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Disciplinary Policies

Discipline in SJI rests on a foundation of respect and responsibility that are anchored on the Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community. Discipline is a direct consequence of the Gospel imperative to love. Love demands discipline.

The system of correction in SJI is a positive and nurturing one that seeks to help build sound character and support effective learning.

This is best achieved in the school community where:

  • Every teacher and student has respect for every person and the school environment
  • Every teacher and student is responsible for the discipline of the school
  • Every student is clear about what is asked of him, why it is asked of him and the consequence of irresponsible behaviour.

The chief tool used to reinforce personal accountability for one’s actions is ORA (Observation, reflection and action)

Any significant breach of discipline is to be recorded; less serious offences in the yellow ‘Incident Report Form’ and more serious offences in the pink ‘Reprimand Form’.

If a student should wish to seek redress in any matter pertaining to discipline, he may approach his Class Tutor or School Counsellor. A report will be submitted to the Principal who makes the final decision.

Negative behaviour requires appropriate school response to give a clear signal to students that the school does not tolerate ill-discipline and expects good, positive behaviour from all.

School corrective action is carried out according to the nature of the offence. A more serious offence warrants a more serious school response.

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