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May: Josephians Support # YouthEmpowered Social Media Campaign

Our students from the Innomakers Programme have worked hard to support the #YouthEmpowered Social Media Campaign. They have created a social media campaign (a poster and a video) to promote digital literacy among youths in Singapore.

Please "like" (👍/❤️) and "share" by clicking on their videos or digital posters below to encourage cyber wellness among Singaporeans!

Here are the works produced by the 2 teams:

Team 1: Josephian Changemakers Issue: Understanding Cyber Bullying
  1. Reuel Fong Shi Cheng (Leader)
  2. Wesley Thng Toh Yong
  3. Quek Yi Ming
  4. Keith Eldriech Tanya Young

Team 2: The Anti Addicts Issue: Preventing excessive internet usage
  1. Xu He (Leader)
  2. Keagan Goh
  3. Jeff Chan
  4. Yu Ziyang
social media-facebook.jpg

April: SJI Performing Arts Achieve Distinctions at SYF Competitions

Congratulations to our Performing Arts CCAs on achieving distinctions at the 2019 SYF Competitions:
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • SJI Military Band

April: A Celebration of Arts at Mutien Fest

It was a celebration of arts at the Mutien Fest on 27 April. Seven Performing Arts groups - SJI Military Band, Guitar Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, Drama Club, Vocapella CAS, Drama CAS and Rock-A-Cause CAS showcased their artistic talents and passion for the arts at the 2-hour concert, after months of intense preparation for the SYF.


April: SJI Welcomes Visitors at Open House

On 27 April, SJI opened its doors for potential students and parents to gain a better understanding of our programmes and the life in school. More than 2,000 visitors toured the school and observed the programmes put up by the various subjects and CCAs.

April: SJI Community Supports Mitumba Project for Lent

The annual Lenten project collection is an occasion for the SJI community to participate as part of our Lenten activity to aid the last, the lost and the least. This year, SJI is supporting the Tana River Life Foundation (TRLF), a charitable NGO registered in Kenya, founded by Gabriel Teo Kian Chong, a Malaysian and former Singapore resident who has been living in Kenya since 1995. TRLF’s vision is to build a more just and honest society, by promoting affordable quality education, sustainable agricultural projects, integral formation of youth and community-based entrepreneurship programmes.

The SJI Lenten project was to support the Mitumba Project (or “recycled goods” in Kiswahili). The collection of items through the SJI community will aid the educational projects run by TRLF through the sales of these items to help support families with school-going children.

By the end of the Lenten project, SJI had collated about 70 bags of clothes and shoes for the Mitumba Project, which were delivered to the TRLF team at the Church of Holy Cross.

April: SJI Pelandok Scouts at the Annual Stepping Up Ceremony

Last week, the Pelandok Scout Group gathered to invest our new Secondary One members, and bid farewell to our outgoing Ventures and Scouts at the Annual Stepping Up Ceremony. This year also saw the presentation of the inaugural Gordian Shield to the best patrol of the year, named after the first Scoutmaster in SJI, Brother Gordian Mary. Congratulations to the best patrol for the year 2018/19, Leopard Patrol!

April: Josephians Celebrate Resurrection of Christ on Easter Monday

Josephians were welcomed with a blessing on Easter Monday, as the school community gathered to celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus. The students were given Easter eggs, to symbolise new life.

April: Josephians Commemorate the Lord's Supper on Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday, Christians remember Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. We celebrate His command to go and do likewise. We believe Jesus’ command is our mandate for Christian life - to serve others.

In school on 18 April, we were reminded that service is the soul of SJI. Why we exist as a Catholic, Lasallian school and how we live and work as Josephians are embodied in lives of service. Our SJI way strives to imitate Jesus’ way of serving all.

Our Catholic community celebrated the Lord's Supper and witnessed the washing of feet that evening, before they went off for church visitation in the night. The Catholic students kept vigil for the night which concluded with a Good Friday service the next morning.

April: SJI Malay Debating team is the Champion of the Malay Debates 2019

Tahniah (congratulations) to the SJI Malay Debating Team — the Champion of the 2019 Malay Debate Competition! The competition was organized by the Malay Youth Literary Association.

It was our first time participating and the team debated with passion, style and wit. An excellent effort throughout the competition. The boys were voted Best Speakers in some debates. The overall Best Speaker is a Josephian. We are all very proud of the team’s effort.

The debaters are :
1. Kamal Ashraf Bin Kamil Jumat (TG612)
2. Mohd Rizq Irfandi Bin Zunaidi (TG604)
3. Nadim B Nazri (TG516)
4. Muhammad El’fee bin Abdul Khalid (TG619)

The 2 helpers who assisted in the research work:
1. Quraish Shoeb Burhanuddin (TG612)
2. Ryan Ashraf Bin Jefree (TG615)

April: La Salle Community Celebrates Mass on Tercentenary Anniversary of Founder

The De La Salle Brothers and the Lasallian family of schools celebrated mass together on 6 April, to commemorate the tercentenary of St John Baptist de La Salle on the completion of his earthly journey.

April: SJI Uniformed Groups march on at 167th Anniversary Parade

Our Uniformed Groups (UGs) celebrated their 167th anniversary parade on the school field on 5 April. All the five UGs - NCC Air, NCC Land, NPCC, St John Brigade and St Joseph's Pelandok Scouts - attained Gold Awards for their units. The ceremony also celebrated the graduation and stepping down of the Year 4 seniors as their Year 3 juniors stepped up to their new leadership roles.

April: SJI celebrates Founder’s Day and Tercentenary of St John Baptist de La Salle

We celebrated our 167th year with a record-breaking feat by the whole school - the largest hand printed banner in Singapore measuring 18.9 metres by 8 metres! View the Singapore Book of Records.

Awards to recognise good effort in studies were presented to the students at the Founder's Day ceremony. As always, we began with Eucharistic mass to remind us that our God is a mighty and awesome God who brought SJI into being and blesses her still. To God be the glory!

March: SJI Bids Farewell to Retiring Vice-Principal Mrs Goh Poh Kenn

Mrs Goh Poh Kenn has retired on 31 March after 27 years of outstanding and exemplary service in SJI. She joined SJI on 1 January 1992 and has proven to be a natural leader who has the drive to lead others. She has held several key leadership positions in SJI. In 1999, she was appointed Assistant Principal (Curriculum/Projects), where she consistently set high standards for the school and contributed positively and effectively to the education of our students over many years. She was also instrumental in initiating, conceptualising and implementing the school’s IT programme and infrastructure under MOE’s IT Masterplan.

In 2002, Mrs Goh was nominated for the Leaders in Education Programme (LEP). She was awarded The Lee Kuan Yew LEP Award for being the best participant in that Class for achieving the best overall performance. On completion of the LEP, Mrs Goh was promoted to Deputy Principal (Curriculum) on 1 January 2003. As DPC, she effectively planned, implemented and reviewed the school’s overall curriculum programme. She is well respected by fellow professionals for her dedication, commitment and service to education and the school.

She steered the school in preparation for external validation (EV) of the school’s processes and outcomes conducted by MOE’s External Validation team and the SPRING Singapore. The school was well validated and attained the Singapore Quality Class in 2004 and the Best Practice Award (Teaching & Learning) in 2005. Mrs Goh also played a pivotal role in SJI getting the School Excellence Award in 2008.

She was awarded the National Day honours of Long Service Medal in 2006 and Public Administration Medal (Bronze) in 2007 by the President of the Republic of Singapore in recognition of her outstanding work over the years.

She was appointed as Vice-Principal (Administration) in 2018 to coordinate and streamline the school’s various administrative processes which include student services, facilities, general administrative support, school safety and emergency planning. She leaves behind a solid foundation for her successor to continue improving the school’s administration services in the coming years.

In her final assembly address to the school on 25 March, Mrs Goh described Josephians as beautiful people who have a good understanding of what it is to be compassionate as well as a sensitivity and a deep loving concern for others, especially the last, the lost and the least. Read her full address here.

March: Josephian Writes Inspiring Article About Sustainable Cities and Communities

Koon Wei Pheng (ML302) presented an article about a current environmental issue to the 2018 WWF National Competition. This competition recognises outstanding journalism abilities on environmental issues and is part of an effort to harness strength through writing to spread the message of caring for the environment. His article has been shortlisted as a Special Mention, and was submitted to the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Competition's international jury for evaluation. His article about Sustainable Cities and Communities is produced below:

WWF National Competition (web) .png

March: SJI Educators and Students Participate in Catholic Education Conference 2019

March: Lasallian Educators Celebrate 300 Years of La Salle

On 15 March, 700 Lasallian educators in Singapore gathered for a day of formation at the Lasallian Training Day where we celebrated the Year of Lasallian Vocation and the Tercentenary of St John Baptist de La Salle’s death. The highlight was the Animosaic that we created. Our efforts brought to life the anniversary’s theme - One Heart, One Commitment, One Life. #300LaSalle

March: 111th Track & Field Championships

Josephians battled it out at the sports meet on 8 March. This annual event is a platform for the school community to experience and appreciate the sporting culture in SJI. It is at this event that the SJI community experiences the strong camaraderie from the four Fraternities.

March: Book Week Myths Shattered

By Mr Azhar Ghazali (Committee member, Book Week 2019)

Myth 1: The library is a quiet and peaceful place.
Truth: The haunting chants of the Witches of Macbeth were clearly heard emanating from the bowels of the library. The spirit of Shakespeare truly lives on.
Myth 2: Book Week is about books only.
Truth: It’s also about how the illustrations and pictures bring a book to life, not just the written words. Anngee Neo combines Art with appreciating good books.

Myth 3: You are what you Read.
Truth: You are what you eat as well. The fusion foods provided by the PSG proves just that. Food for thought and tummies.
Sampling future food bites.jpg
And so ends another week of lively activities for the bibliophiles among us. From Readathons to movies and competitions, there was a motley of events that turned our usually tranquil library into a place full of hurly-burly. There’s always something new to discover and rediscover about the Joys of Reading. We are glad to observe the enthusiastic responses displayed by our students. The activities that were specially planned created plenty of opportunities for both teachers and students to develop and share their love for books and reading.
Learning about food dehydration techniques.jpg
If you had missed some of the action this time round, fret not. More excitement is brewing in our cauldron with concoctions to entice you further in the near future. Do join us again in The Library.

March: Jobs Alike - A TOK seminar for IB teachers

On 7 March, SJI hosted a meeting of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Network for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Over 30 teachers from local and international IB schools joined our SJI TOK staff to dissect, analyse and evaluate the newly released prescribed essay titles.
The essay is worth two-thirds of the student’s grade in TOK, which, along with their Extended Essay grade, can add three bonus points to their final IB Diploma score. The ideas raised and the discussions held will continue to support all teachers and their students in arguably the most academically challenging assessments the IB students will face.

March: No One Fights Cancer Alone

By Chloe Lye (TG601) and Jhunne Philippe A Elasigue (TG607)
Relay for Life.jpg
A total of 263 Josephians participated in the Relay for Life at the National Stadium on 1 and 2 March. There was a spirit of passion and camaraderie among the Year 5 and Year 6 students who resolved to complete the 100km run. Everyone contributed to the collective goal by running, regardless of the distance they could manage. Irrespective of the number of laps each one ran, the SJI contingent was never short of people who were eager to lend their help throughout the 15-hour relay. Everyone also participated in concurrent activities with enthusiasm. One of the most memorable moments of the event was the Year 6s, clad in green tutus, actively dancing along to the Zumba performances that were being held at the centre of the stadium. The experience was memorable, especially for the Year 5s.

Joshua Lim (MN520) recounted how he felt “a strong motivation throughout the relay” and felt assured he was “working alongside many other people, towards the same objective and fighting for the same cause.” He hopes to take part in future Relay for Life events.
Relay for Life-IMG_1527.JPG
2019 marked the second attempt at the event for a number of the Year 6s, including Nathan Law (TG601). As someone who is acquainted with victims of cancer, he says, “I would like to play a more active role in supporting and spreading awareness of the effects of cancer.” He was heartened by the genuine messages written in support of victims and their caregivers.

The Year 5 cohort was placed twelfth overall based on their timing for completing 100km, while the Year 6 students emerged fourth. The seniors also covered a total distance of 172 km - the second highest overall distance that was run/walked.

These achievements pale in comparison however, to the wholehearted and collaborative effort invested by the SJI students to support the celebration of life and to stand in solidarity with cancer patients and their loved ones.

March: Alumnus Gabriel Lim Appointed As Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry

SJI congratulates alumnus Mr Gabriel Lim (Class of 1991) who has been appointed Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry from 1 April 2019. He will relinquish his appointment as Permanent Secretary (Communications and Information).

Mr Lim has held various appointments in the Ministry of Defence, Public Service Division/Civil Service College and Ministry of Health before his appointment as the Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister in 2011. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer, Media Development Authority Singapore in 2014, Second Permanent Secretary (Communications and Information) in June 2016 and concurrently Chief Executive Officer, Infocommunications Media Development Authority in October 2016. He has been Permanent Secretary (Communications and Information) since 2017.

February: Josephian Wins the Orator’s Trophy

On 16 February, SJI participated in the Orator’s Trophy, a National Oratorical Competition organised by Anglo-Chinese Junior College. The Orator’s Trophy seeks to provide an avenue for students to develop their spontaneous speaking skills and to build confidence in a public presentation. It also encourages the creative and persuasive use of the English Language.

Dinesh John Peeris(LE203).pngAll speeches were impromptu and participants only had 5 minutes to prepare before they had to speak for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. The participants were judged on Content, Delivery and Language. Dinesh John Peeris (LE203) did SJI proud by beating 45 other participants from many other schools to emerge as Champion in the Junior League. Elliot Snodgrass (MN517) and Premshan Christopher Singh (ML301) also represented SJI in the Pre-U and Senior League respectively.

In a Thank-you note to the teachers who helped to prepare the students for this competition, Dinesh said, “I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and long days that has been put in towards my training for the Oratory Tournament 2019. My win for the junior category truly belongs to you, I could never have done this without all your help. Thank you and God bless.

February: OBS Leadership and Service Award

Nur Shyartiana Binte Saifulbahri (IB Class of 2018) has been selected for the OBS Leadership and Service Award. She is our first female student to receive the award. She had a 2 Star Kayaking certification from her secondary school and participated in the Sibu Kayaking Expedition in 2017.

February: The Istana Heritage Gallery Challenge 2019

Alden Chew Jing Hong (LE203) was one of the 18 Year 2 students chosen to participate in the Istana Heritage Gallery (IHG) Challenge on 22 February. He shares his learning experience from this trip:

“This compact but informative gallery taught us about how the Istana began as the Government House. It was built on a nutmeg plantation owned by Charles Prinsep. I then understood that Prinsep Street was named after him. The IHG explained the transition of the post-independence period when emblems associated with the British colonial power were replaced by the new nation’s symbols of sovereignty such as the Istana, the state crest, the presidential standard and the presidential crest. The visit to the IHG allowed me to understand the three roles of the presidential – constitutional, ceremonial and community.

My team of 6 competed in three challenges – building a house of cards, making as many stars as we can from quilling strips and taking a photograph that is most iconic of the Istana. My favourite was the photo-taking as it tested us on what we have learnt about the Istana and also allowed our creativity to take over. The meaning of the games was quite surprising as we originally had little idea of their purpose. We later realised they were linked to the work of the President and the Istana. The time spent at the IHG allowed me to bond with my team.”
Jasper Sim & team mates at IHG Challenge 2019.jpg

February: Josephians Participate in Budget 2019 Dialogue

SGBudget2019.jpg(Photo credit: REACH)

Our students attended the Budget 2019 Dialogue organised by REACH on 21 February. The event was part of REACH’s Budget 2019 Feedback Exercise, following the FY2019 Budget announced by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat on 18 February.

The session was chaired by Ms Indranee Rajah, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, and Second Minister for Finance and Education and Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Social and Family Development, and REACH Chairman.

The students seized the opportunity to interact with the chairpersons on issues close to their hearts. The chairpersons expressed their happiness to see the participation of our students in the discussions.

February: What It Means To Be A Josephian

For the 4th year, the SJI Old Boys’ Association organised the talk for alumni to share with the new Year 1 boys on ‘What It Means To Be A Josephian’. The session on 21 February aims to help Year 1 students to appreciate the rich heritage of SJI and inspire them to become exemplary Josephians.

Choo Yi Ming (ML101) shared, “The arrival of alumnus Mr Han Chi Teng (Class of 1990) in the classroom was met with both anticipation and excitement. Mr Han who is currently a Financial Services Director spoke on what it meant to be a Josephian. After spending six years in a Lasallian school and having listened to many of such talks, I was a little sceptical. However, Mr Han’s talk was very meaningful. In a nutshell, he told us about how we should cherish the time in SJI as this is where we will encounter many challenges and it will be our friends in school who will brave them with us.

February: A Visit to the PSA

36 Economics students and teachers participated in the PSA’s Port Tour on 19 February. The tour began at the PSA Head office, with the viewing of their corporate video and a Q&A session with Mr Goh Mia Hock, Head of Group Process Excellence and his team from PSA. They then embarked on a tour to the Pasir Panjang Terminal, where they had the rare opportunity to observe how the PSA solves the logistical complexities of moving millions of its TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) through its port by leveraging on advanced technologies and developing innovative port solutions for its customers.

The students also visited the PSA Living Lab to preview PSA’s future Tuas Mega Port, which will be Singapore’s next-generation port. They saw the testing of the automated guided vehicles (AGV) that will transfer containers within the port in the future. The tour ended on high note with everyone gaining a deeper understanding of PSA’s reputation as a world-class company and a compelling port of choice for global shipping lines.
PSA port visit.JPG

February: Welcoming the Year 5s at Orientation Week and Campfire

The new Year 5s bonded with their new friends over a week-long orientation programme, to learn more about SJI and their new learning environment. Organised by the 6th Senior Student Council, Mr Christopher Ngoh and Ms Hazel Ho, the students experienced SJI’s rich history and traditions during the Heritage Challenge that was held within SJI and at her former campus at Bras Basah (now known as Singapore Art Museum). The students also had fun with the games during The Odyssey and a silent reflection on the experiences they went through during the week. The highlight was the campfire on 13 February, as the freshmen sang and cheered their hearts out throughout the night. Welcome to SJI, Year 5s!

February: SJI Commemorates Tercentenary of Founder at Inaugural Assembly

The Inaugural Celebration is our first formal school assembly where the entire school community gathers for the beginning of a new academic year. It is an occasion when the school comes together to celebrate its sense of being a Lasallian community. Josephians gather at this assembly as a praying Lasallian community, remembering the presence of God and adoring the Will of God for SJI in the new academic year.

At this celebration, we officially welcome the newest addition to the school – our students from Years 1 and 5, and the Year 3 Scholars, as well as members of the teaching and non-teaching staff. The school also officially acknowledges all the student leaders who have been appointed to formal leadership positions at this assembly, where they take the pledge of leadership through service before the school community.

The event also commemorated #300Lasalle - the 300th anniversary of the death of our founder, Saint John Baptist De La Salle. 2019 has been declared a Jubilee Year, which began on 17 November 2018 with the dedication of the sanctuary of Saint John Baptist de la Salle at the Generalate in Rome, and will conclude on 31 December 2019, the end of the Tercentenary and Year of Lasallian Vocations.

The inaugural assembly concluded with the distribution of ang-pows with a #300Lasalle keychain to all the students and oranges to the staff before the community was dismissed for an early reunion on Chinese New Year eve.

(For the full Principal’s address at the assembly, click here.)

January: Josephians Indulge in Lunar New Year Festivities

Our students indulged in a series of festive activities in preparation of the Lunar New Year. They took the opportunity to make lanterns using ang pows (red packets), create paper cuttings of auspicious characters, and practise their calligraphic writing of spring couplets (春联).

20190129-CNY7.jpg 20190130-CNY1.jpg

January: SJI Welcomes Year 1 Boys at the Annual Orientation Campfire

More than 500 parents and guests witnessed the close of the Year 1 Orientation at the campfire on 18 January. The lighting of the fire at the Star (Signum Fidei) is symbolic of the Josephian Spirit that ignites in each Josephian. The ambience was exhilarating as everyone cheered and sang the school songs with great gusto and enthusiasm.

Welcome to the SJI family, Year 1s!

January: Year 3 Josephians Bond at TABA

2019-TABA (5).JPG
"TABA" - which means Together-and-by-Association, was a unique experience aimed at helping the Year 3 cohort bond within their new classes for the next two years they have ahead of them.

2019-TABA (4).JPG
Our Year 3s spent an entire day at Sentosa and Vivocity on 17 January, to get to know each other better with their Form Tutors. They began with the Amazing Race, where there were challenges that required the teams to complete their tasks in order to unlock their checkpoints. After the race and lunch, the boys continued with their creative class bonding games at Vivocity or Palawan Beach at Sentosa.

2019-TABA (1).JPG
2019-TABA (6).jpg 2019-TABA (7).JPG

January: YoungXHUSH Speaks

Summer Yu-Ning Walters (TG617) shares her experience at the “YoungXHUSH Speaks: Inspiration for Action” organised by Hush Teabar, which she attended with Matthew Chang (TG607) on 16 January.
“We heard many inspiring stories from individuals, one of whom was Mr Barney Swan who trekked to the South Pole at the age of 23. His accomplishment was astounding as it was the very first expedition that relied only on renewable energy. Through him, we learnt about the importance of self-reflection, and the need to be mindful of our actions. Other speakers shared about initiatives they were taking to spread the importance of mental health.

As representatives of the YoungXHUSH community in SJI, we had the opportunity to share about our development as a movement, and our plans to spread the importance of mindfulness to other students, beginning with the Secondary 1 students in SJI. Having gained inspiration from this event, we want to persevere in our endeavours to spread awareness and the practice of mindfulness within SJI.”

January: SJI Class of 2018 Excels at GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations

14 January – SJI’s Class of 2018 has performed well in the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. The school achieved 100% passes, with 100% receiving at least 5 GCE ‘O’ Level passes. All the boys will advance to junior colleges and polytechnics for their post-secondary education, with 94% of the boys qualifying for junior college.

This is the 3rd full O-Level class that entered SJI in 2015. 42% (106 out of 250 boys) scored 6As or better, and 43% (107 of 250) of the boys achieved scores of 10 points or less (L1B5).

SJI is proud of the following students who have performed very well in the 2018 GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. They testify to the holistic education that SJI provides. We congratulate these seven boys who entered SJI with PSLE scores below the cut-off point (before MOE’s 2015 admission by appeal policy) and are now graduating with less than 10 points:
Ethan Lewis Ng Cheng Ye
Christian Thaddeus Beh Liang K
Kyes Gaffoor
Rachmiel Teo Ren Xiang
Adrian Leonardo
Ryan Cheng Rong Zhuo
Mark Chew Wei Wen

SJI Principal, Fr (Dr) Adrian Danker, SJ, says, “I am very happy for our Class of 2018. Today we celebrate what we profess and do as Lasallian educators in SJI -- that every boy can do well; that no student is left behind; that every Josephian will graduate and go forth to shine like a sky full of stars. I wish to thank all our teachers, Heads, Dean and VPs for their good work, dedication and passion, who gave so much of themselves to help our students do well. They are the secret of SJI's success: their care and love for our students have made all the difference!

Summary of SJI’s GCE ‘O’ Level Examination Results 2018
Number of students who sat for the GCE 'O' Level examinations 250
Pass rate/ Qualify for JC/Polytechnic education (%) 100%
Boys who qualified for JC education (%) 94%
Boys with 5 GCE ‘O’ Level passes (%) 100%
Boys with 6A’s or more (%) 42%
Boys with scores of less than 10 points (L1R5) (%) 43%
Distinctions (A’s) per student (%) 59%

Subjects With High Distinctions: SJI
English Language 62%
Mathematics 87%
Additional Mathematics 77%
Physics 69%
Humanities (SS, History) 64%
Geography 61%
Chemistry 54%
Humanities (SS, Geography) 52%

January: SJI Class of 2018 Excels at the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Examinations

4 January – SJI’s Class of 2018 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) students have performed very well in the November 2018 examinations. 269 students from our fifth IBDP cohort were awarded the International Baccalaureate Diploma, with an average score of 41 out of 45 points. Four students were also awarded the prestigious Bilingual Diploma.

67% of the cohort (180 students) attained at least 40 points out of 45, of which 41% (111 students) scored 42 points or better. A quarter of our cohort (25%) achieved 43 points and better.

The Class of 2018 includes our pioneer batch of 135 boys who were admitted to SJI at Secondary 1 in 2013 under the Integrated Programme. The results achieved by our Class of 2018 is evident of a trend that the SJI IBDP relates well with students who enjoyed high academic expectations from the programme. They have found joy in learning by being risk-takers who pursue their interests and passion instead of being rote-learners.

Fr (Dr) Adrian Danker, SJ, Principal of SJI, says “I am extremely delighted with the results achieved by this cohort. They include our first through-train batch of boys who were with us since Secondary 1 under our Integrated Programme. Their good results are a testimony to the quality of our programmes at SJI. More importantly, they affirm our school’s commitment to providing an education that allows our students to achive good results along with a balanced life. The very good result also testify to the excellent teachers we have - competent and caring educators. I am proud of them and the quality of their teaching..”

As a Catholic and Lasallian school, SJI is committed to developing every student’s character and to helping them realize their academic potential, so that they become men and women whose education empowers them to make a positive difference in the world. The IBDP results of the 2018 cohort are an affirmation of the quality of the balanced and holistic education offered at SJI.

Summary of SJI’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination Results
IBDP Results by SJI Class of: 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Number of students 270 138 80 80 76
Diploma pass rate (%) 99.6% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Average points out of maximum 45 points 41 41 41.5 40.7 40
Number of students with 43 or more points 68 47 35 19 10
Percentage of students with 43 or more points 25% 34% 44% 24% 13%
Number of students with 40 or more points 180 109 67 57 44
Percentage of students with 40 or more points 67% 79% 84% 71.25% 63%
Number of bilingual diploma students 4 6 2 3 2