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Co-Curricular Activities

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In keeping with its Values, Mission and Vision, SJI recognises Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) as an integral part of the school curriculum. The CCA programme complements the academic programme.

Students are encouraged to specialise in one area of involvement. This will be their Core CCA. It will be their anchor activity for four years. Resignation and transfer to another CCA is not an option open to any student. They may participate in a second CCA if they so desire but it should be a less demanding activity. They will require the written approval of the Deputy Principal (Student Development). A student can only resign from his original CCA commitment and seek a transfer to an alternative CCA if the Principal finds his reasons acceptable (e.g. medical grounds). If a change of CCA is permitted, it will, however, take place only at the beginning of the New Year.

Suspension from any CCA by the school (e.g. for poor attendance) will result in cancellation of points scored up to that time in the activity. Points that have been thus cancelled will not be restored even after the period of suspension.

The family and the school must encourage each student to commit himself to his chosen CCA and balance this with his studies. Not every boy may achieve a Distinction ‘A’ grade in CCA but all are expected to give of their best in whatever CCA they pursue.

Catholic boys are strongly encouraged to make one of the Catholic societies their second CCA. All Catholic students in Secondary 1 are required to enrol in the Legion of Mary, the St Vincent de Paul Society or the Young Christian Students and attend at least 15 meetings during their first year. They may opt to continue or discontinue their membership after this period.

Participation in a second Sports and Games activity requires the express approval of the Vice Principal. This is only allowed if it is at school representation level.

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