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Conduct in Classrooms

The classroom is the main venue where learning and teaching take place. It is the ‘homeroom’ of the class and reflects the unique identity of the students who use it. As such, it must always be conducive to learning and teaching.

The Class Tutor and Class Committee are responsible for the proper use and management of the classroom but every student in that class takes ‘personal interest and pride in classroom cleanliness and good order’.

The classroom should also be made available for CCA or remedial use by other teachers who are non-Class Tutors. Prior permission should be obtained from the Class Tutor.

Furniture is to be arranged neatly at all times and chairs are placed under the desks when not in use. Students should not sit or stand on the tables.

The noticeboard is kept tidy and up to date. This is to be supervised by the appointed class committee members.

Safety precautions pertaining to the use of the power points and the projector must be observed. All power points, lights, and fans must be switched off immediately after use or when the class leaves the classroom.

All damages in the classroom should be promptly reported to the Class Tutor who will file a damage report with the office of the Facilities Manager. The cost of replacement/repair will be borne by the class if the damage is due to negligence or vandalism.

At the end of the day, the last teacher in class should check that everything is in good order before dismissing the class.

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