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Code of Conduct

(Based on the Josephian Pledge – 2001)

Sow a thought, reap an act;
Sow an act, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character;
Sow a character, reap a DESTINY.

- Samuel Smiles


The mission of St Joseph’s Institution (SJI), which is a school of the Christian Brothers of St John Baptist De La Salle, is to form a community where teachers and students can live their faith and become the persons that God wants them to be.

As a Catholic school, its Code of Conduct is based on the values of the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church. All Catholic teachers and students are expected to participate in the liturgical observances and prayer services that form the rhythm of school-life and that give expression to the Catholic tradition of the school. This includes Morning Prayer in the chapel, prayers at Morning Assembly, prayers before and after meals, prayers before competitions and examinations, Prayer Services and Eucharistic celebrations that form part of the observance of the Inaugural Assembly, Founder’s Day, Lunar New Year celebration, National Day commemoration, Teachers’ Day, Speech and Graduation Ceremony, Farewell Assembly and Thanksgiving Assembly; as well as the Eucharistic liturgies in school that keep the observance of the Holy Days of Obligation of the Catholic Church.

Being also Lasallian in tradition, SJI is an inclusive school and we welcome but do not require non-Catholic teachers and students to participate in any of these religious practices or to hold Catholic beliefs as a basis for admission into the school. We make every effort to organize school activities in such a manner to include teachers and students who share a different faith expression or who do not follow any specific faith expression to participate and benefit from a Josephian education. However, if non-Catholic teachers and students choose to opt out of the Catholic practices/beliefs during common activities such as morning assembly, the school only expects them either to reflect in their own way or to maintain a respectful silence while others are participating in the practices/beliefs.

Josephians conduct themselves in relation to themselves and to others according to 5 Principles.

Principle 1
As Men of Integrity, we live by principles and we honour our commitments to the community we belong to.

As we state in the Josephian Pledge, we will at all times, in the spirit of our motto, Ora et Labora, follow the rules of good morality and social behaviour out of love for God and our neighbour by giving attention to our studies by seeking a balance in our academic work and co-curricular activities (through supporting the learning process in our studies and in our co-curricular activities).

1.1. As Josephians, we cultivate personal honesty in all the choices that we make: We do not lie, cheat or steal. This is in line with being a person of principle; being a person who will do what one has said that what one will do as a matter of principle.

1.2. We support the learning process in school by being punctual for school, lessons and activities, including co-curricular activities. We will be present and actively participate in all school functions as well.

1.3. We support the learning process in our studies

  1. by coming to school each day prepared for serious work, bringing all necessary books and materials for the lessons of the day and we are ready to submit all home assignments on time so that we will receive timely feedback for our work to help us improve;
  2. by cultivating a sense of personal pride in the quality of work submitted, taking the trouble always to submit work that is well planned, neat and complete as this will help us cultivate the correct work ethics that are essential in the working world that we will enter in future.

1.4. We support the learning process in our co-curricular activities

  1. by taking part in at least one co-curricular activity and faithfully maintaining active membership throughout our school life as this is part and parcel of developing into a person of commitment;
  2. by faithfully attending all co-curricular meetings or trainings and this is shown by our attendance rate being at least be at 75% for the year. As a matter of good work ethics, we must not be absent from co-curricular activity for 3 times or more in a row with no valid excuse. Our absence must always be explained by a medical certificate or a letter from our parents.

Principle 2
As Men for Others, we are called to be builders of a just and gracious community, being respectful towards others all the time

As we state in the Josephian Pledge, we will at all times, in the spirit of our motto, Ora et Labora, follow the rules of good morality in our personal and social behaviour out of love for God and our neighbour by showing respect to all who exercise authority: Parents, Teachers and Student Leaders.

2.1. A Lasallian community is a community of faith, as such, we will show our loyalty to God by showing the utmost respect for the religious beliefs and practices of others.

2.2. We respect the dignity of others and treat them the way we would like them to treat us

  1. by doing our best to see the good in others, rather than the bad, making the effort always to praise, affirm and thank more than criticise, judge and condemn;
  2. by respecting everyone’s right to be different and learning to accept people as they are with both their strengths and weaknesses, always being sensitive to their feelings and needs.
  3. by addressing everyone in a courteous manner. Being respectful of others, we avoid the use of nicknames especially hurtful or coarse ones and we will always strive to be wholesome in our attitudes, speech and behaviours. As respectful and gracious people, we do not encourage the use of obscenities at any time, including online, and we know it is a serious matter to bring to school any form of pornography, which degrades the dignity of the human person.
  4. by saying nothing that would reflect unfavourably on anyone’s parents, home, culture, race, language or religion.

2.3. We do everything in our power to oppose those who trample on the rights of others, especially bullies and extortionists as SJI has no room for thugs who victimise their fellow students and since our School Rally exhorts us to 'All that is vile, reject…. bravely defending the cause of the right';

2.4. We show our respect to those who are senior to us

  1. by always greeting and acknowledging our parents, any Brother, administrator, teacher or member of the non-teaching staff in a respectful manner;
  2. by making the effort to learn the name and designation of each member of the school staff;
  3. by our polite behaviour and courteous regard when speaking to or in the presence of adults. We will be respectful to all, especially to elders – teaching staff as well as non-teaching staff (including security and cleaners);

Principle 3
As Men for Others, we exercise the virtue of respect and responsibility by adopting an appropriate behaviour for the right occasion.

As we state in the Josephian Pledge, we will at all times, in the spirit of our motto, Ora et Labora, be loyal to God and to our nation, to our family and to our school.

3.1. We are always at our best behaviour, in school or in public places, whether we are in school uniform or not as that is part and parcel of being a gentleman.

3.2. We follow lessons with attention and discourage disruptive behaviour in class so that all may be able to enjoy an environment that is conducive to learning. We help to keep a check on noise levels within our class so that other classes are not distracted by us.

3.3. We keep silence at assemblies, when in ranks, when moving about in the school especially when passing by classes in session as this is considerate behaviour; and we are especially quiet when in the Library.

3.4. We actively participate during flag raising: Students must stand at attention; Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the National Pledge with conviction and pride with the right fist placed over the heart as this will inspire one another to have a strong sense of belonging. As we may have to refer to content in the School Diary during Morning Assembly, we will bring the School Diary to Morning Assembly.

3.5. We behave very respectfully during prayer at assembly or in the classroom by actively participating in prayer; or if we are not able to, we will observe a respectful silence. During days when there is no assembly, the Prayer Leader will lead prayer in the classroom and this should take place no later than 7.50am. *

* (Prayer before the start of a lesson)

  1. When the teacher steps into the classroom, the prayer leader will ask all in class to stand and greet the teacher.
  2. The class will then sit and the prayer leader says aloud, "Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God."
  3. The class will remain silent with their eyes closed for 1 minute (time to be kept by the prayer leader) before the teacher begins the lesson.

Principle 4
As Men for Others, we are responsible for the care of the learning environment so that others and we can benefit from this just stewardship of the environment.

As we state in the Josephian Pledge, we will at all times, in the spirit of our motto, Ora et Labora, be loyal to our school.

4.1. We show our loyalty to our school by taking personal interest and pride in school and in the classroom

  1. We will ensure that the classroom is orderly and clean, at the beginning each lesson and at the end of the school day and we will ensure that all litter is deposited in the wastepaper-baskets provided as this is also part and parcel of hygienic.
  2. All of us, together with the Duty Boys, will ensure the readiness of the classroom for lessons by removing all bits of litter, arranging the desks neatly and cleaning the board before the next teacher comes. We will also ensure that the canteen tables are clean after use out of consideration for others who will use the table after us. The Class Committee, under the supervision of the Class Tutor, will ensure that duty rosters are monitored and enforced each day.
  3. We will change out of our P.E attire into full school uniform after P.E as this is a hygienic practice. Our wet P.E attire and wet towel, which we would have brought to wipe ourselves dry, will be put away in a plastic bag and kept in our schoolbag.

4.2. We show our loyalty to our school by taking personal interest and pride in school/classroom

  1. We not only discourage others from littering but we personally pick up any litter we come across and deposit it in the nearest refuse bin.
  2. We observe proper toilet hygiene and leave this facility the way we wish to find it: clean and dry
  3. For reasons of cleanliness and good order, food and drink are only consumed in the cafeteria.
  4. If we have dropped food on the floor, it is our responsibility to clear it up before it is trampled upon by others.
  5. After eating, we clean our place at the table and return all non-disposable bowls, plates and eating utensils to the designated area.
  6. We will always clean up the areas that we have used so that others who come after us will be able to use them without great inconvenience.

4.3. We show our loyalty to our school by respecting all school property.

Principle 5
As Men of Integrity and Men for Others, we are driven by passion in the way we express our Josephian identity by the way we carry ourselves so that it inspires others to have a strong sense of pride of being Josephian.

We Josephians pledge ourselves at all times in the spirit of our motto, Ora et Labora, to be loyal to our school.

5. We show loyalty to our school by choosing to wear the school attire correctly and with pride both on and off campus.

  1. The Josephian identity is one that is unique and distinctive and is expressed by the dignified manner with which the school uniform is to be worn according to the specifications stated in Appendix F. The school dress code emphasises the values of personal discipline and simplicity. We will therefore wear the prescribed school uniform with distinction and with pride so that others may easily identify us as Josephians. The haircut is also part of the school uniform.
  2. As we are part of the school community, we express our unity and community spirit by wearing only the official school/fraternity P.E. Attire for P.E. periods. Other approved T-shirts may be worn outside school hours and during co-curricular activities. Due to security reasons through easy identification, we do not come to school for any activity or training in outside clothes.
  3. We know that if we wish to play after school, we should be in full P.E attire so that we will not soil the school uniform which we may need to wear when we go home; and the school uniform has to be worn in a dignified manner because of the reasons mentioned above.
  4. We wear our full school uniform or P.E. attire even on Saturdays or during the holidays. We adhere to the specified haircut as long as we don any school attire; even during the school vacation, because of the reasons mentioned above. Due to reasons of decorum as well as reasons of safety, we will not wear slippers or sandals with any school attire for any school activity unless a school authority has given us permission to do so.
  5. We will wear the tie on at the start of assembly on the first school day of the week till the first recess bell.

* Please refer to Appendix H, which provides details regarding discipline.