Design Thinking

Design Thinking uses the mindset of designers to produce innovations in products, processes and business and organizational models, with the core focus on deep understanding of and empathy with the people who use them. Design Thinking@SJI aims to provide opportunities for students to practise balancing between analytical thinking and intuitive thinking to address real-life issues and multi-faceted challenges. Students will be trained in the three ‘gears’ of Design Thinking that integrates a designer mindset with a business-oriented value proposition. The curriculum is grounded in SJI’s longstanding mission of ‘nurturing men of integrity and men for others.’ This alignment with SJI’s value-based education is further manifested through social values-based projects that reinforce the mindsets and skills of Design Thinking.
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Design Thinking at SJI aims to groom an upcoming set of distinct of leaders who possess skills in both analytical and design thinking processes that have the potential to make a meaningful and innovative impact in our society.