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Outdoor & Adventure

SJI's Adventure Camps & Expeditions (ACE) are an integral part of our total education curriculum. The objectives of the camps and expeditions are to promote physical fitness self-confidence, self reliance, teamwork and leadership through a series of well-planned and challenging experiences.

Sec 1 Orientation Camp / Canoeing Contact Time

The Sec 1 component involves a 2-day 1-night stay on the school premises. Two such camps will be organised in January. Each camp will accommodate six classes. The objectives are to orientate our new students into the traditions of the school, to acquaint them with each other through a series of organised games and interaction activities. The team of teachers running these camps is ably assisted by trained student Peer Support Leaders. The PE Department also conducts a course in basic canoeing for all S1 students.

Sec 2 Adventure Camp

Although this is categorised as a Sec 2 component, it takes place at the completion of the students’ first year in SJI. Before they formally begin their Sec 2 academic year, as a class, they join 5 other classes of their cohort to participate in an adventure camp. As they become exposed to the great outdoors, they learn to work with one another as a team and also to develop personal resilience.

Sec 3 Together-and-by-Association Camp (Camp TABA)

At the beginning of their Sec 3 year, because they would have come from different lower secondary classes to form their new class, this camp helps the students to begin to know their new classmates and Form Tutors. During this camp, students take part in team-building activities and getting-to-know one another sessions. Outdoor elements help them to build resilience.

Sec 3 and Sec 4 Expeditions

We regularly plan and annual expedition for Sec 3 and Sec 4 students. Participation is voluntary. Since the number of applicants far outnumber the number of available places. Final selection will be based on reliability, fitness and regular attendance at pre-expedition training sessions.