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Ministry/Statutory Board Scholars

IB Class of 2020 - Hannah Khoo and Charlene Woon - they are recipients of the Healthcare Merit Award
Year Name of Alumnus Year of Graduation Scholarship
2021 Hannah Khoo Zhi-En Class of 2020 (IBDP) MOHH Healthcare Merit Award
Charlene Woon Wen Jing Class of 2020 (IBDP) MOHH Healthcare Merit Award
2020 Geraldo Nick K Kanayalal Class of 2018 (IBDP) MOHH Healthcare Merit Award (Overseas)
Rainier Goh Yue Yang Class of 2017 (IBDP) MOHH Healthcare Merit Award
Chng Hui Ru, Melanie Class of 2016 (IBDP) MOHH Healthcare Administration Scholarship
2019 Emily Ng Sing Yee Class of 2018 (IBDP) MOHH Healthcare Merit Award (Overseas)
Hoo Fang Qi Class of 2018 (IBDP) Ministry of Health scholarship
Johanna Lim Class of 2018 (IBDP) Smart Nation Scholarship (MCI)
Darren Leow Class of 2017 (IBDP) Smart Nation Scholarship (MCI)
Annette Poh Wen Ann Class of 2018 (IBDP) MOE Teaching Award
Hsu Jun Cheng Lucas Class of 2016 (IBDP) MOE Teaching Scholarship
Timothy Yee Class of 2014 A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship
Shaun Sim Class of 2014 Nanyang Scholarship
Tok Niken Class of 2013 Singapore-Industry Scholarship
Dillon Keshvani Class of 2010 Undergraduate scholarship from the Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (MINDEF)
2018 Sheares Toh Xue Wen Class of 2017 (IBDP) A*STAR Scholarship
Wong Ee Shuen, Natasha Class of 2017 (IBDP) MOE Teaching Scholarship (Local)
Nurin Huda Binte Hanif Class of 2017 (IBDP) MOE Teaching Award
Ahmad Zaki Bin Yazid Class of 2015 (IBDP) MOE Teaching Award
Dylan Raj Singh Class of 2014 PSC Scholarship (Teaching)
Hubert Yeo Jing Jie Class of 2013 MOE Teaching Scholarship
Lim Bo Zhi Class of 2012 Defence Science Technology Agency (DSTA) Scholarship
2017 Gerald Chua Deng Xiang Class of 2012 SgIS Full Term
Oh Jing Wei Gordon Class of 2012 MOE Teaching Award
2016 Ong Sing Huat, Jonathan Class of 2015 (IBDP) MOE Teaching Scholarship (Local)
Lim Yu Zhuang, Germaine Class of 2015 (IBDP) MOH Holdings Healthcare Merit Scholarship
2015 Eugene Kwa Jing Class of 2010 A*Star Scholarship
Brian Thian Wen Yao Class of 2010 MOE Teaching Scholarship (Local)
Jeremy Lum Wei Jian Class of 2010 MOE Teaching Scholarship (Local)
Chan Hui Yang Class of 2010 MOE Teaching Award
Amanda Foo Jia Qi Class of 2014 (IBDP) Defence Merit Scholarship
Dilys Ann Teoh En-Lyn Class of 2014 (IBDP) URA Overseas Scholarship
Rachel Ooi Siew Hui Class of 2014 (IBDP) The National Environment and Water (NEW) Scholarship
Yong Sherwin Class of 2014 (IBDP) Healthcare Merit Award
2014 Navin Brian Ramakrishnan
Class of 2005
A*STAR Scholarship
Tedrick Thomas Salim Lew Class of 2007 A*STAR Scholarship
2013 Nikolas Tay ZhiHao Class of 2010 Integrated Infocomm Scholarship (IIS)
2012 Rovik Jeremiah Robert Class of 2009 EDB Scholarship
Chan Shyang Wai Andre Class of 2007 A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship
Chin Hao Class of 2006 Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Scholarship
Teo Yong Hoe Wayne Class of 2006 HDB Undergraduate Scholarship
Ang Hwee Yong Eugene Class of 2005 NUS Undergraduate Scholarship
Soh Zhan Feng Daniel Class of 2005 Defence Merit Scholarship
Tan Khing Leung Linus Class of 2005 BCA-Industry Built Environment Scholarship
Ong Xuan Feng Class of 2005 AVA Undergraduate Scholarship
Yap Hong Sheng Kevin Class of 2005 HDB Undergraduate Scholarship