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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The "Bring Your Own Device" programme (BYOD@SJI Programme), where students will bring and utilise their personal computing device for learning, was started in 2013. Teachers require their students to bring their computing devices for learning in class. Students who do not own a computing device and are on MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB) Scheme could loan a school computing device for the lesson. 

The enhanced use of technology in learning aims to create a rich, stimulating and interactive learning environment beyond the traditional classroom, and in the process develop the students' capacity to be self-directed and to engage in collaborative learning, as well as to help them to acquire necessary 21st century skills and dispositions to prepare them for the future.

How Will BYOD@SJI Help My Child?

The use of technology has permeated almost every sphere in our society. The BYOD@SJI Programme will help to prepare our students for a high-tech globalized world as well as provide opportunities to learn how to handle computing devices in a productive and responsible manner.

Implementation Details for BYOD@SJI

Students will be required to own a computing device which they will use for their learning. These computing devices must meet a minimum requirements(refer to FAQ)

For the purpose of learning, there is no need for a student to bring a high end computing device to school. An entry level computing device that is light and meet the minimum requirements stated above would suffice.

More details will be provided during the orientation briefing for parents.

Please see the FAQs for more information regarding BYOD@SJI.