, encourage and support us onward. On birthdays, we celebrate God's blessings with a meal together. SJI's ND celebrations included a school-wide breakfast - a choice of bento boxes of local fare -- for everyone because we are SJI! (Breakfast was eaten observing SMM.)

Second, "Together, for better." We build up Singapore together. I challenged Josephains to "...commit yourselves to this task. We, your teachers and parents, are doing this now – for the nation and for you. On the road ahead, we need you to come on board with your gifts. ...So, don’t just receive; give. Don’t just take; share. Don’t complain; improve. Don’t be a keyboard warrior; be the change you want to see. Don’t think of yourself always; put others first each time. Let us make the change ... in our distinctively Josephian way – by being a blessing to all as Jospehians for others [and] the common good, 'regardless of race, language or religion.'" Our support staff and school leaders modelled the way by packing all 2300 bento boxes into bags for our classes for our SJI ND breakfast.

Let’s live and act for the better for everyone in SJI and around us. Then we make true these words in our Anthem to advance our nation onward — Majulah Singapura!

Happy National Day!

August: Josephians Scores Distinction at IM2C Singapore

Congratulations to our Josephians who scored distinctions at IM²C Singapore!

The International Math Modelling Challenge (IM²C Singapore) is a competition for Singapore Secondary and JC students. IM²C (Singapore), which takes a similar form and structure as the international edition of IM²C, is jointly organised by the Academy of Singapore Teachers, National Junior College and Raffles Girls School.

In March 2021, five Year 4 and three Year 5 Josephians - Boey Yui Jit (FN403), Seng Liang Gin Johann (LE403), Jaryl Lee (Jaryl Li Enjie) (FN403), Anish Ketan Gathani (FN403), Sudhan Harez Vinshan (FN401), Evan Michael Neo Ren Jie (ML512), Loh Zi Quan Keith (ML511), Timothy Tan (FN501) - in two teams of four represented SJI to compete against 47 other teams from different schools in Singapore.

Sacrificing their school term break, each team worked independently to develop an original mathematical model to answer the highly debatable question in sports, “Who is the GOAT?” (GOAT stands for the “greatest of all time”)

In creating their own mathematical models, the students used basic and advanced concepts in Probability Theory and developed their mathematical framework further, with the help of Optimisation Theory. They then generated their results and proceeded with Statistical Testing in order to validate and refine their answers. Despite just being high school students, our teams showed maturity and utilised mathematical techniques way beyond their years. By the end of the competition, both teams were awarded the Distinction honour for their efforts and the quality of their work.

This is the third year that SJI students have participated in IM²C (Singapore). In 2019, SJI sent one team that received a Merit award. In 2020, two teams participated where one achieved a Distinction award and the other a Merit award.

SJI Team 1: Boey Yui Jit (FN403), Seng Liang Gin Johann (LE403), Jaryl Lee (Jaryl Li Enjie) (FN403), Anish Ketan Gathani (FN403)

IM2C-JC.jpgSJI Team 2: Sudhan Harez Vinshan (FN401), Evan Michael Neo Ren Jie (ML512), Loh Zi Quan Keith (ML511), Timothy Tan (FN501)

August: Josephians Are Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to our Josephians who have received scholarships from DSTA and MOE!

Fan Enrui (Year 3) is awarded the Young Defence Scientist Programme Scholarship 2021 by DSTA and DSO.

Year 5 Josephians - Colin Toh, Koon Wei Pheng, Keith Loh, Torance Tan and Ambrose Yong - received the MOE Pre-University Scholarships for academic year 2021.

Well done, boys!

July: SJI Soars at 2020 NPR and NPRjr Programmes

Congratulations to our Josephians who have performed well at the Nanyang Research Programme / Nanyang Research Programme – Junior Researcher that has concluded its 2020-run:
  1. Benedict Chua Wei An - NRP Junior Enrichment Project (Gold)
  2. Koon Wei Pheng - NRP Junior Enrichment Project (Gold)
  3. Teo Li Yang Terence - NRP Junior Enrichment Project (Gold)
  4. Tristan Tay Yu Hng - NRP Junior Enrichment Project (Gold)
  5. Tran Viet Khoa - NRP Enrichment Project (Gold)
  6. Yu Yingyao - NRP Enrichment Project (Gold)
  7. Lee Rui Kai - NRP Enrichment Project (Silver)
  8. Shao Junzhe - NRP Enrichment Project (Silver)
  9. Wong Yuk Yi - NRP Enrichment Project (Silver)

July: Josephians Receive Outstanding Cadet Awards from NCC

Congratulations to our Year 4 Josephians - Caleb Tan (NCC Land), Daniel Koh and Matt Liew (NCC Air)!

They have achieved the Outstanding Cadet Awards from National Cadet Corp HQ for their outstanding performance and dedication.

July: Josephians Participate in Research@YDSP Programme

The Young Defence Scientist Programme (YDSP) was conducted over December 2020 holidays where the students had the opportunity to conduct a research project at DSO National Laboratories. Mentored by Dr Sergei Prokopenko, the 3 Josephians were presented Certificates of participation for their projects:
  1. Lee Xavia (LE510) – Project "Unmanned Surface Vessels for Maritime Search and Rescue"
  2. Kierann Chong (ML611) – Team project "Examining the Efficiency of the Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovasz and Gauss Sieve Algorithms to Solve the Shortest Vector Problem"
  3. Caden Ho Kin Wah (ML611) – Team project "Emission Security of Smart Glasses"

July: Josephians Awarded Best Prototype Award at Young Technopreneur Challenge

3 teams of Josephians participated in the Young Technopreneur Challenge (YTC) 2021 organised by Junior Achievement Singapore during the June holidays. They were mentored by Mr Colin Toh, Mr Eric Lam and Mr Thomas Yeo:
  • Dinh Nho An, Nguyen Duc Minh Anh, Nguyen Phuc Chuong and Nguyen Thien Minh Tuan (FN303) - Runner-Up team!
  • Nguyen Phuc Truong (FN303), Aarush Nair (FN303), Tran Thanh Hung (MN301) and Le Xuan Hai (FN301)
  • Agil Singaraselvan, Chen Wei En James Ryan, Seow Yong Ann Reuben and Harjas Singh Sidhu (ML301)
Congratulations to the Runner-Up team who proceeded to the finals and was awarded the Best Prototype Award! Their prototype aims to find out the relationship between microclimates and health so that it could help to protect the community from harmful external factors as well as improve their performance and reduce stress levels.
The YTC aims to support students to take ownership of the world they live in and actively develop solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Singapore Green Plan 2030 and Sustainable South West Masterplan. The objective of the competition is to interest, excite and provide participants with a unique platform to stretch their imagination and push their boundaries to learn to think global, innovate, create and pitch an idea or concept by making use of STEM and technology.

Nguyen Duc Minh Anh: “Technopreneur has been mind-opening for me as well as my teammates - Tuan, Chuong and An. We have gained a lot of experience in terms of teamwork and actualizing our product. We did not win 1st place, however, we hope that our product can further be developed to find out the relationship between microclimates and health so that it could help to protect our community from harmful external factors as well as improve our performance and reduce stress levels.

Tran Thanh Hung: “Young Technopreneur Challenge 2021 has been an incredible learning opportunity for me. First of all, I learned skills such as design thinking, programming languages (Python and HTML), and presentation. Moreover, I appreciate the opportunity to work with my friends in solving global problems. The problem our team wanted to tackle was the growing digital divide in developing countries, whose impacts were further exacerbated by the pandemic. After doing research on this issue, I gained a deeper understanding of the struggles of people in these part of the world (which includes of Vietnam, my home country), and felt responsible for making a change. From that, I have also grown to be more humble and grateful for my upbringing and the opportunities I was given. Additionally, our teamwork sessions taught me the values of cooperation. Throughout the competition, I learned to encourage my quieter teammates to participate in group discussions. I realised that when I actively asked them questions and complimented their ideas, they were more eager to share, which helped us ultimately to create a better final product with the feedback of all four team members. Overall, YTC2021 has been an incredibly enriching experience for me.

July: Josephians Awarded at SG Young Physicists' Tournament 2021

Congratulations to our Josephians who have performed well at the Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament (SYPT) and 22nd International Elementz Fair (IEF) with their award-winning Physics research projects under the mentorship of Ms Lydiawati Cao and Ms Wong Kah Yan:

  • SYPT Bronze medallists and IEF Gold Award - Nguyen Thanh Tin (Team Leader-ML401), Ngo Hoang Nhat Minh (ML401) and Lee Hai Long Quang (MN403)
  • IEF Silver Award - Cao Peiyuan (team leader), Huang Yixuan, Joshi Mihir Ashutosh and Ray Ong (all from ML401)
  • SYPT Poster Presentation (Distinction) - Cao Peiyuan (team leader), Huang Yixuan and Joshi Mihir Ashutosh.
SYPT  Intl Elements Festival.gif

July: SJI Tops 2021 ACJC Orator's Trophy Competition

Congratulations to Harjas Singh Sidhu (ML301) on being awarded the Champion Medal (Senior League) at the ACJC Orator's Trophy Competition this year!

Arjun Jayaprakash (MN517) also did SJI proud by making it to the finals in the Pre-U League category.

Orator_s Trophy-20210712_110458 2.jpg Orator_s Trophy-20210712_1104311.jpg

July: Celebrating Youth Day with SJI Ice Cream Day

We ended the first week of Term 3 with a sweet surprise for Josephians; an ice cream treat! It is our way to celebrate Youth Day* in our community. Happy Youth Day, Josephians!

(* Youth Day falls on the first Sunday of July. The following Monday, 5 July is a scheduled school holiday)

June: Josephians Selected for National Programmes & Scholarships

Congratulations to the following students who were selected for various national programmes:
  • Owenn Phua (ML303), Dinh Cao Tue (MN519) and Leong Xiu Yi (MN518) were selected by MOE for this year's Creative Arts Programme (CAP)
  • Caleb Tan Kah (ML403) and Koh Tze Tsuen Daniel (LE403) were selected for the Research @ YDSP (Young Defence Scientist Programme) 2021
  • Fan Enrui (FN302) is awarded the Young Defence Scientist Programme Scholarship 2021
  • Aidan Gregory Khoo Chian Khai (MN303) joins the Singapore National Youth Orchestra
  • Hrishit Chhabra (MN402) and Tran Thanh Hung (MN301) were selected for the National Debate Training Programme
  • Kek Qing Xiang Kenneth (FN403) and Hrishit Chhabra (MN402) have achieved excellent performance in the Individual Component of the NUS Geography Challenge 2021. They are now being invited to attend the 2022 Geography Talent Development Programme (TDP) Invitation Tea. Organised by the Geography Unit of CPDD, the TDP is an annual programme for selected Geography students. It offers them opportunities to deepen their mastery of the subject through seminars, field-based learning and career exploration sessions. TDP participants will learn from academic experts, industry professionals and one another. In addition, four TDP participants will be selected to represent Singapore at the International Geography Olympiad in 2022.
  • Aidan Ang Keng Kiat (MN517), Benedict Chua Wei An (ML515), Christopher Koh Jie En (MN516), Koon Wei Pheng (LE507), Lam Yan Yu (MN517), Nuttawat Worawitjarungwat (FN505), Purushothaman Sanjai (ML515), Timothy Tan (FN501), and Tan Ying Liang Torance (LE508) have been selected by MOE to attend the Research Methods Module (RMM) of this year's Science Research Programme (SRP). Chosen based on their applications, our Josephians have proven their capabilities in research work. The SRP programme will help them realise their hope to work with a Professor-mentor from a participating research institute or university.
  • Alston Cheng (LE403)/Judo, Russell Yom (MN402)/Sailing and Zachary Zhang (ML102)/Sailing have been awarded the National Encouragement Awards for Sporting Excellence under the Singapore Olympic Foundation - Peter Lim Scholarship.

June: Josephians Shine at Linguistic Competitions

Congratulations to the following Josephians who have done well in these competitions:
  • Muhammad Daiyan (ML403), Jefferson Theophilius Edward Juhardi (LE402), Darren Darwis Tanuwijaya (ML401) are champions at the Inter-Secondary Schools Translation Competition - 3T (Terjemah, Tutur, Tepat)! The trio beat 40 teams around Singapore to emerge as winners in this competition organised by National Junior College.
  • Parameswaran Nithiskrishna (FN402) won the 3rd prize in the Sangamam 2021 Short Story Competition, organised by MOE TLLPS and Raffles Institution (JC) ICS.
  • Shananth Sivakumar (LE606) won the 2nd prize in the poetry writing competition organised by the Society of Tamil Poets.
  • Le Xuan Hai (FN301), Nguyen Phuc Chuong (FN303) and Nguyen Thien Minh Tuan (FN303) emerged top 15 in Singapore Linguistics Olympiad organised by SUTD.
  • Gregory Chooi and Phua Ping Yuan of LE401 were among the five teams that received the Creative Script Award “创意剧本奖” (Commendation Script) in a script-writing competition organised by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Radio UFM100.3. Their script《陈词滥调》(chén cí làn diào) has been made into radio dramas by the DJs from UFM100.3. The radio dramas were broadcasted during the awards ceremony and will also be aired on UFM100.3 from July to August this year. (Read more about their story in Lumen (June 2021).
  • Script it right-Ping Yuan and Gregory1.jpeg
    Script it right-Ping Yuan and Gregory2.jpeg

June: Josephians Participate in International Ethics Olympiad 2021

Congratulations to the two teams of Josephians represented SJI at the International Ethics Olympiad 2021:
  • Aarushi Mathur (LE510), Tan Yu Harng Zldyn (LE515), Dhanush Anilkumarapillai (LE507), Lee Qi Xuan (LE510), Lim Ruey Shuane (ML513) – they were placed 5th in the competition.
  • Tay Zhe Qian (MN516), Chow Zeyi (LE508), Yandapalli Sri Dhanya (FN504), Leong Xiu Yi (MN518) and Tan Ling En Beatrice (FN505) – in 4th place, who will be invited to the International Finals in July.

June: Josephians Participate in National Chess Competition

Jaeden Etienne Ng (MN102), Hong Deyao Ignatius (MN102), Tristan Thoo Jun Xue (LE101) took part in the National Schools Individual Chess Competition. Congratulations to Tristan who took the 18th spot in the Top 20 National Level for Boys Under 14 against 92 players and 8th position in the Top 10 for South Zone schools.

June: SJI Educators Present at ExCEL Fest

Congratulations to our educators who presented their work and experiences at the MOE 10th Teachers’ Conference and ExCEL Fest from 1 to 3 June:
  • Ms Daisy Chia and Mrs Lorraine Vastel presented on "Teaching & Learning through the Assessment, Planning Implementation and Evaluation (APIE) Framework"
  • Mr Karthick Govindaraj, Ms Wong Wah Lee, Nalini Moorthi, Mrs Chia Yin Shian and Ms Surjeet Kaur presented on "Developing a Growth Mindset: The Impact of Written Feedback in Creating Cultures of Thinking"
  • Mr Michael Ee and Ms Jessica Cheng presented on "Cultivating Creative Behaviours in the Art Classroom"
  • Ms Chen Shuying, Mr Ron Tok, Mdm Lee Pick Siew, Ms Tan Lay Moi, Ms Chew Hui Fang and Ms Winnie Yap presented on "An education that transcends the classroom: Effective use of ICT tools to prepare for examinations in the face of the pandemic"
  • Ms Winnie Yap, Ms Chew Hui Fang and Mr Ron Tok showcased their poster display at Excel Fest.

May: Josephians Receive Honourable Mention in Filmmaking Competition

Congratulations to Film CAS team helmed by Tan Wei Shynn (MN517) and Hannah Wong Li-En (MN518) who received an Honourable Mention, which included a $100 prize and certificate, in the Canadian High Commission’s Smartphone Competition.

May: SJI Debaters Spar Online During Pandemic

Even as the pandemic continues to plague the world and hamper our daily school life, the SJI debaters continued to interact and reach out to fellow debaters from other schools at the SJI inter-school debate sessions.

Our junior debaters from Years 1 and 2 met their counterparts from Singapore American School (SAS) at SJI's Inter-School Debate III on 23 March. This was an impromptu debate where debaters from both schools argued for and against the following motion: "This House believes that major film and television awards should abolish award categories which are separated by gender".

On 20 April, our Josephian debaters met the team from Zhong Hua Secondary School (ZHSS) at SJI's 4th Inter-School Debate. SJI was represented by Debaters from the FPAM and OPAM academies. Our debaters argued well and were commended for their abilities.

The sessions were organised by the SJI Debate Society - Pham Ngoc Diep (President), Alwyn Choo Khai Hong (Vice-President) and Harith Zaydan Bin Imran (JDEP Coordinator), and supported by several enthusiastic Josephian observers.

May: Josephians Score at National Social Innovation Relay (SIR) Competition 2021

SJI teams won the second and third places in the National Social Innovation Relay (SIR) Competition 2021. The teams went through many phases of selection - from 104 team submissions to qualifying to the top 20, and finally making it to the top 10 finalists.

The team that came in third is Team DJ Luckas, from Year 4IP Signum Fidei Programme: Lucas Soh Keng How, Dinesh John Peeris, Caelan Kang Tze Khye and Jeremy Kiang from LE403. The team recognised that the visually handicapped desired a sense of independence and confidence in public. Many do not have access to guide dogs, leading them to use walking sticks. However, this often comes with limitations and may not be able to accommodate their needs. The team designed the 'Solostick' which aims to help visually handicapped users gain independence through its simple, innovative and effective functions. The team was mentored by Wen Yankai (MN620) from PRISM.
National Social Innovation Relay SIR Competition.jpg
L-R: Jeremy Kiang, Caelan Kang Tze Khye, Fr Adrian, Lucas Soh Keng How, Dinesh John Peeris and Ms Ivy Or

The team that won the second place is from TeamDA, a group of Year 5 Prism Members: Sanjai Purushothoman (ML509), Jinseo Park (LE506), Jiwoo Seo (ML513) and Aarav Sandhu (LE509). The team aimed to solve the problems faced by dementia patients and their caregivers in a holistic manner by creating a smart watch and an AppOSD. Through these innovative products, they hoped to create an inclusive community where dementia patients and their families can lead- purpose-driven lives. Xander Lim Dao Han (LE515) lent his creative expertise in producing the video for their product.

May: Josephians Aced Through PhIMO 2021 Heats

76 Josephians took part in the heat round in the Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad 2021. This was their first time where they were enrolled in an online international Olympiad competition. Despite having some technical glitches during the session, the team of teachers rallied together to render support to each other during the 90-minute competition, to ensure that the students were not deprived of the opportunity.
  • Out of the 51 Year 1 participants, 12 garnered Gold, 14 garnered Silver, 20 garnered Bronze and 5 garnered Merit.
  • Out of the 25 Year 2 participants, 3 garnered Gold, 4 garnered Silver, 8 garnered Bronze and 10 garnered Merit.
The participants with Gold, Silver and Bronze achievements will proceed to the Final Round.

May: Josephians Performed Well at Singapore Chemistry Olympiad 2020

A group of our then Year 5 Josephians competed in the 32nd Singapore Chemistry Olympiad in 2020 and garnered the following awards:
  • Shashamin Chokjaroenwathanakul (LE606) – Bronze award,
  • Darren Sim (MN617) – Merit award, and
  • Certificate of Participation for Cheah Chong Joon Brandon (ML614), Devina Calista Samzaeren (FN604), Ee Chun Huang Nicholas (ML614), Joshua Leong Yi Xin (FN601), Lim Hong Jing Luke (FN601), Panneer Selvam s/o R (MN618), Tan Athan (LE607), Zaer B Zaqy (ML613)
Singapore Chemistry Olympiad.gif

May: Josephians Excel at Inaugural Physics League Singapore 2021

Congratulations to our three teams of Josephians who were among the 300 teams of 1324 participants who competed in the inaugural Physics League on 12 June and they achieved the following awards:
  • Team 1: Goh Kai Jun Kavan (ML402), Kong Yu Herng (ML402), Chua Jia Jun (ML402) - Honourable Mention
  • Team 2: Dinh Nho An (FN303), Nguyen Duc Minh Anh (FN303), Nguyen Thanh Tin (ML401), Nguyen Phuc Chuong (FN303), Nguyen Thien Minh Tuan (FN303), Ngo Hoang Nhat Minh (ML401) - Bronze Award
  • Le Xuan Hai (FN301), Tran Thanh Hung (MN301), Nguyen Phuc Truong (FN303), Ngo Hoang Nhat Minh (ML401) - Bronze Award

May: Josephians Shine at Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2021

Congratulations to our four teams of Josephians who made it to the finalist round at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2021! These four projects were among 366 projects in the Main and Junior Scientist categories that progressed to the final judging round. One of the four projects was awarded a Silver Award at the SSEF.

Lee Rui Kai (LE609), mentored by Dr Sergei in 2020 and Ms Chua Pei Ni in 2021, has been working on his Nanyang Research Project (NRP) project "Magnetic Materials in 2D Spintronics" since April 2020. It was conducted at NTU, in the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, School of Physical and Mathematical Science, under the supervision of Associate Professor Gao Weibo. For the SSEF competition, Rui Kai partnered with two NRPjr students from River Valley High School to submit one unified project "2D Moire Heterostructure". Their project was awarded a Silver Award at the SSEF.

Three other teams received a Participation award:
  • Nithil Chakravarthy Thirumurugan, Guhan Venu, and Pook Wei Lun Alexander (all from ML202), mentored by Mr Genesius Chan for their in-house project "Are masks really effective against COVID-19?".
  • Nguyen Thanh Tin (ML401), Ngo Hoang Nhat Minh (ML401) and Le Hai Long Quan (MN403), mentored by Mrs Lydiawati Wong for their in-house project "Circling Behaviour of a Homopolar Motor".
  • Kierann Chong (ML611) conducted his Research@YDSP team project "Examining the Efficiency of the Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovasz and Gauss Sieve Algorithms to Solve the Shortest Vector Problem" together with another student from River Valley High School in DSO National Laboratories. He was mentored by Dr Sergei.

May: SJI Virtual Open House - A Showcase by Josephians for future Josephians

Josephians across all levels shared their favourite memories and experiences of their school life in SJI at the SJI virtual open house: https://openhouse.sji.edu.sg. Through their short videos that ranged from academics and projects to CCAs and competitions and student life, these Josephians tell of their personal journeys of growing up in SJI and discovering their passion and interests along the way.

Potential Josephians who are considering SJI as their secondary school or junior college in future should visit the virtual open house to hear their stories!

May: Josephians Shine at SYF 2021!

The SYF Arts Presentation was held from 29 March to 6 May. As these were conducted with SMM in place, the various presentations were recorded for judging and viewing.

Our students in these CCAs took part in the following categories:
  • Concert Band (2 teams) - Certificates of Distinction
  • Drama - Team A (A Wok Story) - Certificate of Accomplishment, and Team B (The Three Wishes) - Certificate of Commendation
  • Guitar Ensemble - Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Vocal Ensemble - In view of Covid-19 Restrictions, MOE made modifications from a live performance to an audio recording with no benchmarking.

Read more about their journey to the SYF in Lumen (June 2021).

April: Celebrating 169th Founder's Day & 20th Anniversary of The Beurel’s Opening

2021-04-30-Founder's Day
Every Founder’s Day, the SJI community celebrates the Founder of Lasallian schools, St John Baptist De La Salle (30 April 1651 - 7 April 1719), his life and work in education, especially for the poor. He is the role model for Josephians to be a person of integrity and a person for others. Today, the Lasallian mission of education continues in more than 80 countries around the world.

This year, in conjunction with Founder’s Day on 30 April, we also commemorated the 20th anniversary of the opening of our library - The Beurel. It was officially opened on Founder's Day in 2001. The theme for this year’s Founder’s Day - Ignite - is fitting for this occasion as it reminds us of the important role the passion for learning can play in inspiring students to seek new knowledge in this rapidly changing digital information age.

At the Founder’s Day assembly, we celebrated the success of our students who have displayed zeal and perseverance in the past year and shown progress and achievements in character and their studies. The presentation of Founder’s Day awards was conducted in two parts: the character and scholarship awards were presented at this event, while the remaining academic awards will be presented to the recipients in Term 3.

In closing the celebrations, Fr Adrian Danker, S,J. reminded the school of the holy boldness Fr Beurel and the first De La Salle Brothers in Singapore had. God's fire that they educate everyone moved them to set up SJI. He challenged Josephians today and in the future to have this same fire; it will be the necessary holy boldness SJI needs to move forward with significance.

April: Characters Come Alive at EPIC Lit Fest 2021

EPIC Lit Fest 2021.gif
By Mrs Mishaelle Chua
EPIC Lit Fest 2021 celebrates amazing and outstanding characters and stories from the old world to the new world, from classics to modern, from fantasy to fiction to non-fiction. This year, the Year 1 students had the opportunity to experience characters come alive as they don costumes, participate in quizzes as well as theatre workshop. On top of that, like any literary event, teachers shared their favourite book characters and stories from both Western and Chinese literature, certainly enriching the lives of many bookworms and opened their eyes to the literary world of words, setting, atmosphere and culture.

April: Developing Green Reading Habits Through Book Swap

In the spirit of encouraging and developing environmentally-conscious readers among the Josephians, the Library organized a Book Swap event on 27 April, in support of Earth Day. Teachers and students alike brought books from their homes, where fellow Josephians in the community can benefit from the exchange. With the focus centred on reusing and recycling, we hope that this is the beginning of inculcating in Josephians a zero-waste reading lifestyle!

April: SJI Uniformed Groups Celebrate 169th Anniversary Parade

(photo: parade by Fr Adrian Danker, SJ)

The SJI Uniformed Groups celebrated the 169th Anniversary Parade on 19 April. In spite of the various safe management measures and restrictions, our Josephians have learnt to adapt to changes and challenges to celebrate life, especially those important moments in a cadet's life.

While there was no pomp, cheers or music like the grandeur of past parades, yet the scaled-down Parade carried on its tradition and ritual, in dignity and style. A select group representing the UG Contingents lined up in the Indoor Sports Hall, while the other cadets watched the Parade as it was live-streamed into classrooms. The School Colours were paraded. Commands were given and salutes were made. Cadet prizewinners and long-serving teachers were honoured. The highlight of every Parade was the Changing of Command and the recitation of the Josephian Pledge. An SJI tradition that was preserved to keep our SJI spirit alive.

Congratulations to the Senior Cadets for a year of leadership and service as they stepped down and all the best to the new cadets who will now lead SJI's NCC Land, NCC Air, St John's Brigade, NPCC and Pelandok Scout units.

April: SJI NPCC Named Champions of Inter-NPCC Unit Anti-Scam TikTok Challenge

Congratulation to the SJI NPCC Unit! They were crowned Champions for the first-ever Tanglin Division’s Inter-NPCC Unit Anti-Scam TikTok Challenge organised by Toa Payoh NPC.

The NPCC cadets from schools within Tanglin Division were invited to create 1-minute TikTok videos, as crime prevention advisories on Online Purchase or Social Media Impersonation Scams. (Photo source: Toa Payoh NPC)

April: Celebrating the Heroes of Our Lives at Book Week

By Ms Darrell Keziah Foo
Heroes Read Indeed! This year’s Book Week, a collaboration between the English Department at Foundation Programme Academy and the library, celebrated and remembered the efforts of both staff and students who actively involved themselves in this grand and epic adventure of reading. Book Week kicked off with a promotional video with a few teaching staff unreservedly sharing their views on what defines or makes a hero as well as who their favourite and personal heroes are and why. Book Week was replete with activities, satisfying the reading palette of all book enthusiasts, particularly those who were particularly fond of legends, folklores and myths. The activities available were diverse and exciting - ranging from online creative writing competitions to Class Readathon, Reading Challenge and Intra-Class Word Games just to name a few; all of which were enough to whet the appetite of both avid and less enthusiastic readers alike.

Three distinguished local writers - namely, Mr Felix Cheong and Ms Shamini Flint and Claire Leow - were also invited over the course of the week to talk about their respective works and where they drew inspiration from. These speakers drew roaring applause from their audience via their zoom sessions for their brilliant sharing. Book Week 2021 ended on a heroic note, with our readers emerging triumphant and richer in their literary quest.

April: SJI Remembers Former Josephian - Mr Peter Martens

The SJI family is saddened at the passing of Mr Peter Martens, former student and teacher on 6 April.

Mr Martens (Class of 1952) was a teacher in SJI for many years. He was a revered hockey coach and he also taught Mathematics, English and Literature. He is remembered by many of his former students for his mentorship, the inspiration he imparted to the players, his wit, and his tireless love for the sport.

His former students, all hockey players, established the "Peter Martens Trophy" to honour their former coach. It is to be given annually to a Year 1-2 student-athlete who has excelled outstandingly well in his sport at the National level. The award was first given out in 2019. Mr Martens presented this award at our Thanksgiving Ceremony in 2019.

Today, we mourned a Josephian who heard the call of his Alma Mater and returned to SJI to teach and passed on the SJI tradition to many of his students, including a number of us who are presently serving in SJI. Mr Martens is remembered fondly for his humour and his smile - it could light up a whole class with smiles after the Discipline Master then dressed down a class.

Eternal rest, grant unto Mr Peter Martens, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

April: Keeping the Faith Alive Through the Liturgical Seasons

Lent is the most important liturgical season for Catholics. Together as a faith community, Josephians embarked on the 40-day Lenten journey to reflect on the life and Passion of Christ that culminated in the final celebration of His resurrection on Easter Sunday. Although our spirits and activities were dampened by the ongoing pandemic and social distancing measures put in place, the Catholics persevered in faith and service to the community throughout the season of Lent. We began the Lenten season on 17 February with an Ash Wednesday service at 3 locations across the school. Weekly Lenten reflections by Fr Danker were shared during our daily morning prayer. Josephians also conducted prayers of the Stations of the Cross in small groups. The school also launched three Lenten projects across different levels, where Josephians contributed food, digital devices for learning and other daily essentials for the underprivileged beyond our community. The Palm Sunday Mass was also celebrated for students after their Year 5 Day of Recollection.

On the evening of Maundy Thursday, as part of Lenten observance, Catholic students and staff celebrated the Eucharist in school. The atmosphere was solemn and sombre as Catholics recollected the night of the Last Supper before the Passion of the Lord on Good Friday. After the Eucharist, 22 students from the Legion of Mary (Queen of All Saints praesidium), together with Mr Bernard Teo and Mr Dominic Ang made a pilgrimage on foot to the Church of St Joseph (Bukit Timah) to mark the Year of St Joseph as proclaimed by Pope Francis.

During the 13-kilometres walk to the Church that took about 2 hours, the students in small groups of 4 or 5 reflected on the Stations of the Cross. They took time to relate the theme of each Station with their daily life and conversed with one another about this as part of their reflection. When they arrived on the grounds of the church, they were met by Fr Edward Seah, who imparted his blessings.

Ian Lee (LE201) from the Queen of All Saints praesidium shared, "This night-walk on Maundy Thursday was really an enriching experience, both for my Catholic faith as well as the bonding between me and my fellow legionnaires, as we were able to pray in a meaningful manner in a serene environment, as well learn more about the lives and struggles of the people around me. To me, this is a completely new experience and such a step-up from my Year One, where we could not have these activities last Easter. I am glad I stayed on to experience this with my friends.

One part that was really meaningful during our walk together with Mr Bernard Teo was the sharing of our experiences. I had the opportunity to express my opinion and impart some knowledge and wisdom to the Y1s. I could sense the strong faith when everyone prayed together, including Mr Teo. When I joined SJI, I really didn’t know I would be able to experience this with my schoolmates and I am thankful for God, who has worked through the admins of SJI to get us together like this. Hopefully, we can have more experiences like this together, especially with the lively Y1s."

March: SJI Military Band Showcases Their Talents at SYF Band Competition

Team A from our SJI Military Band participated in the 2021 Singapore Youth Festival Band Competition on 29 March. They overcame the odds and performed brilliantly!

All of last year they couldn't rehearse together because of the pandemic. They practised in sections. They practised online virtually. They practised not knowing if they would ever perform on stage or compete again. Today they did. Their rendition of 'Starlight' was simply inspired!

Team B performs on 7 April. We pray for an equally fantastic performance. All the best!

March: Josephians Present Research Findings at School-Based Science Mentorship Programme

Six of the 10 teams that submitted their Science research projects for the 2020-2021 School-Based Science Mentorship Programme (SBSMP) were selected to present their research findings and video presentations in February 2021. Congratulations to these 18 Josephians:
  1. Li ShaoKai (ML403)
  2. Tanishq Gunasekaran (ML403)
  3. Ho Justin (ML403)
  4. Zachary Mak (FN401)
  5. Mahessen Subra (ML403)
  6. Emmanuel Mark Heng (ML403)
  7. Michael Yang (LE403)
  8. Karthik Nodu (LE403)
  9. Tan Kieran (LE403)
  10. Rangasamy Rupesh (ML403)
  11. Royce Manikandan (FN401)
  12. Ha Yujian (ML403)
  13. Sean Gerard Chin (FN401)
  14. Princeton Toh (LE403)
  15. Andrew Tay (ML403)
  16. Kevin Benedict (ML403)
  17. Keevan Kanagalingam (LE403)
  18. Aeden Chng (LE403)
They have been working on their research findings based on these topics from April - December 2020:
  1. Study on increasing safety of consumption of Sashimi
  2. How can the Environmental Sustainability of Oral Drug Packaging be improved on?
  3. The effect of varying essential oils on homemade isopropyl-based hand sanitisers
  4. Investigation of natural corrosion inhibitors and their effectiveness on iron in NaCl solution as compared to inorganic corrosion inhibitors
  5. Efficiency of different methods of microplastic removal
  6. The effectiveness of fermentation-derived natural cleaning substances
During the course of their research, two scientists from A*STAR under the Scientist-In-School (SIS) Programme - Dr Judice Koh and Dr Low Joo Leng, acted as consultants to answer their questions via Google Classroom during the COVID-19 lockdown. Besides the two scientists, the science teachers who were involved in mentoring the students include Mr Raymond Wong, Ms Tan Sia Hui, Mrs Josephine Lee, Ms Gina Tan, Ms Kassandra Lim and Dr Sergei Prokopenko. Our lab technicians, Mr Raymond Fontelera, Ms Jennifer Sia and Ms Denyse Beh were of immense help to the boys in helping them with the equipment and materials that they needed.

March: Singapore Writing Institute (SWI) 2021 Programme

Congratulations to Mr Karthickeyen Govindaraj who has been accepted into the Singapore Writing Institute (SWI) 2021 programme. The programme, run by MOE's English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS), is a unique professional learning opportunity for participants to experience being a writer, to inquire into their teaching practice and explore how to grow a greater interest among their peers in the teaching of writing.

March: SJI EAS Day

By Mrs Shirley Foo
The SJI EAS team had its first bonding event for 2021 on 16 March, where they had to complete an SJI Amazing Race. Grouped into small teams, they were given 20 activities such as identifying significant statues around the school campus and taking group pictures at certain landmarks around the school. They were also tasked to explore the various learning facilities located at the various classroom blocks. Although tired after the almost 2-hour activity, the staff got to know each other better as well as discovered new areas within the school.

Catholic Education Conference 2021

By Fr Adrian Danker, SJ
How do educators and students in our 35 Catholic schools mark the 200th year of Catholic presence in Singapore?

With a day in God’s holy presence and with each other. To pray in gratitude for the gift of Catholic education. To reflect with faith on the graced encounter with Jesus in Catholic schools. To learn in humility how to help everyone in school experience God’s gift of Himself. This year’s Catholic Education Conference expressed these hopes with its theme, “Celebrating, Encountering and Creating our God Experience.”

The Pre-Conference Novena, the workshops on praying with art, origami and film, and the sharing of schools’ best practices to make schools holy ground to encounter Jesus and know God were some conference highlights. Archbishop William Goh invited Catholic schools to mediate a personal encounter with Jesus for everyone, and so, “ignite and shine with faith.”

All of this was done online, broadcasted from SJI to all the Catholic schools, where the school teams participated by observing safer management guidelines. Besides ICT support, SJI also contributed to the conference's success in various ways: from recording the Mass to designing the conference logo by Mr Michael Ee to working on the conference programme.

March: Josephians Host Visitors from MOE JC-SM2 Special Integration Programme

MOE JC-SM2 Special Integration Programme1.jpg
By Dana Cheng (ML 512) and Torance Tan (LE508)

International Education (IE) is integral in today's education to provide students with international mindedness, see the world, and gain the internationalisation experience so vital in today's borderless and interconnected world. In this respect, the hosting of overseas visitors provides Josephians with an opportunity to be engaged at a global level in three areas; physical challenges, intercultural understanding and community service. This transformative curriculum hopes to lead students to learn through community engagement and connections. In SJI, IE provides the platform to nurture Josephians to become curious and passionate learners who create purposeful connections between learning and effective leading and service.

As part of the SJI IE Programme, 14 Year 5 Josephians organised and hosted Senior Middle 2 (SM2) students from China on 13 March 2021, under the Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme as part of the JC Experiential Programme (JXP) organised by MOE. The Josephians brought their Chinese visitors on a guided walking exploration tour in the Tiong Bahru heritage area. Through this, the Chinese students had the opportunity to visit and explore Singapore's heritage places and learn about our local culture and history. This was observed with strict safe management measures while conducting the tours.
MOE JC-SM2 Special Integration Programme2.jpg
Through this programme, the students were reminded of the importance of people-centeredness, especially in Singapore as a city-island state. This experience has made them more aware of the importance of bilateral ties between countries and the necessity for Singapore as an island nation to maintain good relations with the countries around us. This exchange has given them the opportunity to interact, get to know, and gain a deeper insight into another culture.

March: Lasallian Formation Day

By Mr Karl Lee
The Lasallian community held our annual Lasallian Formation Day (LFD) on 12 March 2021. The main feature of this year’s LFD was for all staff from the local Lasallian schools to comprehend and align with their respective schools' work plans to the focus articulated in the following documents:
1. Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission
2. Identity Criteria for the Vitality of Lasallian Educational Ministries

With the safe management measures in place, the SJI community teamed up in small groups to engage in deep discussion and reflected on the different criteria from these documents. The discussions were rich and many contributed towards clarifying and strengthening our understanding of the main points of the abovementioned documents.

As observed by one of our teaching staff, Ms Lee Siew Lian: “I find this year's programme so much better than the previous years. The small group discussions allowed us to take time to reflect and share our views coherently. I also find myself learning from the sharing from teachers in the other academies.

March: SJI Receives People's Association Community Spirit Award 2020

SJI received the People's Association Community Spirit (PACS) Awards 2020 – Community Partnership Excellence Award. This is in appreciation of the school's partnership and support to serve the community together in 2019.

Fr Adrian Danker, SJ received the award from Ms Shirley Wee, Team Leader (Partnerships & Programmes) at Central Singapore Community Development Council.
Peoples Association Community Spirit PACS Awards 2020  Community Partnership Excellence Award.jpg

March: Josephians Accepted into Nanyang Research Programme

Congratulations to our Josephians who have been successfully accepted into the NRPjr and NRP 2021 mentorship programme. The 4 pairs of secondary students under the NRPjr will be mentored by Mr Tan Yan Li and Ms Gina Tan, while the Year 5 students under the NRP will be mentored by Ms Chua Pei Ni.

  • Nguyen Duc Minh Anh and Nguyen Thien Minh Tuan (FN303), Quek Yi Ming and Koh Zer Ray Ansley (MN303) will be supervised by Dr Lim Yang Teck Kenneth for their projects on ‘Exploring Local Micro-Climates With Open-Source Sensors’
  • Asher Tan Jian Fu (LE303) and Jaylen Chan Junwu (FN303) will be supervised by Asst Prof Lee Seok Woo for their project on ‘Building Rubik’s Cube Solver’
  • Adarsh Kumar Vatsa and Chakravarty Johaan Ajay (LE303) will be supervised by Assoc Prof Lim Meng Hiot for their project on ‘Sustainable Robotics - Energy Harvesting’
  • Qi JiaZe (LE507) will be supervised by Asst Prof Xu Yan for ‘Data-Driven Method for Li-Ion Battery Health Monitoring’
  • Teo Li Yang Terence (FN502) and Tristan Tay Yu Hng (LE507) will be supervised by Dr Lim Yang Teck Kenneth for ‘Designing an Artificial Intelligence and/or Robotics System for Potential Real-World Applications’
  • Loh Zi Quan Keith (ML511) will be supervised by Dr Mukta Bansal for 'Reactor Simulation using Aspen Hysys'.

March: Chilling Out with Quali-Tea Time

Quali-Tea Time-INFOGRAPHICS Managing your stress.png
Quali-Tea Time2.JPGQuali-Tea Time1.JPG
By Genevieve Heng Chin Xuen (LE610)
On 1 and 3 March, the SJI YoungXHush organised Quali-Tea Time, an event that provided Year 6 students with a space to dedicate some time to themselves.

In light of the stressful EETOKIA period, the time provided a chance for friends to relax by enjoying a cup of tea or appreciating artworks that were set up to focus on mental health. Year 6s were even encouraged to write positive and wholesome notes to each other that were pasted on a ‘wholesome wall’. The art gallery consisted of artwork done by students, Sunith and Genevieve from FN604 and LE610 respectively. Alongside these artworks were poems created by the students of the Literacy Society, Tricia Sin (FN605), Gillian Rae Ang (ML611) and Ashley Munoz (FN601). In addition, members of YoungXHush created infographics to raise awareness of issues among the student body such as academic burnout and how to handle them.

Although the event was fairly short, it was well-received, with a sizable number of students using the space to relax and destress! Through this Quali-Tea Time, Josephians recognised the importance of mental wellness by creating a space to help students whose mental health may have been on the decline.

March: Congratulations to Alumni who have Excelled in 2020 A-Level Exams

Congratulations to our alumni who have graduated from our O-Level programme in 2018 and have continued to excel in their A-level examinations in 2020:

  • Soh Russell, Evan Lee Kian Chuan, Koong Bok Hui Alphonsus from Saint Andrew’s Junior College have attained scored 6 distinctions and a perfect score of 90 rank points. Shaun Ng Wei Cher and Chintalacheruvu Anish scored 5 distinctions each.
  • Padua Mikhail Anthony Gagni and Gilbert David have performed well in their A-Levels at Tampines Meridian Junior College.
  • Mark Antoine Verghese and Samuel Ong Yi-Xin at Temasek Junior College for scoring 5 distinctions and better.

February: Service to the Community to mark World Scouts Day

By Christian Lee (FN301)
World Scout Day (22 February) celebrates the International Scouting Movement, and the anniversary of the birth of the founder of Scouting, Lord Robert Baden-Powell. The way to celebrate this day is to give back to the school. This year the SJI Scouts helped to clean the canteen and some common areas for a couple of days. With the belief that many hands make light work, many scouts chipped in to clean the canteen, which made it so much easier for the few cleaners who have to clean the whole school daily.

Christian Lee shared, "We were glad we were able to lighten the load of the cleaners. I hoped it helped the cleaners and this also helped us realise how difficult it must be to clean the school and we should not take the school’s cleanliness for granted."

February: Commemorating Total Defence Day

By Ms Wang Binxi
SJI commemorated Total Defence Day with a series of activities to help students understand how as Josephians, they can play their part in upholding the different pillars of Total Defence. With the theme centred on “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”, Josephians were reminded of how collective efforts can help overcome grave challenges. This is particularly pertinent in view of the nation’s fight against COVID-19.

Josephians shared their part in Nation Building, from blood donation to being vigilant in fact-checking as well as teachers who served in their respective appointments in SAF to defend Singapore. We hope that students understand that Total Defence is a living concept, vital and necessary to help Singapore rise through the challenges we face. The commemoration ended with Nathanael Sutjiutama (FN605) and Tricia Phua (LE608), President and Vice-President of the Senior Council, reading out the Total Defence Day message by Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen.

Through the Josephian Formation Programme (JFJ), Josephians learnt about Total Defence Day from various activities conducted for the different levels by the Citizenship Education Committee carried out during the Total Defence Week:

The Year 1s played a game of 'Snake and Ladder' to reinforce what Psychological and Social Defence actions entail, followed by writing a Pledge Card of actions they can carry out in their daily lives to keep Singapore safe and secure.

Year 2s played a strategy card game of ‘Guardians of the City II’ to help them develop a deeper understanding of Singapore's security threats through role-taking to keep their citizens safe against a terrorist threat.

In the post-game reflection activity, Nathanael Koh, LE203 wrote:
"We can be Men for Others and help those who are in need. During an economic crisis, there will be a cut down on food or water supply. For those who are financially weaker and not able to well afford the increased prices, we should help them by buying food for them or sharing a portion of our food with them."

Year 3s designed a digital clip to advocate for Singaporeans to put Total Defence into action. Congratulations to the winning classes for the following competitions!

Year 3 Video Making Competition, incorporating different pillars of Total Defence and Traits of Josephians
In this current era, digital defence is especially important when it comes to keeping us Singaporeans safe online. According to statistics, online scams have been the most committed crime in Singapore for the past few years, with a spike last year, 2020. With this, we have to cherish and continue to uphold digital defence in our everyday lives as a pillar of strength, to protect Singapore from cyber attacks in the future.

The Total Defence pillar being addressed is Civil Defence. A student falls over the edge of the railing and lands onto the ground floor when playing with his wallet. However, nobody cared and stopped to help him. Then, the clock is rewound and this time, everyone plays their part to help the fallen boy by alerting everyone else to come to his aid. They are bonded by the community during times of crisis. The Josephian Profile is "Community Builder".

Year 4 Freeze Frame Challenge on how SAF will look like in the students' time:
The Year 4s, who will be serving the National Service in 2 years’ time, examined how SAF has transformed over the years and used their creativity to do up a Freeze Frame on how they think SAF will look like in their time.

  • ML401 - Caption: In this day and age, the world has become more digitised. Many threats have emerged from the Web. It is our duty to be more focused on these threats during our National Service, such as Cyber Defenders.
  • LE403 - Caption: Evolution of Defence: In order to stay relevant, we have to blend skills like hand-to-hand combat with emerging ones, like the use of technology
  • FN401 - Caption: NS will be tough, but we will be strong in the darkness
Years 5 and 6 play the Escape Room Game, where they put themselves into different scenarios and rivalled one another with their quick-wittedness to be freed from the escape rooms.

February: Celebrating Lunar New Year the SJI Way

2021-02-11-CNY Celebrations
Photos by Ms Chew Hui Fang, Mdm Lee Pick Siew, Ms Tay Tze Hoon, Ms Tay Xiu Yu, Pakrisamy S/O Balakrishnan (ML201), Wang Zhihuan Felix (MN301), Chan Luke Isaac (FN401)

To welcome the Year of the Ox, the Chinese New Year Committee planned an array of activities for all staff and students to enjoy and immerse themselves in the celebratory mood of the Lunar New Year. From lantern making to paper cuttings, Josephians decked the isles and classrooms in spring festivity and tradition. Josephians also had a chance to partake in Chinese Couplets Writing (挥春) at the Foyer. The musically-inclined also submitted their CNY music videos to participate in our Singing Competition.

On the eve of CNY, the Josphian community gathered in their classrooms for the CNY virtual celebration hosted by Koh Kai Jun Kavan (ML402) and Kavi Rajan (ML615). Ang pows were also given to the support staff who maintain the cleanliness and security of the school.

In an effort to help the less privileged celebrate the festive season, the Catholic CCA group, the Society of St Vincent De Paul (SSVP) also appealed for Ang Pows collection from 16 to 19 Feb. The collections were donated to the elderly at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital. The donations helped them have more pleasant celebrations during Chinese New Year while they were in the hospital.

February: Celebrating the Start of New Academic Year with Inaugural Assembly

2021-02-05-Inaugural Assembly
Photos by Tan Jun Jie (LE203), Kayden Ee (ML202), Shane Lee (FN303), Nyi Nyi Swe Min (MN401), Zaeus Jalleh Zhi An, Gabriel (MN202), Mrs Janet Kwok, Mrs Ng-Yeo Bee Kheng, Mr Michael Poh, Mrs Pennie Ong, Mr Christopher Go, Ms Ong Shu Yee, Mr Loqman Alfaiz Mohamad, Ms Asmah Hanim Binte Mohamad, Ms Tay Xiu Yu, Ms Fauziah Abdullah, Mrs Mishaelle Chua, Ms Wang Binxi, Ms Gangadharan Sangeetha, Mr Alfred Nathan, Mr Azhar Ghazali, Ms Tay Tze Hoon, Ms Jessica Cheng, Ms Deborah Goh, Ms Gina Tan, Ms Christina Leong, Mr Ng Shuh Lit, Ms Tan Lay Moi, Ms Cindy Chua, Ms Doreen Mak, Ms Linda So, Ms Lynette Lin, Ms Eileen Su, Mrs Margaret Yam, Dr Lee Lye Hin, Mrs Vivian Tan, Ms Tan Sia Hui, Ms Beatrice Cho, Mr Michael Ee, Mr Kenneth Wee, Dr Sergei Prokopenko

The Inaugural Assembly marks the official start of the new academic year. Josephians gathered together again as one school community online in their classrooms to participate in the Inaugural ceremony. As the new academic year beckons, fresh opportunities abound for all students and staff and they were invited to reflect on their strengths as they wrote their hopes and aspirations for 2021. These precious handwritten notes symbolised our desire for growth and were blessed at the Inaugural Mass.

In his Inaugural Address, Fr Adrian Danker, S.J. invited Josephians to imitate the example of St Joseph to care for each other in SJI in the new school year. St Joseph protected and provided for those he loved, especially, his family; Josephians must do the same, he said. He also challenged teachers and students to take care of the SJI Mission and nurture it. Our school is a tradition worth keeping not just for now but for the future.

At the same event, Josephians and staff responded to the call to curate the SJI Significance. They came together to participate in a “cura” activity. “Curate” comes from the word “cura”. To curate is to “to take care of” and “to preserve it with care”. As a symbolic representation of “cura”, each class was invited to care for a plant by adding fertilizers and watering it. These potted plants from all 86 classes were then be installed at the Cura Corner, located at a wall of Block N.
20210205-Inaugural Assembly-0485

February: Josephians Win Awards at Problem X (PX) Challenge

By Mrs Josephine Lee
Problem X (PX) Challenge is a new programme jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch, Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in 2020. The target participants are Year 2 to 4 students who demonstrate strong aptitude, passion and motivation for inquiry in Science and Mathematics. Participants will form teams of 3-4 members to work on a given complex real-world problem, seeking possible solutions for it by considering different perspectives and leveraging the knowledge of different disciplines, particularly in Science and Mathematics. The solutions proposed have to be supported by sound research, and analysis and evaluation of available data and practices.

The focus for problem-solving in 2020 is the COVID-19 outbreak. Participants assumed the role of an Infectious Disease Response Team formed by Public Service, Singapore to address public concerns and allay fears based on an assessment of the outbreak trajectory. The challenge required participants to produce a video clip and an accompanying report that would offer the Singapore public an informed understanding of the COVID-19 situation at a particular juncture in time.

SJI sent 2 teams of Year 4 IP students, 2 teams of Year 2 IP students and 1 team of Year 2 OP students. They were mentored by Mr Jerry Tai, Ms Doris Koh and Mrs Josephine Lee. Both the Year 4 IP teams reached the finals and obtained the Commendation Award while one of the Year 2 IP team received a Special Award.

Congratulations to all the participants who attained the following awards:

(1) Two Year 4 (2020) IP teams were awarded Commendation Awards:
St. Joseph Institution Team 1
  • Tan Ying Liang Torance (ML402)
  • Colin Toh Sze Peng (ML402)
  • Pang Wei Wen Samuel (MN401)
  • Lee Xavia (MN401)

St. Joseph Institution Team 2
  • Surya Subramanian (MN401)
  • Timothy Tan (MN401)
  • Loh Zi Quan Keith (MN401)
  • Then Jan Wei (MN401)

(2) One Year 2 (2020) team was awarded a Special Award (task 1)
St. Joseph Institution Team 5
  • Fan Enrui (ML201)
  • Chung Dohyun (ML201)
  • Damien Lau Jia Hui (ML201)
  • Joshua Chng Jun Wen (ML201)

February: Josephians Integrate Art With AR

Sample AR 1.jpg
From January to March 2020, eight Josephian Arts Programme (JAP) student designers mentored by art teacher Ms Jessica Cheng pushed their creative boundaries by exploring the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in their artistic endeavour. Evan Chong, Jeff Chan, Keagan Goh, Matthew Kang, Wesley Thng, Xu He, Quek Yiming, and Yu Ziyang (from LE202, 2020) launched an art trail on a smartphone application, which uses AR to tell the stories behind the artworks that lined the corridors of SJI.

Their initiative is one of the stories showcased at the Design Education Summit 2021 on 4 February. Click here to read about their AR journey in the news.

February: Alumnus Named The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year 2020

Congratulations to our alumnus Professor Ooi Eng Eong (Class of 1984) from Duke-NUS Medical School, and the COVID-19 front-line fighters! They have collectively been named " The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year 2020.

Prof Ooi is the co-developer of Lunar-Cov19, Singapore's sole Sars-CoV-2 vaccine now undergoing human trials. He was also featured in our book of Josephians - For Others, which was published in 2018.

Watch his interview and the development of the vaccine in The Vaccine Quest on Channel NewsAsia.

January: Josephians Collaborate with Kurayoshi Higashi Senior High School for Research Project Presentation

Kurayoshi 01.JPGKurayoshi 02.JPG
The Kurayoshi Higashi Senior High School successfully held “the second Research Project Presentation in Kurayoshi” on 30 January with our Y4 (2020) Josephians - Brien Anthony Chia Jinhao (FN403/MN516), Koon Wei Pheng (ML402/LE507) and Purushothaman Sanjai (MN401/ML515). Conducted over Zoom for 7 months since June 2020, the participating students from both schools exchanged their opinions, learned and widened their visions during this online exchange.

January: Embracing the SJI Spirit Through ALOHA

Photos by Fr Adrian Danker SJ

By Nicholas Tan Yi-Jia (LE610)
The SJI spirit is one that is u Orientation Camp (OC) 2021 themed 'Aloha!' aimed to commence the incoming Year 5s' IB journey with a sense of spirit, hope and camaraderie. Though the OC had to be conducted with safe management measures in place, the Student Leaders endeavoured to showcase the unique SJI spirit and to introduce the values and motto and heritage of the school. The SJI school spirit is an integral aspect of every Josephian, and as such, the Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) hoped to inculcate the value of Community in the Year 5s and share this uplifting and meaningful experience with them, and help them to better integrate into the new chapter of their educational journey.

The native Hawaiians use the word Aloha as a greeting, a farewell and an expression of love. However, Aloha is not just a word, it is an experience. It encompasses the deep care and respect that we ought to have for our surroundings, both physical and social. The acronymic meanings of Aloha are:
  • A, ala, watchful, alertness
  • L, lokahi, working with unity
  • O, oia'i'o, truthful honesty
  • H, ha'aha'a, humility
  • A, ahonui, patient perseverance
Aloha was chosen as the theme of OC2021 as it resonates with the Lasallian value of community; it also encompasses what it means to be men and women of integrity, highlighting how we should be patient, humble, honest, and have faith in others, values that are all an integral part of the Josephian family here in SJI.

Throughout the OC, the Year 5s met new friends and classmates through the Information talks about the IB life, Subject and CAS booths as well as trial lessons that aim to accord them with a better idea of the IBDP syllabus and curriculum. These were paired with engaging and interactive activities to encourage bonding through games that interrelate our school values while encouraging interaction and facilitated talks within the respective OGs.

January: Josephians Emerged Champions of Community Safety and Security Project

By Mr Mohamad Syaifudin Bin Ahmad
In 2020, a team of 5 Josephians represented SJI to participate in the inaugural Community Safety and Security Project (CSSP) titled – Anti-Scam Student Champions (ASSC), organized by Bishan NPC of the Singapore Police Force.

Despite that this project was conducted with the COVID-19 safe management measures in place, Fan Enrui (FN302), Kothamasu Pranavasai Bhavesh (FN302), Chen Wei En James Ryan (ML301), Thaddeus Kuah Kiat Ray (MN302), and Koh Ze Rey, Ansley (MN303) overcame the difficulties faced and persevered to produce the winning video. They were required to complete three tasks:
1) Research into the topic of scam and how to prevent becoming victim to scams;
2) Using the researched materials, the students will share with their fellow school-mates on anti-scam awareness; and
3) The students will then create educational anti-scam video clips, which formed part of the competition.

The team emerged Champions out of the 14 schools in the South Zone, which included Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution and Cedar Girls Secondary School. Their video creation was well received and was featured on Bishan NPC's Facebook page. Click here to view their winning video.

January: Josephians Participate in Singapore Energy Grand Challenge 2020 (SEGC)

By Mr Sirhan Bin Ahmadiah
The Singapore Energy Grand Challenge 2020 (Youth) organised by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) was launched in March 2020 for all secondary school students to co-create Singapore's Energy Story with the challenge statement: “How would your energy-efficient school or neighbourhood in Singapore look like in 2050?”. A total of 92 teams from 30 secondary schools took part in the challenge, using Microsoft’s Minecraft: Education Edition to create their ideal energy-efficient world and showcase their aspirations for Singapore.

The SJI team of 7 Josephians from ML201 - Sim Yan Zhao Daniel, Dhirren Surindranath, Pakrisamy s/o Balakrishnan, Reynold Simonn, Daniel Leong Eu Shay, Yeo Sheng Kai Darius, and Chen Leqi were up against more senior students in the competition and made it to the semi-final stage. The boys received a Certificate of Participation from the EMA.

January: Tribute to La Salle Br. Gregory Thomas Lim, and Former SJI Teacher

The SJI community is saddened by the passing of Br. Gregory Thomas Lim, FSC, on the afternoon of 18 January 2021 at Singapore. He was 96 years old and a De La Salle Brother for 77 years.

Bro Gregory came from a devout Catholic family of 4 brothers, of whom one was a twin brother and 4 sisters. He first taught in Singapore at St Michael's School from 1955-1960, and at SJI in 1970-1971. He returned to Singapore to teach Moral Instruction and Bible Knowledge in SJI and St Patrick's School from 1981-1990. He retired in 1996.

Bro Gregory was our Guest of Honour who officiated the opening of Missio 1852 on 7 August 2019, with the ringing of the original brass school bell from the former SJI campus at Bras Basah Road.
“O God, by whose favour your servant, Brother Gregory, was called to the religious life and who witnessed to the message of salvation by his dedication to Christian education, grant that he may be admitted to your eternal friendship with those who have likewise zealously laboured in Your Vineyard. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

January: Forging New Relationships at TABA Day

TABA, which means Together and By Association, is our Josephian way of integrating the boys into their new classes at Year 3. Through the TABA Day on 15 Jan and the Paraliturgy on 19 Jan, the boys bonded with their new classmates and Form Tutors. It was time for new friendships with their new classmates whom they will journey together in Years 3 and 4.

January: A New Beginning at Orientation 'Initium Novum'

2021-01-15-Y1 Orientation Camp
Photos by Muhammad Elyas Amir Bin Suhardi (FN401/2020), Chan Luke Isaac, Ong Kai-Jun Ethan Lucas (FN401), Boey Jayden (MN403)

A new beginning might be something that many are desperately longing for, especially when a year-long pandemic lingers around into the new year. In preparation for the Year 1 Josphians to adapt to their new secondary school life in SJI, the SJI Peer Support Leaders and Facilitators conducted a week-long orientation programme themed 'Initium Novum' (which means a new beginning).

During the week, the new Josephians met their new classmates from different schools and backgrounds within their fraternities. To survive their journey throughout the orientation, they were invited to learn and work together. It was time to form new friendships and bonds that would be filled with memories to come.

The Orientation Campfire is the highlight of every Year 1 Orientation. The event with the blazing fire, chanting of the fraternity cheers and singing of the school songs unites the Y1s and their seniors as one big Josephian family. It is our way of building community spirit with the larger SJI community. It is a memorable experience for all new Josephians. For their seniors, it is a sweet reminiscence of their memories when they first joined SJI in Year 1. For the SJI staff, it is a night to remember that a new journey begins with these new Josephians entrusted to our care. This year's campfire was conducted with safe distancing measures in place.

January: Josephians Win Awards at Bilingual Youth Model United Nations Conference

By Ms Annie Wong
SJI fielded a team of 5 Josephians from across the 3 academies to take part in the second edition of the Bilingual Youth Model United Nations (BYMUN) conference organised by Nanyang Girls’ High School. The theme of the 2021 Bilingual Youth Model United Nations conference was “Transforming the world: Voices of Youth”. The conference aimed to provide student participants with an understanding of diplomacy and international relations while enhancing their bilingual proficiency, critical thinking skills, teamwork, and leadership abilities. It also sought to encourage diversity by providing students with the opportunity to share their perspectives, negotiate and collaborate on solutions to support the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. The SJI team - Lim Yee Kiat Zachary (ML403), Li Shaokai (ML403), Choo Yi Ming (FN302), Huang Yaoting (ML401) and Goh Kai Jun Kavan (ML402), were mentored by Ms Wai Pei Pin, who worked closely and tirelessly with the boys over the holidays to brainstorm and finetune the boys' presentations.

Our team took home the following 3 awards:
  • Best Delegate - Goh Kai Jun Kavan 吴楷峻
    Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) Council
  • Honourable Mention - Choo Yi Ming 朱乙铭
    United Nations Commissions on the Status of Women (UNCSW) Council
  • Outstanding Delegation - St Joseph's Institution
This is truly a remarkable achievement considering it is SJI's debut at the BYMUN, which has traditionally been attended by mostly SAP schools. Not only did our students have to prepare and write position papers in English and Chinese, they also had to debate issues that are of a very high level of difficulty and complexity in both languages. Their ability to communicate so precisely in both English and Chinese, as well as their capacity for spontaneous and logical reasoning and critical thinking was an exceptional performance to watch. The achievement of the "Outstanding Delegation award", where there were only 2 awards given to school delegations, is proof of SJI's strength in linguistic and cognitive capability.

January: SJI Class of 2020 Excels at GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations

SJI’s Class of 2020 has performed well in the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. All 247 boys who sat for the GCE O Levels will advance to junior colleges and polytechnics for their post-secondary education, with 94% of the boys qualifying for junior college. 100% of the students received at least 5 GCE ‘O’ Level passes.

51% (126 out of 247 boys) scored 6As or better, and 50% (124 of 247) of the boys achieved scores of 10 points or less (L1B5).

SJI is proud of the following students who have performed very well in the 2020 GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. They testify to the holistic education that SJI provides.

Fr (Dr) Adrian Danker, SJ, Principal of SJI, says “We are proud of the achievement of the Class of 2020. Our boys have demonstrated how determination, effort and great faith in their ability can overcome challenges to produce good results, in spite of having to adapt to home-based learning during the Circuit Breaker period last year. More importantly, they have embodied what studying in SJI is all about – imbibing values to live purposefully, learning to do well, growing up to care for the community and graduating from school to make the world a better place. We are confident they have received an education for life.”

Summary of SJI’s GCE ‘O’ Level Examination Results 2020
Number of students who sat for the GCE 'O' Level examinations 247
Pass rate/ Qualify for JC/Polytechnic education (%) 100%
Boys who qualified for JC education (%) 94%
Boys with 5 GCE ‘O’ Level passes (%) 100%
Boys with 6A’s or more (%) 51%
Boys with scores of less than 10 points (L1B5) (%) 50%
Distinctions (A’s) per student (%) 64%

Subjects With High Distinctions: SJI
Mathematics 84.6%
Additional Mathematics 78.2%
Physics 76.3%
Humanities (SS, Geography) 68.3%
Chemistry 67.8%
Humanities (SS, History) 64.0%
Geography 60.0%
Biology 59.1%
Literature in English 51.0%
English Language 48.6%

2021-01-11-Class of 2020 O-Level Results

January: SJI Releases 2020 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Examination Results

SJI congratulates our Class of 2020 for their results achieved at the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) November 2020 Examinations:

  1. 99.3% of 272 IBDP students were awarded the International Baccalaureate Diploma, with an average score of 41 out of 45 points
  2. Eight students were awarded the prestigious Bilingual Diploma.
  3. 71% of the cohort (194 students) attained at least 40 points out of 45.

The Class of 2020 includes 119 boys who were admitted to SJI at Secondary 1 in 2015 under the Integrated Programme. The results achieved by our Class of 2020 is evident of a trend that the SJI IBDP relates well with students who enjoyed high academic expectations from the programme. They have found joy in learning by being risk-takers who pursue their interests and passion instead of being rote-learners.

Fr (Dr) Adrian Danker, SJ, Principal of SJI, says “The Class of 2020 has demonstrated how determination, effort and great faith in their ability to overcome challenges can produce good results, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden move towards online learning during the Circuit Breaker period. We have witnessed the hard work put in by the students from this cohort, some of whom have attained exceptional results despite their heavy commitments in national sports and student leadership responsibilities. This Class has exemplified the very best of being a Josephian – they have studied hard, grown up well and contributed to make the school and world a better place. We are very proud of their achievements.

As a Catholic and Lasallian school, SJI is committed to developing every student’s character and to helping them realize their academic potential, so that they become men and women whose education empowers them to make a positive difference in the world. The IBDP results of the 2020 cohort are an affirmation of the quality of the balanced and holistic education offered at SJI.

IBDP Results by SJI Class of: 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Number of students 272 280 270 138 80 80 76
Diploma pass rate (%) 99.3% 99.64% 99.6% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Average points out of maximum 45 points 41 40 41 41 41.5 40.7 40
Number of students with 40 or more points 194 164 180 109 67 57 44
Percentage of students with 40 or more points 71% 59% 67% 79% 84% 71.25% 63%
Number of bilingual diploma students 8 2 4 6 2 3 2

2021-01-04-Class of 2020 IB Results