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PSC Scholars

In addition to the prestigious President's scholarship, the Singapore Public Service Commission (PSC) also awards a range of other scholarships for both overseas and local studies. Josephians who were winners of some of the more important scholarships such as the Overseas Merit Scholarships (Open) and Overseas Specialist Awards are listed below.

Overseas Merit Scholarship

2018 Ng Shao Han Elliot Class of 2017 (IBDP) PSC Scholarship
Lai Zhi Hui, Yasha Class of 2017 (IBDP) PSC Scholarship
 Andrew ChewClass of 2015PSC Scholarship
 Camagni Fabio Ganesa
Class of 2015PSC Scholarship
 Lee Yi
Class of 2014PSC Scholarship
 Thaddaeus Tan
Class of 2012PSC Scholarship
2017 Dylan Raj Singh Class of 2014 PSC Scholarship (Teaching)
2016 Oh Wei Jin Class of 2015 (IBDP) PSC Scholarship (Teaching)
2015 Mohamed Noor Hakeem Zulkiflee Class of 2012 PSC Scholarship
Hud Syafiq Bin Herman Class of 2014 (IBDP) PSC Scholarship
Nathaniel Wong Kin Yew Class of 2014 (IBDP) Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Scholarship
Ryan Lai Chi Ming Class of 2014 (IBDP) Singapore Police Force (SPF) Scholarship
2014 Azfer Ali Khan Class of 2011 Singapore Police Force (SPF) Overseas Scholarship
Matthew Wong Zhi Liang Class of 2011 Foreign Service
2012 Alvin Wijaya Class of 2008 Open
Linus Wong Kang Wai Class of 2009 Foreign Service
2011 Marcus Victor Leong Weijian Class of 2006 Teaching
Michael Ee Wei Wen Class of 2006 PSC Scholarship (Teaching)
2010 Ian Ernest Chai Yang Class of 2007 Open
2005 Poon Joo Hon Dominic Class of 2002 Open
Teo Eng Siang Class of 2002 Open
2003 Low Guanming Class of 2000 Teaching
Tan Lu Zheng Nicholas Class of 2000 Teaching
Tan Soon Hui Class of 2000 Teaching
2002 Wong Wei Han Gareth Class of 1999 PSC Overseas Merit; Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Overseas Scholarship
2000 Lim Ching Hway Class of 1997 Teaching
1999 Lim Hock Seong, Kelvin
Class of 1996
Lim Wen Hui Leon Class of 1996 Open
Sim Jing Chuen Kenneth Class of 1996 Open
Tan Yi Shu Jonathan Class of 1996 Teaching
1998 Lim Ee Thian, Eugene Class of 1995 Open
1996 Chia Hsih Chen Gregory Class of 1993 Open
1994 Lim Meng Liang Gabriel Class of 1991 Open
1992 Li Chong Jin Class of 1989 Open
Adrian Augustus Danker Class of 1981 Teaching (Overseas Postgraduate)
Teaching (Local Merit)
1987 Chua Meng Huat, Paul Class of 1984 Teaching
Cheong Wee Yee Class of 1984 Open
1986 Lam Toa Yee, Eugene Class of 1981 SAF Scholarship
Paneerselvam Saravanamuttu Class of 1983 Teaching
1985 Tan Kok Kiang Bernard Class of 1982 President's and SAF Overseas Scholarship
Yee Woon Chin, Lionel Class of 1982 Open
1977 Manu s/o Bhaskaran Class of 1974 Open
1976 Lim Aeng Cheng Charles Class of 1973 Open
Peter Lim Ah Cheng Class of 1972 Open
1975 Koh Kia Meng Linus Class of 1972/1974 Open
Quek Meng Yin Class of 1972/1974 Open
Yao Chih Matthias Class of 1972 Open
1974 Lim Hong Haw Lawrence Class of 1971 Open
Peter Ng Thiam Poh Class of 1971/1973 Open
1973 Wong Seng Hon Class of 1970/1972 Open
Yeo Khee Leng Class of 1970/1972 Open
1971 Kwok Kian Tow Peter Class of 1968 Open

Special Awards

1999 Too San Muan Class of 1994 Overseas Specialist Award (Paramedical)
Yen Guo Hua Class of 1996 Overseas Specialist Award (Paramedical)
1997 Ang Wai Kit Kevin Class of 1994 Overseas Specialist Award (Teaching)
Ng Ken Yong Class of 1993 Overseas Specialist Award (Teaching)
1996 Yip Hon Weng Class of 1993 Overseas Specialist Award (Teaching)
Chua Kok Yeow Overseas Specialist Award (Paramedical)
1984 Chan Seng Onn Class of 1970 PSC Special Award in Law