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Conduct at School

The mission of SJI is to form a community where teachers and students can live their faith and become the persons that God wants them to be.

As a Catholic school, its Code of Conduct is based on the values of the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church. All Catholic teachers and students are expected to participate in the liturgical observances and prayer services that form the rhythm of school-life and that give expression to the Catholic tradition of the school. This includes Morning Prayer in the chapel, prayers at Morning Assembly, prayers before and after meals, prayers before competitions and examinations, Prayer Services and Eucharistic celebrations that form part of the observance of the Inaugural Assembly, Founder’s Day, Lunar New Year celebration, National Day commemoration, Teachers’ Day, Speech and Graduation Ceremony, Farewell Assembly and Thanksgiving Assembly; as well as the Eucharistic liturgies in school that keep the observance of the Holy Days of Obligation of the Catholic Church.

Being also Lasallian in tradition, SJI is an inclusive school and we welcome but do not require non-Catholic teachers and students to participate in any of these religious practices or to hold Catholic beliefs as a basis for admission into the school. We make every effort to organize school activities in such a manner to include teachers and students who share a different faith expression or who do not follow any specific faith expression to participate and benefit from a Josephian education.

However, if non-Catholic teachers and students choose to opt out of the Catholic practices/beliefs during common activities such as morning assembly, the school only expects them either to reflect in their own way or to maintain a respectful silence while others are participating in the practices/beliefs.

For more information on specific conduct at school, please refer to the following: