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Conduct at Assembly & Latecoming

Every morning at 7.25a.m., music will be played through the P.A. system. This is the signal for all to promptly proceed to the running track for the morning assembly. Class Tutors will begin to take the attendance for the day. In the absence of a Class Tutor an assigned teacher will take over.

Students not present at the 7.30a.m. bell will be marked absent. Class Tutors must ensure that all absentees produce a valid excuse or medical certificate the next school day to explain their absence.

Assembly will commence immediately at the 7.30a.m. bell with the reading of the day’s announcements. The duty prefects will collect the Attendance Registers at the end of assembly and deliver them to the school office.

Students who reach the school gates up to the 7.30a.m. bell will be allowed in by the prefects on duty. These students will have their attendance taken. Those arriving at the gates after the 7.30a.m. are late for school. They will not be allowed to join the assembly.

A latecomer who arrives after the duty prefects have left their post at the gates must report to the HOL office to have his diary stamped. He may not go straight to class.

All latecomers will be sent to a minimum of two hours’ supervised detention. This will usually be held from 3 – 5p.m. every day from Monday to Friday. Latecomers will do silent study or be assigned service tasks. Duty Prefects will take charge.

Only if a Class Tutor is convinced that a student has a valid reason for his latecoming can she/he request an exemption for the latecomer. A brief, signed note, under the ‘Late’ entry in the school diary will excuse the student from detention.

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