Level 2 Learning

Building Understanding of the World Through Inquiry & Nurturing a Sense of Wonder & Curiosity

To nurture students who are ‘driven by passion and strives for meaning’, the SJI curriculum offers opportunities for extended learning through Level 2 Learning Modules.

Geog ADM How clean are our waterways.jpg CAL Inline Skating.jpg CS ADM - Programming a Lego Mindstorm 2.jpg

Creativity, Action and Language (CAL)
CAL Wushu 3.jpg

Develop and explore interests through fun and engaging activities. Lower Sec students get to choose from a range of activities that emphasize either creativity, action (physical movements) or languages. Learn to do hip-hop dancing, draw manga, play Samba drums, do inline skating, perform Wushu or speak a foreign language such as Japanese.

CS ADM - Programming a Lego Mindstorm 1.jpg Academic Discovery Modules (ADM)

Inquire into the world or the self through a process guided by teachers. This process will get students to think and act like a Scientist or Historian etc., adopting lenses of the discipline in order to answer essential inquiry questions.

Independent Study Modules (ISM)
EL ADM Battlemania - visit to Changi Prison.jpg
Inquire into a topic of great interest through an independent research. Students get to pose any inquiry questions (What kind of lives do celebrities lead? Why do frogs croak after rain?) which may arise in their daily lives, and go through an independent research process to answer these questions. They will then do an oral presentation in order to communicate their understanding.

Independent Academic Paper (IAP)

Offered only to Upper Sec IP students, the iAP aims to prepare students for the IBDP Extended Essay (EE). It is an in-depth study of a focused topic of personal interest chosen from subjects offered, and promotes high-level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery and creativity. Students will write a research paper under the guidance of a supervisor.