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Message by Brother President

BrPaulHo.pngDear Parents,

As we begin a new chapter in the lives of our Josephians, we take a moment to thank God for all his blessings. We have had a fruitful year in SJI, with the graduating cohort achieving good academic results, but more importantly, we are proud to have shared in their development as Men and Women of Integrity and Men and Women for Others. We acknowledge also the dedication of the teachers, staff and parents who have supported our students in their development, participated in our school events, and dedicated prayers for our community throughout the year.

As a Lasallian school, SJI shares a common ethos with all Lasallians around the world which is unique to their identity. As Lasallians, our Josephians are identified by their Faith, Community and Service. This rings throughout the school, and as parents, you are part of our community and we welcome you to work with us in Faith and Service for our wider fraternity. There are many ways you can work with us as a PSG member - from cooking and baking for school events, to organising talks and offering administrative support, or you can lend your photography or journalism skills for our website. Join us in any way you can. Just contact us at sjipsgs@sji.edu.sg.

As your sons grow to become young men, they would need a father figure to mentor them; we hope you fathers will now take a huge step to be part of their formation.

There are many activities in the pipeline and we hope you would be involved directly in some of them. I look forward to meeting you at our various PSG events.

God bless us all.

Sincerely yours,
Bro. Paul Ho
Brother President