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PSG Meeting with the Principal

The SJI PSG kicked off the year with a gathering/lunch on 4 February 2012. Principal of SJI Dr Koh Thiam Seng’s address reassured the parents of the school’s commitment to develop the boys to becoming men of integrity and men for others. PSG Chairman Shaun Chan then shared the calendar of activities to be held during the year (See Events page), providing various opportunities for parents to participate as partners-in-education. The parents were then grouped into various sub-committees to network and to review the plan for upcoming activities.

The gathering ended on the high note with a ‘Lo Hei’ session. Over lunch, friendship continued to be forged among the parents, and tips to better engage in their sons’ secondary education were shared.

4Feb2012-Dr Koh addressing new the PSG members.jpg 4Feb2012-Certificates of appreciation were given out to parents who were involved last years.jpg
Dr Koh addressing the new PSG members Certificates of appreciation were given out to parents who were involved last year
4Feb2012-Starting the year off with a Lo-Hei brunch.jpg 4Feb2012-Parents mingling and getting to know each other.jpg
Starting the year off with a “Lo-Hei” brunch Parents mingling and getting to know each other

Do click on the SJI PSG Appreciation Brunch 4 Feb 2012 for the video presentation of the event.

PSG Parent–Son Bonding Event – Rocks and Rounds @ Safra Yishun – March 3rd

The PSG organised a fun filled morning, where pairs of fathers and sons scaled the rock walls and fired rounds at the shooting gallery. It was heartwarming to see these parents take the time to be with their boys. Wen Rui and Keegan Ng, both from Sec 1, cheered their fathers, KT and Eugene respectively, as both men reached the top of the wall! “I felt enervated but it was exhilarating’, says Eugene. Wen Rui “ I was so happy to see my Dad up there!”.

Everyone was equally excited as they competed in the shooting gallery. Father and son, Noni and Carlos Limpo came in 1st. Not bad at all for the pair who held air rifles for the first time! The day ended with lots of hugs, laughter and parents and sons enjoying the morning together.

3mar2012-Instructor showing safety tips to the participants.jpg 3mar2012-Better to be safe than sorry son.jpg
Instructor showing safety tips to the participants “Better to be safe than sorry son”!
3mar2012-Father-son pairs as they scaled up the wall.jpg 3mar2012-Dad you did it.jpg
Father-son pairs as they scaled up the wall “Dad you did it!” Keegan Ng with his father, Eugene
3mar2012-Practising at the Shooting Gallery.jpg 3mar2012-The sharp shooters going home their medals.jpg
Practising at the Shooting Gallery The sharp shooters going home with their medals!

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PSG-Parents-Highlights-Pulling Teeth and Pulling Punches Talk r2 (800 x 1524).jpg