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Use of Handphones

A handphone is not an absolute necessity and for many students it is actually a source of distraction. So, when in school and during curriculum time, a student does not need a handphone.

In keeping with the school culture of solidarity with the poor and voluntary simplicity, the administration strongly advises parents, if they wish their son to bring a handphone to school, to purchase for their son only a simple ‘entry model’ phone, i.e. do not purchase a state of the art phone with all the latest features. This will minimize replacement costs in case of loss or damage.

  • There will be a total ban on the use of handphones by students from 7.30a.m. to dismissal every school day. Any handphone found with a student during those hours will be confiscated. Confiscated phones will be returned at the end of every term or semester, at the discretion of the Head of Level.

  • All handphones should be turned off (not just put on silent mode) by 7.25a.m. Upon arrival at his classroom, each student will surrender his handphone to the class committee. Each handphone will be clearly labelled with the owner’s name and class. Unlabelled phones will be confiscated. These handphones will be locked in the designated drawer in the teacher’s table.

  • The key of this drawer will be attached to the classroom keys. It is the responsibility of the class committee particularly and the whole class generally to ensure the safety of those keys. Classroom security is everyone’s business.

  • At the end of the school day, the class committee will return the handphones to their respective owners in an orderly manner. The drawer should never be opened without the presence of at least two class committee members. Upon receiving his handphone, the owner should resist the temptation to switch it on immediately to check for messages.

  • After school the handphone can only be turned on when the student has arrived at one of the two call zones. From then on, it must be on silent mode as long as the student remains on campus. The ringing of a handphone (even in the call zones) will warrant its confiscation. The phone should be switched off during all afternoon lessons/remedials or CCA meetings/training.

  • The use of the handphone will be restricted to the two call zones: the canteen and the street-soccer court. Ignoring this guideline will lead to confiscation. When walking through the other parts of the school, the phone should remain out of sight.

  • During CCA training, all CCA groups will have their designated student Security Officers who will collect the labeled handphones and wallets to be locked for the duration of the training. The expected times of risk are at the start of training and especially at the distribution of valuables at the end of training.

  • During intra-school games, the class committee will designate the students who will watch over the handphones and other valuables. The Class Tutor will have a say in this matter.

  • The school authorities want to make it clear that permission to bring handphones to school does not entail the free use of handphone accessories like games, radio, music or camera functions.

  • Parents will not be able to have free telephone access to their sons during school hours because of the disruption caused to lessons. In the case of an emergency, they will have to call the school office. For a non-emergency they should SMS their son and leave a message for him to return a call as soon as he reads the message after school dismissal.

The final interpretation of the above rules rest with the school administration.