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Give to SJI

SJI intends to continue to offer a high quality education that is balanced and holistic, focusing on character formation and leadership development. SJI also aspires to move up to the next level of its development.

By giving to the school, our alumni, parents, staff and friends enable SJI to fulfill our mission of nurturing persons of integrity and persons for others, who make a difference to society.

• Growing the SJI Endowment Fund

In order for us to keep our education relevant in the changing educational landscape, we need to grow our SJI Endowment Fund so that there would be sufficient income generated to do the following:
  • Provide financial assistance for school fees for needy students, who were not able to receive financial assistance from MOE,
  • Provide for the numerous school scholarships and awards
  • Offer an innovative curriculum that include special programmes that balances between academic with non-academic learning,
  • Ensure that our teachers are professionally developed to implement innovative pedagogies that cater to individual talents and interests,
  • Maintain a student-teacher ratio that allows our teachers to know their students well and to give personal attention when required, and
  • Recruit additional allied educators to support special needs of our students.
The income generated from the SJI Endowment Fund could be used to supplement the Government funding and school fees to enable SJI to offer a high quality education and to move up to the next level of its development. All donations to the SJI Endowment Fund are tax-deductible for amounts of S$50 and above. Any amount of donations, however small, will be appreciated.

• Make a Gift now

Whether it’s a donation to the Endowment Fund, helping the needy students through financial aid, assisting talented students to develop their gifts through scholarships, or donations to support the school’s priority needs, you are making a valuable contribution to the SJI community.

   Give to SJI