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April: Tribute to Mr Felix Li Tai Ho, SJIOBA's Founding President

SJI is sad to announce the passing of our alumnus Mr Felix Li Tai Ho (Class of 1974) on 28 April 2020. Felix was instrumental in the establishment of SJI Old Boys' Association (SJIOBA) in 1994 and served as its founding president from 1994 - 1997.

May the soul of Felix Li and all our dearly departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever.

(Tribute written by his good friend and Scouting Josephian brother, Mr Tan Tee How.)

April: Josephians Embark on Green Lenten Project in 2020

Our Josephians embarked on a green Lenten project this year. Read more about this on Catholic News at https://catholicnews.sg/2020/04/25/sjis-lenten-labour-with-an-environmental-flavour/

Lent-2020-04-03 at 1.46.14 PM.jpeg
Lent-2020-04-03 at 1.44.17 PM.jpeg

April: Commemoration of St John Baptist de La Salle (30 April 1651 - 7 April 1719)

homepage-SJBDL (2400x1042px).jpg
Today, we commemorate the 301st death anniversary of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. He is the patron saint of teachers.

301 years on, the Lasallian mission and legacy continue in more than 80 countries around the world.

Bro Paul Ho, FSC, shares his thoughts in his message to the Lasallian educators on 7 April:

Today we commemorate our founder of the Brothers of the Christian Education who are associated with the work of education especially the poor.

You and I made a conscientious choice in joining the teaching profession and as a Lasallian community in SJI, we work together by association to ensure that our young students needs are taken care of.

On behalf of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, we thank you for your generosity in sharing your CHARISMS that God has given you in the ministry of education especially the neediest.

We are always united in prayer and service. God bless us all.

Ora et Labora 🙏

Bro Paul Ho, FSC
Brother President
St. Joseph's Institution

March: Josephians Show Appreciation to the COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Workers

heart 2.JPG
parent 3.jpg parent 2.jpg
Our SJI students and parents expressed their appreciation, thoughts and prayers for the frontline healthcare workers who are battling with the COVID-19 in Singapore. Through this schoolwide activity, they penned their heartfelt appreciation on 2000 'Thank You' cards to show their admiration and gratitude to the staff of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. This was presented to the hospital last week.
#JosephiansUnited #LasalliansUnited #SGUnited

March: COVID-19 Inspires Josephians To Respond With Care

Some of our Josephians penned a short message of gratitude to the medical and frontline personnel who are fighting against the COVID19. This was done as part of our Josephian Formation Journey programme in line with Total Defence Day.

#JFJ #everydayherossg #SGUnited #JosephiansUnited #LasalliansUnited

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and its many challenges, our Year 4 student, David Ho (MN401) shared his self-drawn comic about how a Josephian should respond at this time — with care and concern.
DavidHo-COVID19 Comic.png

March: Alumnus Awarded SP's Sports & Art Scholarship

SP Scholarship 2020_SJI_Zon Liew.jpgAlumnus Liew Jun Cheng Zon (Class of 2017) was selected for Singapore Polytechnic’s Sports & Arts Scholarship this year. The award recognises students who have excelled in, or contributed to the sports and arts scenes at the national level or higher.

March: Josephian Educators Reflect Through Lasallian Conversations

In times like this with the COVID-19 outbreak, what holds a school together? A community that cares.

This was the focus of our Lasallian Conversations for Term 1 on 5 March. Each term, the staff gathers to reflect on our identity and mission as Lasallian educators. Through our conversations, we build on the values that distinguish us as a Lasallian fraternity of educators.

Today we reflected on St John Baptist de la Salle's call that teachers "must get to know their students and discern the manner in which to act towards them." In short, we reflected on how we teachers care in SJI. We did this by reflecting on how much and how intimately we know each student by class, level, academy and CCA/CAS. We also challenged ourselves to describe what we know about students as learners and persons.

We ended by recalling the story of the old man throwing starfish back into the sea. Our students are like starfish we must care for. We gave each teacher a card to identify students who they least know and want to care for by making a significant difference in their lives -- this year. Why? Because each one of them matters as a person. More significantly, we want our teachers' good work of preferentially caring for the least known to matter to others. We hope that others seeing how our teachers care, they will care too, as Alan Johnson eloquently said.

"It was a good morning spent amongst a fraternity that really cares to build the SJI community. Thank you, teachers, for reminding me about what matters in times like these. And thank you, Lasallian Conversations Committee, on a job well done today!", said Fr Adrian Danker, SJ.

(photos: teachers conversing, adrian danker, sj, march, 2020)

February: Celebrating Ash Wednesday, the start of Lenten Season

"You cannot give what you don’t have." We’ve heard this phrase. This is why we educate Josephians to give what they receive in school, most of all the gift of themselves as God forms them to serve others.

Today we were blessed to celebrate Ash Wednesday in SJI and have the ashes sprinkled on our heads. We also heard God’s promise to restore us as his beloved even though we are sinful. The ashes remind us to repent and return to the Gospel life. This is Jesus’s life with God and all peoples.

We are called to live like Jesus and be His ambassadors to all, especially, the last, the lost and the least in today’s world.

This is why Josephians carried home ashes from SJI to their families and friends. To invite them to remember, celebrate and believe in God’s promised restoration as Lent begins in Singapore without Masses in churches because of the coronavirus.

Today Josephians gave what they received - more than ashes, God’s love for all peoples.

(photos: michael ee, cherie chua and adrian danker, sj, february, 2020)

February: Teacher-Led Workshops

Congratulations to Ms Vivien Sim who led a presentation on "Applying Thinking Routine And ICT In Teaching Of History" for fellow educators at the Academy of Singapore Teachers.

February: 2020 SWF Youth Fringe -Youth Curators Programme

Singapore National Book Council has nominated SJI to help develop the 2020 Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) under the banner of its Youth Curators Programme. Jin Zhujun (ML614) has been nominated once again, to be part of the panel of Youth Curators who will help ideate, develop and curate programmes for SWF Youth Fringe 2020.

February: Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2020

Congratulations to these Year 6 students whose projects for SSEF have been selected for the finals: three individual projects by M N Nismitha (MN617), Gong Tingchen (ML613) and Yang Mengyujia (MN616), and two mixed-school projects by Axel Jude Chong He Jun (MN516) and Prathiksha Karthikeyan (ML614). They are shortlisted for the final online judging on 9 - 25 March.

February: Josephians Receive Scholarships & Awards

Congratulations to our Year 5 students - Ngu Fang Zhou Nexus and Lim Kye Ann, Isabel - who have been amongst the 42 students selected for the 2020 Geography National Team! Four students from the National Team will subsequently be identified to represent Singapore at the 2020 International Geography Olympiad (iGeo).

February: Josephians Participate in Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament

The Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament (SYPT) is an annual event which tests the participants' ability to solve complicated real-world physics problems. It seeks to bring students through a process of what physicists do.

Two teams under the guidance by Ms Wong Kah Yan participated in this event on 1 February. One team clinched the Bronze award (ranked 6th) out of 10 teams in the Main Fight category.

The SJI team was the only team amongst the six that was awarded the Certificate of Distinction for the poster presentation.

Poster Presentation (Certificate of Distinction)
  1. Nguyen Pham Minh Quan (all from LE402)
  2. Zhang Zhuoyu
  3. Lin Si Xun

Main Fight category (Bronze Award, 6th placed team)
  1. Yuan Cheng Hao (ML403)
  2. Miao Qiaozi (FN402)
  3. Uy Robert Frederik Diaz (FN402)

February: SJI Celebrates Inauguration 2020

SJI begins every new school year with an Inaugural Celebration. In light of the COVID-19 situation and the need to minimize co-mingling within the school community, Inauguration had to be celebrated with a different touch this year. We began with a mass for the Catholic community, where the school colours were also blessed.

The Inaugural Celebration was then broadcast live to all the classrooms from Missio 1852, our heritage gallery. Everyone prayed together, listened to the Inaugural Address, and recited the Teachers and Josephian Pledges. We closed with the singing of the School Rally and rang the old school bell to mark the new school year beginning!

In spite of the challenging landscape and various limitations, SJI began the 2020 school year by starting right, starting together and starting better this year!

2020-02-14-Inauguration 2020

February: SJI Welcomes Year 5 Freshmen at Orientation Week

SJI welcomed the new batch of Year 5s with vigour and excitement on 5 February. Despite the evolving circumstances arising from COVID-19, the Orientation programme was swiftly modified by the organising committee that comprised the 7th Senior Student Council and their teachers Mr Wong Chee Choy and Mr Christopher Ngoh. They facilitated a smooth transition and immersion for the new students into the IB Diploma Programme.

The Year 6 OGLs and Student Council invested great effort to ensure that the freshmen enjoyed Orientation 2020 to the fullest. Several of the seniors from Year 6 prepared a heritage play for the newbies that reenacted the story of our Founder, De La Salle. This garnered a number of praises and positive response from the Year 5s as they had fun watching the play and learning about De La Salle's struggles in providing education to the poor. Through the Josephian Challenge, the Year 5s bonded with their friends in their Orientation groups through team games and had a chance to visit the heritage gallery, Missio 1852, to learn about SJI's rich history.

Orientation concluded with the Year 5s tying on their SJI ties and wearing their badges. The Principal, Fr Adrian, shared a reflection about the significance of wearing the SJI tie with the Year 5s. Read Fr Adrian Danker, SJ's reflection here.

2020-02-12-Year 5 Orientation

January: SJI's B-Division Tennis Reaches Semi-Finals

Congratulations to SJI’s B Division Tennis Team for making it to the semi-finals of the National Tennis Competition! Our Tennis Team overcame strong teams from St Patrick’s (5-0), ACS Barker (3-2) and Victoria School (4-1) to reach this milestone! Bravo!
20200130-B Division Tennis.jpg
SJI’s semi-final match against RI is now postponed in view of COVID-19.

January: Josephians Celebrate Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year or "spring festival" is a time to celebrate Togetherness with our families. This is what staff and students did as we welcomed the Year of the Rat.

The Chinese Language Department led a series of activities to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This included a workshop on couplets writing, an exhibition on the traditions of the Lunar New Year and CNY Classroom Decoration Competition. They also organised the sharing of the festive goodies amongst the staff.

Our celebrations of the Lunar New Year in SJI are like the 'springtime' buds beginning to blossom in school. Be it the bud of friendship and community, of learning and growing up, of teaching and becoming better, of care and support, of living together and sharing for all, there is something good waiting to burst forth into our lives and for our lives in the coming new lunar year.

2020-01-24-CNY celebrations

January: SJI Welcomes Our New Year 1 Josephians

2020-01-17-Year 1 Orientation Camp
The lighting of the fire over the Star at the Oval on 17 January is to symbolise the Josephian Spirit that burns in each and every Josephian from the day they join SJI. The evening of the Orientation Campfire was 'lit' with cheers and songs that were sung the way Josephians would sing.

Witnessing the Year 1s proudly singing the school songs and moving to action songs with enthusiasm was a delightful sight and memory for the Josephians, their parents, guests, and alumni who were present. With one voice, everyone sang in unison and with good cheer as one Lasallian, Josephian community.

The flame kindled in the hearts of the new Josephians and their parents. It was fanned into a great big flame by the school’s welcome. It will be sustained by the brotherhood our new Josephians now share.

This flame was lit in our Year 1s to burn in them as a light to guide their way ahead. More so, as light that transforms them to be a light for others through life’s journey. Finally, as the light that disperses the night and brightens each new day.

Welcome to SJI, Year 1s!

January: SJI Welcomes Australian Trainee Teachers as Part of Professional Development

SJI believes in sharing the very best that makes us SJI. We call this aspiration 'sharing our SJI significance,' and we want to share not just within our shores but beyond our shores as well. This is why we welcomed 4 South Australian trainee-teachers – Claudia Richards, Daniel Massaci, Sarah Browning and Luke Wittenberg – who were attached to SJI from 7 to 24 January. Their attachment was under the auspices of the Australian Government New Colombo Mobility Plan which aims to increase Australian tertiary students' knowledge and relationships with the Asia-Pacific region. Trainee-teachers under this programme have the opportunity to learn about teaching through intercultural visits.
These South Australian trainee-teachers were mentored by Mrs Pennie Ong (Innomaker + Art), Mr K. Arul (PE) and Mr Lee Han Seng, Mr Anthony Khoo and Ms Ong Mei Fen (Math). Under the guidance of these experienced teachers, the Australian trainee-teachers learned about our teachers' dedication to the profession and the rigour of the Singapore curriculum. As part of their learning journey, they were assigned to a Year 1 class and participated fully in the Orientation Programme. All of them remarked how the spirit of ‘brotherhood’ was palpably evident as it bonded the new Years 1 with the SJI Community so well and so quickly.

Besides observing their mentors, having conversations on pedagogies and curriculum and planning for their own lessons, the Australians also received feedback that helped them to improve their craft.
‘Your school’s sense of community and core values have inspired us,’ they said, adding that they look forward to incorporating what they had learnt into their future practice.

January: Alumni Admitted to Foreign Universities

SJI congratulates our alumni who have been admitted to various prestigious universities:

  1. Chew Kai Ming (Class of 2017) will be reading Law in King's College
  2. Gokul Rajiv (Class of 2017) has been offered a place in Oxford to study Physics
  3. Wai Yan Oo Willy (Class of 2017) has been admitted into Cambridge for Law
  4. Jason Adriantus (Class of 2018) has been accepted by the London School of Economics for business.
  5. Brendan Chen (Class of 2019) has been accepted by NYU

January: Alumnus Awarded TP Engineering Scholarship Award

Alumnus Katipunan Markus Diego B (Class of 2018) has excelled academically at Temasek Polytechnic. He has been awarded the TP Engineering Scholarship Award based on his first year of study in AY 2018/2019.

January: Winners of Translation Contest

The Tamil Pattimandra Kalai Kazhagam organised a Translation (English to Tamil) Contest on 11 January. Anirudh Arun (MN618) and Bhavesh Murugan (ML611) were awarded the Consolation Prize as they achieved a top 10 position amongst 103 participants. Congratulations!
The Tamil Pattimandra Kalai Kazhagam.jpg

January: Alumnus Awarded Harvard Book Prize

Congratulations to our alumnus Anastasia Kurniadi (IB Class of 2019) who was recognised at the Harvard Book Prize Presentation for more than academic excellence. She was celebrated for her self-giving contributions to improving others and the community. She is helping to make God’s goodness real for many.

Harvard believes in ‘making caring common’. Anastasia and the other 25 recipients from junior colleges, polytechnics and the institutes of technical education live this call so well that they were celebrated by the Singapore Harvard Alumni Chapter.

January: SJI Class of 2019 Excels at GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations

SJI’s Class of 2019 has performed well in the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. All 217 boys who sat for the GCE 'O' Levels advanced to junior colleges and polytechnics for their post-secondary education, with 93% of the boys qualifying for junior college. 99.1% of the students received at least 5 GCE ‘O’ Level passes.

In this Class, 42% (90 out of 217 boys) scored 6As or better, and 46% (99 of 217) of the boys achieved scores of 10 points or less (L1B5).

SJI is proud of the students who have performed very well in the 2019 GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. They testify to the holistic education that SJI provides. The school is confident they have received an education for life as the Josephians in this Class have demonstrated over four years that they have imbibed the right values to live purposefully and to care for all, especially, the less fortunate in society.

Summary of SJI’s GCE ‘O’ Level Examination Results 2019
Number of students who sat for the GCE 'O' Level examinations 217
Pass rate/ Qualify for JC/Polytechnic education (%) 100%
Boys who qualified for JC education (%) 93%
Boys with 5 GCE ‘O’ Level passes (%) 99.1%
Boys with 6A’s or more (%) 42%
Boys with scores of less than 10 points (L1B5) (%) 46%
Distinctions (A’s) per student (%) 59%

Subjects With High Distinctions: SJI
English Language 62%
Mathematics 84%
Additional Mathematics 70%
Physics 67%
Humanities (SS, History) 66%
Geography 66%
Chemistry 54%
Biology 50%

2020-01-13-O-level Results

January: SJI Releases 2019 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Examination Results

Summary of 2019 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Examination Results:
1. 99.64% of 280 IBDP students from our Class of 2019 cohort were awarded the International Baccalaureate Diploma, with an average score of 40 out of 45 points.
2. Two students were awarded the prestigious Bilingual Diploma.
3. 59% of the cohort (164 students) attained at least 40 points out of 45.
4. 19% (52 students) achieved 43 points and better.

The Class of 2019 includes 122 boys who were admitted to SJI at Secondary 1 in 2014 under the Integrated Programme. The results achieved by our Class of 2019 attests that the SJI IBDP relates well with students who enjoyed high academic expectations from the programme. They have found joy in learning by being risk-takers who pursue their interests and passion instead of being rote-learners.

The school is proud of the Class of 2019 for their determination, effort and great faith in overcoming many challenges to attain good results. More importantly, this Class exemplifies the very best of being a Josephian – they have studied hard, grown up well and contributed to make the school and world a better place.

As a Catholic and Lasallian school, SJI is committed to developing every student’s character and to helping them realize their academic potential, so that they become men and women whose education empowers them to make a positive difference in the world. The IBDP results of the 2019 cohort are an affirmation of the quality of the balanced and holistic education offered at SJI.

IBDP Results by SJI Class of: 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Number of students 280 270 138 80 80 76
Diploma pass rate (%) 99.64% 99.6% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Average points out of maximum 45 points 40 41 41 41.5 40.7 40
Number of students with 43 or more points 59 68 47 35 19 10
Percentage of students with 43 or more points 19% 25% 34% 44% 24% 13%
Number of students with 40 or more points 164 180 109 67 57 44
Percentage of students with 40 or more points 59% 67% 79% 84% 71.25% 63%
Number of bilingual diploma students 2 4 6 2 3 2

2020-01-03-IB Results

January: SJI Staff Go on Mystery Bus Tours

On 3 January, our SJI staff boarded six buses that took them to six undisclosed destinations. This was part of our fun-filled Staff Bonding Afternoon, an activity in the Annual Staff Conference to begin the new academic year. During the 3-hour long mystery journeys, our staff discovered new places and strengthened friendships with one another.

1. The historic Former Ford Factory where the British forces surrendered unconditionally to the Imperial Japanese Army on 15 February 1942 was one of the six sites. Here, our staff gained fresh perspectives on the fall of Singapore through three intertwining narratives on Japanese aggression, British defences and how civilians in Singapore were caught up in the large forces of imperial struggle and war. It encouraged the teachers to embrace history and appreciate anecdotes shared by those who have experienced the tumultuous time. Many said they would not to take Singapore's success for granted. More importantly, they left understanding the importance of teaching our students about resilience and managing diversity and differences.

20200103_154632.jpg2. At the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) staff viewed the rich artistic heritage of Asia, especially the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. ACM focuses on the many historical connections between the cultures of Asia, and between Asia and the world.

Staff also viewed a special exhibition, "Living with Ink: The Collection of Dr Tan Tsze Chor," that explores the passion and connoisseurship of Chinese art in the Singapore art world in the turbulent 20th century. The creative station allowed our staff to try their hands at designing and creating Chinese scrolls.

3. Staff also visited FireFlies Health Farm. Through sight, smell, hearing and touch, our they were introduced to the basic knowledge of farming. They learned about the differences between organic farming and conventional farming.

4. Gardens by the Bay. The staff stopped to smell the roses at the Flower Dome where they were surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colours. They were transported to a mystical land of mist at the Cloud Forest with its many plants of intricate designs. The beautiful greenery was both calming and rejuvenating. It was a wonderful afternoon of leisurely strolls, casual conversations and relaxation.

5. The National Gallery. Here, the SJI teachers had the opportunity to have a ‘dialogue’ with Art. The artworks from across Southeast Asia allowed them to see the history and transition of the art scene Southeast Asia, giving us an insight into their lives, traditions and culture. The Kepple Centre for Art education not only provided an exciting line-up of programmes for youth, children and families. It gave the teachers the opportunity to have hands-on experience with creating art. It was an enjoyable afternoon to be immersed in art, to learn art, appreciate art and even create art - together!
6. Jewel Changi Airport (JCA). The teachers were thrilled that they were heading to one of Singapore’s latest iconic attractions! Upon reaching JCA, they gleefully explore the Canopy Park, where they enjoyed the creative and dazzling displays of flowers. A few adventurous teachers tested the giant slides within the park while the savvy shoppers later satisfied their retail fix with a plethora of shopping options. What better to bond than through food as they ventured to engage in hearty conversations over shared root beer floats, curly fries and other delectable delights.

All in all, the Mystery Bus Tours was an opportunity to rekindle old relationships and establish new ones. This staff bonding activity is certainly one that we will remember for a long time!

January: SJI Staff Resume For New Academic Year

All SJI staff were welcomed back to school on 2 and 3 January to prepare and plan for the new academic year. We also welcomed new staff who joined the school. At this annual Staff Conference, the school leaders and academic heads discussed the school's 2020 Work Plan that focussed on developing the Josephian to share the SJI significance. Staff were introduced to Josephian Formation Journey, a new programme by the Student Development Team. This aims to develop our students' character and citizenship for them to become persons of integrity and persons for others.