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Conduct in School Chapel


The School Chapel is the heart of SJI just as the school administrative office is seen to be its mind.

At the very centre of the Sanctuary, is the tabernacle, reserved for the Blessed Sacrament, which to Catholics is the true and abiding presence of Jesus. The chapel is the one place in the school where both students and teachers stand equal in the sight of God.

The Sanctuary is a place for prayer and liturgical celebrations. As such, behaviour in the Chapel should always be respectful.

It is customary to bless ourselves with holy water and the sign of the cross as we enter or leave the chapel to remind those who are Catholics of their baptism and that God is a trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is also customary to genuflect (kneel on the right knee) or bow in the direction of the Blessed Sacrament before occupying a place in the pew as a sign of respect and love for God.

A red vigil lamp is kept burning to remind us of the Lord’s presence and usually a blue vigil lamp burns before Our Lady’s shrine as a sign of continuous prayer especially during times like examinations.

At the end of each service, all hymn books and/or prayer sheets should be returned to their proper place.

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