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CCA Grading

The revised CCA Grading Scheme, introduced by MOE in January 2003, known as LEAPS, takes into account the diverse CCA programmes offered by the school as well as the nature and level of students’ participation. This revised scheme will award students CCA points in 5 categories:

Leadership Position of responsibility held in a Core CCA and in any other activity (maximum 2 activities). Prior permission is necessary for a second CCA.
Enrichment This will take into account the Student Development Programme, comprising: RME,PSE, Outdoors Education and Aesthetics.
Achievement This will comprise the following 3 categories:
  • Representation (representing the school at inter-school competitions and SYF Central Judging as well as representing an external organisation in inter-school, regional or international competitions).
  • Attainment (attaining awards of a non-competitive nature, e.g. NYAA)
  • Accomplishment (winning awards at intra-school, national, regional or international competitions).
Participation This reflects the minimum of 75% attendance each year of his membership in his Core CCA and his participation in at least 2 intra-school activities, school performances, SYF Opening Ceremony and/or National Day Parade.
Service In keeping with the Lasallian ethos of the school which encourages each student to be ‘a man for others’ and the national policy of greater community involvement, each student should aim to perform a minimum of 25 hours a year. The maximum 5 points is awarded for 100 hours of service over 4 years. The school will try to cover 60 to 80 hours and it will be helpful if the family can arrange to cover the other 20 to 40 hours. Please check with the school what constitutes relevant service.