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SJI Teachers Appreciation Brunch

The academic year ended with a bang! As a way of thanking the wonderful teachers of SJI for their dedication and hard work in 2016, many parents generously contributed to the scrumptious SJI Teachers Appreciation Brunch on 25 November 2016. The live vadai station was a hit, undoubtedly.

PSG Appreciation Breakfast

In celebration of the great partnership forged, an appreciation breakfast was organized on 26 October for all parent volunteers who relentlessly supported the school activities in 2016.

Teachers’ Day Tea Break for SJI Staff

The PSG prepared some refreshments for the SJI staff on 31 August 2016, in conjunction with the Teachers’ Day celebration that week.

Racial Harmony Day Celebration

The Racial Harmony Day celebrated on 22 July 2016 at SJI, culminated in a mini funfair organized by the Parents Support Group. Snacks once enjoyed in Singapore’s yesteryears made a comeback at the fair, thanks to the overwhelming sponsorship and donations from many parents. All proceeds from the sales went towards the SJI Pocket Money Fund to provide daily meal vouchers for students on the financial assistance scheme.

SJI Carnival

Parents in support of SJI Carnival on 9 April 2016, to raise funds for the Caritas Home.
IMG_9471.JPGIMG_9478.JPGMany parents sponsored food and toys, and/ or helped out at the stalls to support the SJI Carnival 2016. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to these parents for their time and generosity.