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Examinations Rules

All candidates must be at their seats at least 15 minutes before the commencement of each paper.

No extra time whatsoever will be allowed if candidates are late for the examination and if candidates are more than 30 minutes late, they will not be permitted to take the examination.

Candidates are to be seated according to their register numbers as arranged by the Class Tutor.

Candidates must be in school uniform and have a proper hairstyle.

All bags, books, files and any other reference materials are to be left outside the hall or outside the classroom, along the corridor.

Candidates are not allowed to borrow stationery, calculators or other equipment from other candidates during an examination. All stationery items such as pens and pencils are to be put in a clear, transparent holder.

Candidates must inform the Invigilator immediately if:

  • a question paper they have not entered for is handed to them.
  • a question paper they have been issued with does not contain the number of questions and/or printed pages specified on the front page.
  • they are not issued with all the materials which are stated in the question papers, e.g. maps.

Candidates must write clearly their class, index number and name (as in register) on each page of the answer script. The name of the subject must be written on the first sheet of each set of writing paper and on any loose map or squared paper.

Candidates must write on both sides of the paper, unless the rubric of the question paper prohibits this. They must leave a margin at both the right hand and the left hand edges. Candidates must begin the answer to each separate part of a question on a fresh line and leave a blank space after the answer of each question.

Candidates must write the number of the question clearly in the left hand margin at the beginning of each answer. Candidates should not copy the question, but must use the same system of numbering as that in the question paper.

Candidates are reminded that handwriting and spelling will be taken into account in the award of marks.

Correcting fluid or tape and red ink pen or pencil must not be used during the examination.

Candidates must read the questions very carefully. Much time is often wasted in writing down information that is not asked for and no marks will be given for it. In fact, marks can be deducted under the ‘Excess Denies’ rubic.

As soon as candidates are told to stop writing, they must arrange their answer scripts and fasten them together at the left-hand top corner. Candidates must be seated and must observe silence while their answer scripts are being collected.

Candidates must not leave their answer scripts in such a position that another candidate can read it.

Candidates are not allowed to leave the Examination Room before the end of the period allotted to the paper.

Unused writing papers must be returned to the invigilator and all unwanted writing papers must be discarded before leaving the examination room.

A candidate may be expelled from the exam room, refused entry for subsequent papers and have his papers cancelled if he is detected for dishonesty, i.e. he has either copied from other candidates or he has given opportunity to other candidates to copy from him or he has communicated dishonestly with other candidates.

For School-based Practical Assessments (SPA), a candidate must not take out of the Science labs, any materials (including writing papers).

Candidates are not permitted to have in their possession, while in the Examination Room, any handphone, pagers, other electronic devices capable of storing and displaying visual and verbal information, book, memorandum or pocket-book, notes or paper whatsoever. Those who disregard this caution are liable to the same penalty as those who are detected for dishonesty.

Candidates who are absent for any paper will get a zero score for that paper.