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Class Committee


The Class Committee plays a very important role in the life of the School. It is one of the important avenues of student leadership in SJI and enables students to participate in the day-to-day running of the school.


The Class Committee enables more students to participate in the management of their class by:

  • exercising the responsibility of maintaining good order in the class and school.
  • organising and leading the class in the various class activities and school functions.
  • co-operating with the Class and Subject Tutors to ensure that lessons run smoothly and maximum learning takes place.

How the Committee works


General Duties

  1. Maintaining class discipline in the absence of a teacher by encouraging classmates to engage in silent study.
  2. Assisting prefects in maintaining order and silence at assemblies and when classes move from one place to another.
  3. Keeping track of latecomers and reporting to the Class Tutor all cases of indiscipline.
  4. Reminding the tutor who does not turn up for a lesson five minutes after the stipulated time at the beginning of a lesson.


  1. Overall-in-charge of the class.
  2. Ensuring that all the Class Committee Members carry out their duties properly.
  3. Informing the Head of Level if a tutor is absent and no relief has reported.
  4. Ensuring the overall good order and cleanliness of the classroom.
  5. Helping prefects in maintaining discipline outside the classroom whenever necessary.
  6. Representing the class at the meetings of class chairmen.


  1. Returning the class register to the office.
  2. Preparing the class duty roster (two students per day).
  3. Writing the names of absentees on the board by the end of contact time.
  4. Ensuring that there is a sufficient supply and proper use of chalk, whiteboard / marker pens or duster.

Prayer Leader

  1. To lead the class in prayer if there is no teacher present or if the teacher prefers a student to lead class prayers.
  2. Preferably there should be prayer at the beginning of the day (if there is no Assembly prayer), before and after recess and before test and examination.
  3. The prayer leader should preferably, but not necessarily, be a Catholic.

Environment Representative

  1. Ensuring that the class is kept informed of all environmental matters.
  2. Ensuring 100% saving of used paper and plastic drink bottles in class and P.E. lessons.
  3. Ensuring the weekly transfer of collected paper and used bottles to the recycling corner at the canteen.
  4. Encouraging classmates during recess and after school to return all utensils to their proper bins and drink cans and plastic bottles to the recycling corner.

CCA Representative

  1. Ensuring that the class is prepared and is participating in all inter-class competitions.
  2. Bringing the class down for P.E. and reporting to the P.E. tutor.
  3. Helping the P.E. tutor in organising the P.E. activity for the period.
  4. Ensuring that all equipment is returned immediately after the end of the P.E. period.
  5. Assisting the P.E. Dept during all intra-school Sports events.
  6. Reporting to the P.E. Office on all matters pertaining to P.E. and Sports & Games and to the SH (CCA) on all other CCA matters.

AV Representative

  1. Assisting the Class in the proper maintenance and use of the OHP and the OHP screen.
  2. Reporting promptly any damage to the Class Tutor and A.V. Technician.
  3. Taking charge of bulk Library loans.
  4. The AV Representative will undergo training conducted by the school A.V. Technician.


A Class Committee member may be given a CCA point for his service only if the Class Tutor acknowledges that he has performed his duties in a responsible manner. Election to the Class Committee should not be held more than once a semester.