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Prohibited Items

Students are forbidden to bring to school any of the following items which either constitute a threat to the physical/moral safety of others or a distraction to the academic focus of fellow students:

A prohibited item will be confiscated. Depending on the nature of the item, it may be returned to parents. It will be held by the school for a duration decided by the Head of Level and returned to its owner or it may be destroyed. An illegal item will be surrendered to the police.

  • cigarettes/cigarette lighter/tobacco products
  • alcoholic drinks
  • any material of pornographic nature
  • computer/electronic games
  • personal stereo (midi player/discman/mp3)
  • skateboard/rollerblades
  • personal valuables
  • chewing gum
  • all card games/toys
  • any item for sale (without prior school permission)
  • Swiss knife, pen knife, fruit knife
  • working tools (eg. screwdriver, metal rod, etc)
  • paper-cutter
  • envelope opener
  • any other sharp objects that may cause bodily harm (e.g. protruding sharp edge of nail clipper)
  • all other offensive weapons