Level 3 Learning

Systematic Inquiry to Address Issues or Problems in Service to Community

Cutting edge innovation and thinking programmes in collaboration with top global institutions, to empower young people to deal with complexity, diversity and rapid changes; so that they can make a difference in our globalized world.

This is a collaborative effort between SJI and the ArtScience Labs, which arose from Harvard University, to provide an experience-based education for our students. SJI is the Singapore Site for this global programme that is a catalyst for student learning through passionate pursuit of innovation and design ideas at the cutting edge of science. Anchored in the core work of an annual scientific theme that is socially relevant and on the cusp of innovation, it supports and challenges students to stretch their thinking and come up with wild blue-sky ideas to address needs that exist throughout the world through the three steps of the ArtScience Idea Translation process of Conception, Translation and Realization. Some students travel internationally where they participate in an international Translation Workshop with students around the world. Other students work on their ideas locally or nationally.

Design Thinking by the Rotman School of Management of the University of Toronto integrates design and the entrepreneurial mindset to come out with innovative solutions for products and services so to meet real societal needs. At SJI, we adopt this Design Thinking model with the aims to bring out the intuitive lenses of our students by learning how to make close observations in identifying real life problems that surround us. Through the ethnographic study approach, students take vested interest to solve real life problems that encourages creative problem solving so to enhance users’ experiences.

A multi-disciplinary global education programme that equips Josephians with the critical thinking skills necessary to grasp the multi-faceted nature of global issues. It also nurtures the creative and caring thinking of an engaged global citizen, capable of acting effectively in collaboration with others to address these complex issues. Overseas Residential Programme serves as a capstone programme and actualises the 5th stage of the World & Me curriculum. Students are 'transported’ to communities across Asia to explore the Self, and the many dimensions of citizenship.