Book Week 2014 – What should you read? (From the school staff)

By the boys from the English Talent Development Programme

The English Department

Ms Adeline Ng has read : A Tale for the Time Being:

Ruth Ozeki’s third novel, shortlisted for The Man Booker Prize 2013.


The book was a compelling read and easy enough to navigate: one can pick up from where he/she left off easily. The parallel worlds of Ruth and Nao provided variety and refreshing breaks to a different narrative, and yet, amidst the differences in culture, the universal similarity in their human conditions made me feel connected. Themes of cyberbullying are particularly salient even in this day and age, and the form of the writing—diary—provides a deep insight into the impact and trauma of a victim of bullying, as well as how one’s life is shaped by our family histories. Reflective yet accessible, a highly recommended book.

The Science Department

Interviewee: Mrs Josephine Lee


Mrs Josephine Lee has taken a special interest in the book “Educational Psychology” She claims that it allowed her to explore the minds of the students that she is teaching in order to improve her teaching. This book has allowed her to discover more about student behaviour and in turn allowing her to to maximise the student’s capability to absorb information. She recommends this book to all her colleagues as it will definitely improve the teaching quality. This will definitely benefit both the teacher and the students.

The Mathematics Department

Interviewee: Mr Fong


Mr Fong is currently reading “How to Solve It” by Polya. He is not a frequent reader but has taken interest in books by Katherine Lym. He would recommend Historical Drama books by Wild Swans as he finds them highly enriching.

Interviewee: Mr Ng Yew Hong

Mr Ng is currently reading “Making Thinking Visible” by Karin Morrison, Mark Chuak and Ron Ritchmart. He is mostly interested in reading books for educational purposes because of his job; it helps to improve his teaching skills. He reads a few times a week. He would recommend books for thinking for those seeking a challenge.

Interviewee: Mrs Khoo

Mrs Khoo is not reading any books at the moment. She says that she only picks up books during the holidays when she is free. She enjoys reading non-fiction books by Asian authors that touch on life experiences. She recommends books on mathematical puzzles that would improve your skills in mathematics.

Interviewee: Ms Koh


Ms Koh loves the inspirational and religious genre of books and is currently reading “Five Languages of Love” by Gary Chapman. A bookworm who reads every day, she mostly engages in reading up on the current affairs in daily newspapers. She strongly recommends the book “Introduction to Statistics In Cartoons” as it would improve your ability in solving mathematical problems.

The School Administration

Interviewee: Dr Koh Thiam Seng

Current Book(s): Isaac Asimov; It’s been a good life.


Dr Koh enjoys reading professional literature such as autobiographies and is currently reading “It’s been a good life” by Isaac Asimov. Dr Koh is intrigued by the book as from the story, you learn to empathize with other people by putting yourself in their shoes and grow in perspective as an outcome. Dr Koh would recommend books such as “It’s been a good life” and other professional literature to adults/young adults.

Interviewee: Mrs Anne Tan

Current books: The only necessary thing; Henri J.M. Nouwen, And the mountains echoed; Khaled Hosseini, Curriculum and instruction for the thinking classroom; H Lynn Erickson

Mrs Anne Tan is currently reading 3 books. She enjoys reading as a whole but particularly likes books with a sense of fiction yet also a sense of reality weaved into the story. Despite her busy schedule, Mrs Tan always tries to find time to read.

About Isaac Lam

Isaac Lam is a self-professed loner, spending most of his time on computer games. When he’s not busy concocting new competitive Pokemon strategies, you’ll find him blasting through one of his many racing games, or being critical of just about everything. An alumnus of SJI Secondary, he currently studies in SJI Senior School.

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