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Level & Class Websites

For more information on Level activities, please visit the respective Level websites at:

Secondary 1 http://sec1.sji.edu.sg
Secondary 2 http://sec2.sji.edu.sg
Secondary 3 http://sec3.sji.edu.sg
Secondary 4 http://sec4.sji.edu.sg
Senior School - JC 1
Senior School - JC 2

Some of the classes(year 2014) have websites. See below.

Secondary 1 MN101 ML101 FN101 LE101 MN102 ML102    
FN102 LE102 MN103 ML103 FN103 LE103       
Secondary 2
MN201 ML201 FN201 LE201 MN202 ML202
FN202 LE202 MN203 ML203 FN203 LE203
Secondary 3
MN301 ML301 FN301 LE301 MN302 ML302 FN302
LE302 MN303 ML303 FN303 LE303 LE304
Secondary 4
MN401 ML401 FN401 LE401 MN402 ML402 FN402
LE402 MN403 ML403 FN403 LE403 FN404