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International Friendship Day (3 April 2017)

The 2017 International Friendship Day mini fair organised by the PSG presented a gastronomic and cultural journey around the world. With the theme of One World, food stalls representing the 5 regions of the world - Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas, and Oceania - sold snacks typically enjoyed in various countries belonging to those regions. The snacks were generously donated by parents, as well as ex-SJI students as part of fund-raising for SJI’s Campus Development Fund.

Students also had the opportunity to pose for a photo with fun, colorful props, or play a game with friends at the Photo and Games booths.

Nothing beats experiencing the Filipino culture through the exciting Tinikling dance where dancers gingerly hopped in between two bamboo poles that were tapped against each other and onto the ground. Students had the opportunity to learn some basic steps of this dance taught by parent volunteers.

Brunch for Teachers & Staff (21 April 2017)

The PSG welcomed Teachers & Staff back home at the Malcolm Road campus, and at the same time, thanked them for their hard work, guidance and dedication in teaching our SJI boys and girls.
2017Brunch 1.png
The event saw offerings of noodles, fried rice, pasta, salad, char siew, savoury pastries and a variety of desserts which included the popular Italian gelato in different yummy flavours.
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An Evening with Parent Volunteers (30 June 2017)

About 50 parent volunteers turned up at this casual get-together session on 30 June 2017, 5.30pm – 7.30pm. It was an enjoyable evening for parents to connect with one another over a meal.
Evening with Parents 3.pngEvening with parents 5.pngEvening with Parents 4.png

Racial Harmony Day (21 July 2017)

This year, Racial Harmony Day saw a large participation from parents who had been invited to celebrate the occasion with the school. Parent workshops on calligraphy and batik painting, as well as a talk on aromatherapy, were organised to add colour to the event.

Based on the theme ‘The Singapore Way’, we highlighted the main ethnic groups of Singapore, namely, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasians and the Peranakans through their traditional delicacies, crafts and traditional games. There were also Singaporeans’ favourite local treats such as ‘ice cream potong’, Milo Float, Milo Dinosaur and old school tidbits which delighted the students.